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Why Every Lady Deserves A Gorgeous Women’s Backpack

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Mustard Double Buckle Vintage Backpacks Flap Fashion Bags for Women Green Flap Vintage Backpacks Double Buckle Strap Fashion Bags

Cheers to the fact that the women’s backpack is all grown up!

Long gone are the days when backpacks were just a college bag for laptops and books because right now, we are seeing backpacks crowding the streets. In fact, every lady seems to be ditching her purse and tote bag for a backpack and we are joining the bandwagon right away! If the trendsetter Kendal Jenner herself opted for a backpack, we all are!

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Right now, the market is full of trendy backpacks for all occasions to ensure you have the right bag for your outfit; from dinner backpacks to travel backpacks to sporty backpacks. Hence, it is important to understand how to shop for a backpack! And here is how:


Black Star Genuine Leather Mini Backpack

Buy a backpack depending on the occasion.

For sure, you will need a different backpack for travelling as you would another one for your dinner date. I mean, would you even want to bring along a large backpack while in your gorgeous evening dress? Or a small sparkly backpack for your adventures? I don’t think so!

 Be keen with the size.

Backpacks come in very many sizes and most importantly, you’ll find backpacks made according to the gender. We’ve seen the men’s backpacks being larger since men can surely handle the size just as much as we’ve seen women’s backpacks being smaller in size.

As a lady, remember to shop for the women’s backpacks that will also suit your shape. Take a measurement of your back- from the back of your neck to your lower back- and employ this measurement when buying a backpack. For example: taller women can buy larger backpacks while shorter women can get smaller backpacks that won’t be sagging behind your bum.

Get those details!

Hey ladies, don’t we just love cute details everywhere? We just find beauty in them, right?

Well, even if you are such a minimalist, you will always appreciate a gorgeous accessory that stands out, right?

So when getting that backpack, ditch boring backpacks for cute ones that have details. For example: a silver strap, a golden buckle, a locking zipper or even some fur! Mind you, you can also switch up from leather to crotched backpacks too. All these little details go a long way to enhancing the look of your backpack. And amp up your look in general!

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With those three tips, you can shop for the right women’s backpack.

Now have a look at these 10 women’s backpacks that have to be in your closet before that date arrives…or Monday comes for you to go to work!

1. Flap Leather Backpack

Brown Metal Circle and Chain Details Flap Leather Backpack Handbags Why Every Lady Deserves A Gorgeous Women's Backpack

The fine leather, laid back color, metal and circle chain details with a flap will make you get this backpack when going to work or school tomorrow!

 2.Clear Summer Fashion Backpack

Khaki Clear Bag Summer Fashion Backpack Black Clear Bag Summer Fashion Backpack

Clear bags are gaining popularity so fast  because they are just so trendy, modern and a symbol of beauty that defies all kinds of weather conditions.

So for sure, his gorgeous bag made out of PVC has to be a favorite because the clear detail towards the bottom can just give you a run for your money. Its straps are as fine as its flap. Ladies, we need this for work, right?

3.Tassel Backpack with Glitter Buck Ornament and Beads Chain

Tassel Black Backpack with Glitter Buck Ornament and Beads Chain Tassel White Backpack with Glitter Buck Ornament and Beads Chain

Do you need a backpack for your date girl? Then this backpack should be your babe. I mean, look at the glitter buck ornament and the beads chain? If girls still love diamonds as I presume, then this should be your diamond bag! Top it for all sort of outfits and watch the bag stand out!

The tassel black backpack does it! But the one in white will have to be the minimalist’s best friend! Still with the glitter buck ornament and beads chain, the bag is any fashionista’s favorite. If you love looking expensive without breaking the bank, then all you need is a gorgeous white backpack that you can bring to dates, a party or even an engagement night as this!

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4.Genuine Leather Mini Backpack

Red Genuine Leather Mini Backpack Tan Genuine Leather Mini Backpack

Sometimes, we just need a pop of color to add contrast to our looks, right? So if you feel like you want that color contrast, then a red or tan backpack made out of genuine leather is what you need!

5. Knit Summer Backpack

Khaki Knitting Summer Women's Backpack for Travelling Tan Knitting Summer Women's Backpack for Travelling

This gorgeous knit bag just reminds me of last Christmas because all my gifts were actually knitted; I crocheted all of the mavins that I gave out as gifts and I’m glad they all loved them. So trust me, a knit bag is so gorgeous. In fact, I’d love one as a gift.

Anyway, do you love travelling? And strolling by the beach while on a vacation? Or even shopping for souvenirs? You will thank this knit summer backpack for being there! I mean, you can also bring it for your honeymoon, right?

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6. Square Vintage Backpack

Black Square Vintage Backpacks for Women Grey Square Vintage Backpacks for Women

Hey college girl! Looking for the right backpack for college? Then this vintage backpack will get you sorted. Inside it, you will find a lot of compartments that will fit in all your books and your mini laptop too!

7.Woven Women’s Backpack

Ivory Women's Backpack Summer Woven Bag for Travelling Beige Women's Backpack Summer Woven Bag for Travelling

All crotchet lovers will go gaga for this woven backpack.

Imagine a backpack out of paper rope? I’d absolutely love it as a gift too. It’s just so cute and I wouldn’t drop it down while on my vacation. Will you?

8.Women’s Stylish Leather Backpack

Women's Grey Stylish Leather Backpack handbags with Top Handle Women's Green Stylish Leather Backpack handbags with Top Handle

Where are the office ladies at? Girl bosses, here’s your bag!

If you’re the type who wants to look all sleek and polished for the office, then a fine leather backpack should be in your closet. The bag features beautiful straps and a top handle that you can just hold for your suit!

9. Agraffe Backpack

Fuchsia Agraffe Backpack Cool Black Backpack Black Agraffe Backpack

Looking for the right laptop bag to bring to the café with you as you write your project reports and blog posts? Then this agraffe backpack will sort you out. It has stronger straps that will not cut off hence keep your laptop safe from falling.

10.Flap Litchi Grain Leather Backpack with Top Handle

Women's Chic Purple Flap Litchi Grain Leather Backpack with Top Handle Women's Chic Black Flap Litchi Grain Leather Backpack with Top Handle

Heard about fashion meets function?

That’s what you achieve with this gorgeous leather backpack with a top handle. Talk about versatility and I will point out this bag which you can carry as a backpack, a handbag, a tote bag or even a bucket bag!To demonstrate your depth of style and fashion consciousness, get yourself such a fine leather bag!

Well, back packs are so comfortable and having just one will save you a lot of wardrobe changing! A gorgeous backpack is a little bit of everything: simple, durable, classic, fashionable, sophisticated, functional, classic and covetable! Toting these bags on your back absolutely frees your hands and properly distributes your weight around your body. This is particularly important if you are carrying a large load inside your bag.

Also, a backpack has a lot of compartments that will take in everything you need to carry in a very organized manner hence making the backpack very practical. As well, most backpacks have multiple straps that provide various ways of carrying it. If you still want to jump into this athleisure trend that is still as booming, then inject a backpack into your closet.

So ladies, don’t you agree that we all need some gorgeous backpacks? Or do you even have one in your closet?


Please tell us why you love it and share a picture of yours below…

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  1. The backpack is really amazing. I feel many women should carry this in important occasions such as Interview, Meeting or any function or events. Those designs are really cool.

  2. I have been on the hunt for a good backpack for a long time, so I love the inspiration you have included in your post!

  3. I am that kind of girl who never has a bag but always takes a backpack everywhere she goes. I do love most of the models here. The woven one is so delicate and pretty! But my favorite has to be the mini leather one. Love it!

  4. Oh these are all super cute! I havent had a back pack since I was probably in high school, I always thought they were more for kids but you proved me wrong!

  5. They all look absolutely amazing, love leather backpacks. They are so perfect for me, when I travel or going to the market.

  6. Oh Darlene your timing lol! I’ve actually bookmarked this post as I hunted high and low for a stylish backpack for both my 14 year old daughter and myself just before Christmas. I love that dark green one. They’re all lovely to be honest!

  7. I admit as a man I am flummoxed sometimes about how thoughtful you are about your outfits. It just amazes me the attention to detail you put into what you wear. And the fact that you do this with backpacks astounds me. But it’s true. Even your backpack is on point. This is great info to share with my daughter.

  8. Some of those backpacks are really stylish! I am going to save this list because I am going to need to grab a backpack soon!

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