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Going Natural? Here’s What To Do On Your Natural Black Hair Journey

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Going Natural? Here's What To Do On Your Natural Black Hair Journey

Girlfriend Nyajani Kuon

Whether you have short, long or kinky hair, and thinking about switching it up, these 5 tips will help you perfectly take care of your natural black hair.

So if you are thinking of embracing your natural black hair; tired of having to visit the salon each weekend for a new hairstyle or even tired of having to sit down for hours to get your hair plaited, then you are having the same thoughts as we had a couple of weeks ago.

After I got tired of taking care of my normal African hair, I decided to lay my hair down. Blame it on the too much work that comes with taking care of long hair and ensuring it’s always clean and smelling great! As well, it had reached a point where weaving had started eating away my hairline so I felt the need to let it grow back. The disadvantages of having soft hair though…

After the big chop, I felt so awkward walking outside for my face seemed much fuller. It also felt so odd walking around that I opted for a couple of hats and caps. But thank goodness, it’s all grown!

Going Natural? Here's What To Do On Your Natural Black Hair Journey

One thing that got me excited about this big chop is the fact that I got to see my natural curl pattern once hair started growing back.

Currently, I love to keep it short so I trim my hair every weekend .It’s also very easy to take care of trimmed hair since I am free to pour all the water I want on my hair and not be afraid of shrinkage.

My friend, Nyajani Kuon, is also a super hair enthusiast and has been seeing me through this natural hair journey because she’s such a pro: showing me the right hair products for my natural hair, bringing me along for a haircut or just a hair pampering day at the salon. Currently, she has an Afro Kinky weave that looks more or less like natural hair, right?

Anyway, what should do when it comes to taking care of your natural black hair at home?


1. Get the necessary natural hair products.

Going Natural? Here's What To Do On Your Natural Black Hair Journey

Since women have a problem with dry hair, it’s proper to always clean and moisturize the hair as much as it’s short. This will also help keep away dandruff and an itchy scalp.

Never spend so much money on trying to get expensive products especially if you are trying to cut down on costs but shop for a hair product that will either moisturize your hair forever or give your hair the perfect curl definition.

I use the Oriflame HairX Line of hair products- from the shampoo to the hair mask and conditioner; I just love how healthy my hair is of late.  Once in a while, I also use black dye just to make t darker and glossy!

2. Purchase head and face accessories.

A pair of chunky earrings and sunglasses are some of the most affordable head accessories that anyone can always wear and look so great. As well, jewelry will always draw attention to your face: from the chunky or loop earrings, the studs and even the necklaces.

Those on a mad hunt for the perfect sunglasses can also always go for gorgeous aviator sunglasses that can be a great match for any outfit. Remember to always pick sunglasses according to the shape of your face since there is always something for everyone.

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3. Love your face.

Loving your face starts from taking care of it. If you have to moisturize it, do it. If you have to use makeup, wear it like a pro according to your preference.

Undoubtedly, the face becomes fuller after chopping off hair so attention dawns on your face easily. No one would want to look unpleasant, right?

I enjoy wearing the no-makeup makeup look although I use a bit of lipstick that pops out.

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More importantly, having great eyebrows and eyelashes can make you look pretty without too much effort.

4. Get a haircut.

Going Natural? Here's What To Do On Your Natural Black Hair Journey

There are so many ways of rocking short hair and you’ll be surprised of how good you can look in a haircut. Since I’m growing my hairline, I try to minimize the sexy lines and frontal haircuts but have them only at the back of my head. It looks effortlessly chic, right?

5. Rock your hair with pride!

Going Natural? Here's What To Do On Your Natural Black Hair Journey

Girlfriend Nyajani Kuon

Going Natural? Here's What To Do On Your Natural Black Hair Journey

Girlfriend Nyajani Kuon

Regardless of your hair type, the key to looking great is actually portraying confidence. Keep away the hats and caps; and hit the streets like you own them.

Natural black hairstyles are a glam! They are sexy, haute and easier to maintain. I’ll be trying on a lot of styles on my short hair including actually getting it dyed and sexy lines once my hairline grows enough.

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Going Natural? Here's What To Do On Your Natural Black Hair Journey

Anyway, do you love my haircut? And would you even consider getting the big chop? And do you love my friend’s natural Afro kinky hair?

Please share your thoughts below…


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  1. Nyajani Kuon says

    Beautiful tips there girlfriend. I’m proud of you love. Your work is just lit👌

  2. Janay says

    First off those pictures are beautiful. You need to drop the skin care routine! Also this list is perfect all naturals and even those who aren’t natural should read this. Getting the right products is super important!

  3. Brie says

    Oh wow, I am going to share this with one of my really close girl friends. She has been struggling to wear her hair naturally lately and hates having to spend hours on braiding. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Marjie Mare says

    Your pictures look so beautiful. I have been enjoying the natural journey for the past 5 years and it was the best decision I have ever taken in my life.

  5. Jessica Joachim says

    This is so great for anyone wanting to go natural. I have a few friends who have been embracing their natural hair and I think it is absolutely beautiful!

  6. Shubh says

    ahh I never thought about choosing natural hair product. This post has made me realize to start looking for such suitable products.

  7. Alvern @ Success Unscrambled says

    You look cute with short hair so I would not worry too much about the fact that it is short. I did the big chop 11 years ago and decided to grow dreadlocks. It is now about 26 inches long and I don’t have a plan except to keep it moisturized.

    • Dalene Ekirapa says

      Woooow! 26 years? Your dreadlocks must be super gorgeous! I always wanted to have dreadlocks but I don’t know when that will be. Meanwhile, lemme enjoy this short hair!

  8. Terri says

    I love your hair! You totally rock this style! These are great tips to share with others!

  9. What Corinne Did says

    Black hair tends to be overlooked by the beauty industry, which is shame coz 1. black hair is gorgeous, 2. black hair needs care too. You and your friend both look amazing!

  10. Maysz says

    Loving your tips and your hair looks so healthy right now my hair is black because I avoid to use any hair color to protect my hair.

  11. Elizabeth O says

    Thanks for these tips. I really need to take care of my hairs and also you look absolutely in the pictures.

  12. Tonya Wilhelm says

    I love seeing hair being worn natural. These are some really great tips for how to care for your hair and to keep it healthy.

  13. Kristine Nicole Alessandra says

    Our hair is our crowning glory and it is important to care for it as much as we care for the rest of our body. My hair tends to be on the dry side so I have to choose the right products. I would love to give the products you mentioned a try!

  14. Farrah Less says

    I did have natural black hair I tried to color it one time just for a change. It didn’t work out so I give up and embrace what I have. Though I am open for deep conditioning it was a little bit dry and frizzy lately. You look gorgeous on your hair do by the way.

  15. Alexandra Cook says

    Letting my hair do its on thing can get me in trouble sometimes. But when it actually agrees with me it all goes well!

  16. Sundeep says

    These are some amazing beauty tips. I am sharing this tips with my few beauty blogger friends. Hope they also love these tips

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