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What to Pack for An Early Spring Vacation

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What to Pack for An Early Spring Vacation

Wondering on what to pack for your spring vacation?

Well, spring is a season with a bag full of tricks; one moment the sun could be melting your makeup and in the next, you could be looking for an umbrella stand. If you are packing for an early spring vacation, you need to consider a few factors.

Besides finding ways to tackle crazy weather while keeping your body temperature balanced, you’re probably going to want to look good doing it.

Here are some tips on how to combine fashion and function in a single suitcase without having to pack the entirety of your wardrobe.

What To Pack For Your Spring Vacation

1. Outerwear

You need to be careful with early spring; just because it may look like it’s going to be sunny all day, doesn’t mean that you won’t stumble across a cold front. This tricky weather is especially characteristic of continental destinations.

If a European city happens to be on your current list of must-see places, you need to remember to bring the appropriate layers with you.

A lightweight hoodie, for example, acts as a great middle layer between your t-shirt and your jacket. You might not want to be stuck carrying an umbrella all day, but you still want to be prepared in case it starts to rain – that’s where the windbreaker comes in (preferably also with a hoodie attached). A waterproof windbreaker can save your life in unpredictable weather situations.

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2. Supplements

Just because you are going on a vacation, doesn’t mean that your health should too. You are probably going to be spending a lot of energy on sightseeing, so you need to make sure that you have enough of it to spend.

However, instead of bringing the entire pharmacy with you, consider packing only the most important supplements that will contribute to making you feel good.

Buy a small pack of multivitamins to keep your immune system strong or find some magnesium tablets online that will help your sore muscles relax (on top of helping your entire body get a good night’s rest after an entire day of walking around).

What to Pack for Early Spring Vacation


3. Hygiene Products

You may not be able to save too much space on the different types of outerwear you bring, but you can definitely cut down on some beauty and hygiene products. Most drugstores will have great travel-sized treasures available for your vacation. If your desired product doesn’t come in a small size though, you need to get a travel-sized bottle set and pour all your liquids into these cute containers.

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One really great thing about spring is that you probably won’t be swimming on the beach every day like you would on a summer vacation, which means that you won’t need to wash your hair so often, nor will you require those heavy, full-sized shampoos and conditioners.

As an added bonus, the smaller your liquid products are, the easier it will be for you to travel by plane.

If all your gels, creams and aerosols are travel-sized, you will be allowed to take your bag with you as a carry-on and skip the boring part of waiting for your luggage to show up on the luggage belt.

4. Footwear

What to Pack for Early Spring Vacation Footwear usually takes up the most space when packing for any trip, especially when it comes to early spring vacations. You want to be safe and ensure that you stay dry, but rain-boots are too bulky and require bringing other shoes that are more appropriate to wear if it ends up being sunny.

You are almost always better off with one good pair of rain-friendly sneakers. They will be comfortable to walk in all day long when you are visiting the touristic sites, and as an added bonus, you won’t stick out like a sore thumb if you feel like sitting down for lunch at a nicer restaurant – ugly sneakers are now totally in style if you haven’t heard.

Some people would suggest not to bother packing any flip-flops as early spring is just not warm enough. However, if you plan on visiting a spa or an indoor pool, you might want to consider taking them after-all.

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Hopefully, these tips will help you pack intelligently and make you better prepared for your next trip, come rain or shine.

Go ahead and pack like a pro now that you know what to pack for your early spring vacation!


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  1. Cristina Petrin says

    Undoubtedly preparing the suitcase for a spring break is more complex than a summer or winter one. Time is more uncertain and unstable. Great advice.

  2. Gena says

    These are great tips! I always travel with a carry-on, so I have to only take the most necessary things, and this list is so helpful

  3. Njkinny says

    I am a messy packer and always tend to carry more unsuited stuff than required ones. This article is such help for people like me who like to travel light but often get confused deciding the necessities. 😊

  4. Geraline Batarra says

    I totally agree.. Carry ons are so convenient and easy to prepare , thanks for all the wonderful tips..

  5. Kumamonjeng says

    I cant agree more with this post as I have just gotten back from a short vacation for spring break. Layering is the best way as you never know when the weather changes.

  6. Elena Toma says

    So many great tips ! I always forget to pack up the supplements and vitamins.

  7. Amber Killmon says

    Looking back, I can’t recall a vacation I’ve taken in spring. It’s sad because I realize I’ve never been to any Spring Break destination for spring break! This is just the inspiration I need to plan a trip ASAP.

  8. Candace says

    These are great tips! Number 2 and 3 are so important. I don’t know why I never pack multivitamins. I tend to get sick with the climate change whenever I travel, so definitely need to start making this a habit. Thanks for sharing, these are really helpful!


  9. Mayuri Saxena says

    This looks like a perfect list for vacation. One thing that I always forget is my supplements and I am glad that you’ve included that too in the list! 🙂

  10. Elayna says

    This is super helpful with spring finally being here! I’ll be referring to this for my spring vacations. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Whitney Kutch says

    I like your tip about packing outerwear for spring! It’s so important to consider packing layers that can help you transition as temperatures change. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Vivienne says

    Great advice on packing for an early-spring vacation. Instead of my skincare products, I love to bring along skincare and makeup samples from Sephora or Nordstrom! They do take up a lot less space and you don’t need to bring them back home with you. 🙂

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