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Why It Is Time To Get A Kimono Cover-Up

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Trench coats and cape coats are always our picks whenever it is cold out there. When it is so chilly, we will think of nothing less than a warm jacket, right? But what if it is hot out there? What if the temperatures are unbearable out there yet you don’t feel like letting your arms out?

Then embrace this 90s style which has got me intrigued! Embrace the cover-ups!  Depending on the weather, you can get the right cover-up for you; a light one or a heavy one.

Kimono cover-ups come in very many designs giving you so much of a choice when it comes to wearing them during your hot days. And what’s even more interesting is that they can be comfortably taken to the streets and not just worn to the beach during your hot vacation.

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So what types of kimono cover-ups will you need to start your own legacy? Ride along…



Why It Is Time To Get A Kimono Cover-Up

1.The Lace Kimono Cover-Up

Why It Is Time To Get A Kimono Cover-Up

When trying to go so chic, nothing gets it right as lace does it. Lace is celebrated for being so feminine and edgy so instead of having a really boring kimono cover-up, why not spice up your outfit with lace? This Lace Kimono Cover-Up is just what we need, right?

2.The Backless Tunic Cover-Up

Talk about showing skin strategically during your lunch date and I’ll tell you to show off your pretty back! I love how this simple art can actually speak volumes about one’s personality. I mean, doesn’t the lady with a sexy and confident aura display it with how she dresses?

Why It Is Time To Get A Kimono Cover-Up

You can simply roll like one with a backless cover-up and be sure to turn heads even on your lunch date by the beach!

3.The Fringe Cover-Up


Boho vibes!


Why It Is Time To Get A Kimono Cover-Up

Boho swag! This is just one hippie style that we should all be appreciating seriously and if you haven’t joined the bohemian bandwagon yet, then do so by incorporating a fringe detail into your closet. I got a fringe belt although having a fringe cover-up sounds even better. Take this look to the streets and watch people appreciate your free and enthusiastic nature.

4.The See Through Cover-Up

We have worn the see through cover-up to the beach whenever we wanted to visit the beach market.

We have worn the see through top whenever we wanted to look and feel sexier.I mean, aren’t we already used to wearing the cover-up?

Pompon See-Through Crochet Tunic Beach Cover Up

For the edgy, daring and outgoing fashion lover, the see through can perfectly substitute any lace details. So when you feel like you are already tired of your lace cover-up, then rock the see-through cover-up.

And if you are wearing it for your street errands, you just have to layer it over your jeans and a crop tee then you’ll be good to go!

5.The Crotchet Insert Flared Sleeved Cover-Up

Think about crocheted clothes, think about flared sleeves, think about pretty hemlines and you’ll be thinking about my dream design combination.  Nothing intrigues me like a piece of cloth with such a dramatic design so whenever I’m shopping online, or in physical stores, I’m very keen on detail.

Flounce Flare Sleeve Crochet Panel Cover Up

No wonder this crocheted insert flared sleeve cover up got me in love!

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Talk about basics and those five types of kimono cover-ups will have you sorted as you try to build your wardrobe.


And since all these kimono cover-ups are not plain in design but full of details, it is important to know how to pair such depending on your occasion to achieve a well-put-together look.

Floaty, printed and perfect for spring, these new cover ups surely  give denim jackets and duster coats a serious run for their money. From pairing with jeans to date-night dresses and even thrown over a bikini, the kimono is absolutely the most versatile item to hit your wardrobe this season! But since many rock kimono cover-ups to the beach, here’s how to rock them to the streets right:


1.Consider going casual.

Cover-ups are laid-back wardrobe pieces that actually look great when worn causally. Embrace the denim jeans, the shorts, the crop tops, the T-shirts and the cute casual dresses whenever you want to have a light cover up for a layer. And more so,  you can rock the flared sleeved kimono to the streets just like that for a super-casual and breezy vibe!

2.Embrace less detail and color for your pairs.

A great cover-up can speak volumes about your style so if you want to look gorgeous without too much effort, then go for plain outfits that will look great when a detailed cover-up is thrown over it. I mean,  if your cover-up is as detailed, it’ll look better on less-detailed pairs . As well, consider keeping your look less colorful or even plain if your cover-up is detailed and colorful while embrace colorful, printed or detailed pairs if your cover-up is as plain.

3.Accessorize subtly.

If you still don’t believe in the power your accessories have over your outfit, then you probably haven’t found your signature accessory!        

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With the right accessory, you can always elevate any look to fabulous ASAP! So if you’re rocking your cover-up, don’t forget to accessorize subtly and proportionately.


So what do you think about getting a hot cover-up too? Or do you already have one? As well, which of the cover-ups here would you prefer? And what are your tips on rocking a cover-up from the beach to the streets?

Lemme know your thoughts below….

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post courtesy of Zaful.



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  1. Oh Dalene! I’m so in love with kimonos. Currently, the lace kimono has me in love and I’m not dropping it anytime soon.

  2. I absolutely love the look of all of those coverups! I’ll have to get one for myself for our vacation thats coming up!

  3. I don’t swim more than once every couple of years. Haha. I do like these though, they are very stylish.

  4. I have been de-cluttering my closet and I recently found a couple of kimonos still with tags!! I got so excited! I forgot that I had gotten them from a very dear aunt of mine. It’s funny to come across your post now, it’s like it was meant to be for me to find them. I’m very inspired to go out there with my “new” kimonos after reading this blog post. Thank you! 🙂

  5. All of these styles are so cute and fashionable. They all look really comfortable also! I will have to look into them, thanks for sharing!

  6. Those Kimono’s are all so pretty perfect for as your summer outfit and it also a perfect gift for a friends birthday.

  7. This is perfect for these summer days and for the beach <3 I specially love the The Backless Tunic Cover-Up. It is so my style.

  8. Oh, I am a HUGE kimono fan in the summer! I love wearing tank top when it is sweltering out, but it doesn’t always feel appropriate so I throw on one of my wispy kimonos and I instantly feel more put together and covered up without feeling like I added on a hot layer.

  9. I love love love coverup and these are truly darling. I’m a certainly get a few and letting my sisters know about them, thanks gains ❤️LavandaMichelle

  10. Those kimono’s are real pretty . I specially love the The Backless Tunic Cover-Up. It is so my style.

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