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Want To Turn Heads? Then Ankara Is What You Should Be Wearing!

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Want To Turn Heads? Then Ankara Is What You Should Be Wearing!

The colorful African fabric has the potential to turn heads all the way! The Ankara fabric that has become such a celebrated piece in West Africa indeed found its way all over Africa. We can also ask: Is the African Ankara fabric still African?

While the Ankara fabric seems to have primarily originated from Africa, findings suggest that the print also came from the Dutch. The Dutch formerly produced the fabric as batik-inspired while intending to sell the fabric to the Indonesians until the economic complications in Indonesia proved unfavorable since the government wanted to protect the locally-produced batik.

Hence, the Dutch had to divert their produce to Africa: the Gold Coast specifically (modern day Ghana) before spreading to Central Africa. From there, new designs on the fabric were made with African textile. Significantly, the Africans and Europeans both dominate the Ankara market.

Want To Turn Heads? Then Ankara Is What You Should Be Wearing!Want To Turn Heads? Then Ankara Is What You Should Be Wearing!

Ensembles on models are now seen on catwalks walking on the runway in the Ankara print in different fashion gigs. Talk about the London Fashion Week where the fabric graces the runway. Rihanna, the fashion-force to reckon with has been spotted in Ankara while Michele Obama, the author of the most celebrated books- Becoming was not left out either. She comfortably rocks Duro Olowo’s Nigerian Ankara pieces.

Brands like Jewel by Lisa Line by Lisa Folawiyo are designing purses out of Ankara while John Kaveke graces the international scene with his designs that are a delicate fusion of both African and Western cultures. And also, who hasn’t seen some Ankara pillows on Etsy? This just goes to show that the Ankara fabric is here to stay and we should be having this piece. If you don’t have an Ankara fabric yet, please plan your visit to Africa on a wild safari and get an Ankara piece as a souvenir. I think that will be much fun that ordering one from Amazon, right?

Why Ankara?

Want To Turn Heads? Then Ankara Is What You Should Be Wearing!

1. The fabric is bold and colorful.

Even laid-back fashionistas who never appreciate too much color will appreciate Ankara just because the patterns are normally perfectly coordinated. In case you have no much confidence to strike an all-Ankara piece, then you can get Ankara for your scarf, head wrap, bowtie, bag or shoe just to make that Africa statement!

2. Ankara is durable hence sustainable.

When going for Ankara, always go for quality cotton Ankara fabrics which are long lasting. Right now when the whole world is going crazy about sustainable fashion, it is advisable to start getting quality items for our wardrobes which will last for the longest time possible.

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Quality Ankara can be slightly expensive but that just goes to assure you that it will retain its cut and shape longer.

Want To Turn Heads? Then Ankara Is What You Should Be Wearing!

3. Ankara is versatile.

We all love fashion pieces that are so versatile since it becomes very easy to pair such. With Ankara, you can wear it as a jumpsuit, suit, skirt, pair of pants, dress or even a coat!

Ankara always makes a statement every time so always be ready to turn heads when rocking the versatile trend. Depending on how you pair your piece, it can turn dressy, formal, casual, sporty and the list goes on. Ankara can even be worn as accessories! Talk about Ankara clutches, head wraps, shoes or jewelry.

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Want To Turn Heads? Then Ankara Is What You Should Be Wearing!

4. Ankara is timeless

Every superwoman out there appreciates a timeless piece in her wardrobe. Macy Stucke won’t get tired of her camel coats while Mia Mia Mine will effortlessly rock her pair of denim jeans over and over again. And here is one more timeless piece: the Ankara. For over a century, the piece is still as trendy!

5. It is easy to care for Ankara.

Ankara may be hand-washed or dry-cleaned without using harsh ingredients and hard brushes. Simply use a mild soap and rub it clean. It is also important that using bleach on Ankara can damage its colorful patterns hence you must carefully rub out stains. Since Ankara can form creases after washing, just iron the piece on medium iron heat while turned inside out to retain its bright color.

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Want To Turn Heads? Then Ankara Is What You Should Be Wearing!

Well, do you love Ankara? If so, let us know how you style it in the comments below…

Disclaimer: This post featured fashion enthusiast Elizabeth Nyajani Kuon


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  1. Sarah Bailey says

    OK I have to admit I have never heard of Ankara before but that outfit is amazing! I need to go and check them out now and see what else they have on offer.

  2. leah says

    what does it look like when standing up? I could neeeever pull this look off but it’s so pretty!

  3. Casey says

    Wow! You are really hip. I love your hair, so cool. The dress also really stylish and fit with your personality and style. Very chic indeed.

  4. Whitney Kutch says

    What a beautiful outfit! I just love the pattern and it looks great on her!

  5. Donyell Johnson says

    I love how Ankara fabric looks they’re so vibrant with intricate designs. But I have yet to buy myself any Ankara pieces, maybe one day I will buy one!!

  6. HELEN NEALE says

    I am so in love with her style, she looks so cute and stunning. Amazing style for real.

  7. Kristine Nicole Alessandra says

    First time I heard about Ankara. The fabric does looks like it is really soft and comfortable to wear. Loving the bold prints and colors too! I will check this fabric out soon.


    Ankara is new to me, not heard of the fabric before. Anyway, I Love the patterns although the colours are a bit brighter than I would normally wear myself.

  9. Clarice says

    Yes, this is beautiful. I am not really sure if Ankara is available locally but I would love to have one. Also, I love your bag. It’s so pretty.

  10. Nisha says

    this is absolutely beautiful. I never heard about Ankara before but thank you for introducing it to me. I do love the patterns and fabrics

  11. Suzanne says

    I swear African Fashion deserves so much more recognition than it gets! Elizabeth looks amazing in this piece, darling! xo

  12. Jennifer Prince says

    The pattern on that is so lovely! I can totally see why it would turn heads – and your hair and jewelry are perfect, too. So great!

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