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Dalene Ekirapa

Dalene Ekirapa is a fashion,travel and lifestyle blog that aims to inspire your collection anytime; right from wardrobe inspiration to beauty and lifestyle inspiration and finally, to travel-in-style inspiration.



Since Dalene Ekirapa talks widely about fashion, travel and lifestyle , I believe that learning about that from other people’s point of view is as important. Thus, I’d love to receive articles that embody my style of writing.

I mean, your guest posts are welcome!

You’ll be ideal for this role if:

  • You enjoy writing about women’s fashion,  travel, beauty, skincare, lifestyle and interests. Thus, you must have an existing blog.
  • You love adventure and travel.
  • You understand Dalene Ekirapa’s voice; while practicing what you preach. I mean, embrace the kind of life you write about.

Simply pitch to me with the headline: GUEST POST SUBMISSION.

For all guest posts:

  1. They have to be at least 850 words in length.
  2. Include at least 3 images that you have the authority to use.
  3. Include just TWO links to your site; this should link to a BLOG and NOT to a COMMERCIAL site. Guest posts with links to commercial sites MUST be paid for, this should be just one in an article.
  4. Have an author bio, profile image, and your contact information.

If approved, I’ll publish your post and email you the link to the post once it goes live. Otherwise, I maintain the right to edit the article to my preference (this will be made known to any guest author)


We are only accepting fall-related content at the moment. Other than that, only home decor content will be received for publishing.

I only accept free guest posts from fellow bloggers or authors. Otherwise, if you are a company seeking to submit your guest posts, the opportunity has to be paid for. Get in touch with us to know the rates.

As well, posts can be taken down from the blog in case you are not okay with our terms.


Dalene loves writing: she writes about fashionable trends and must have pieces in every superwoman’s closet. And again, she writes about travelling and awesome lifestyle. Want me to contribute to your blog or magazine?

Here’s what I do: analyze your site and according to your tagline, if not your writing style, I’ll write a guest article for you.

Reach out to me and let’s get started.


Dalene Ekirapa is also a platform where I get to interview key influencers in the fashion,  travel and lifestyle industry under the MEET-THE-EXPERTS series. Thus, if you are interested in letting the world know about your journey through your career, let me interview you.

Contact me and let’s get ready to feature you!


Are you a brand who want to collaborate with Dalene Ekirapa?

Here are the ways we can work together:

  •            Campaign promotions.
  •            Product or Service reviews.
  •            Sidebar Advertising.
  •            Brand Ambassador.
  •            Giveaways.
  •            Sponsored posts.

Please contact me for further information and pricing.



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