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Exploring India: The MicroStay Trend And Why You Should Use It Too

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How MicroStay can change the Hospitality Industry

Hotel microstays? Would you use a microstay while on a vacation or roadtrip? Yes! Let us then look at microstays in India and you’ll realize that you should also use microstays!

India is one of the most culturally diverse nations in the world, having thousands of unique and distinct indigenous cultures.

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The richness of the architectural styles of innumerable cultural heritages spread over different periods and places, the variety of music and folklore, dance, art, language, cuisine, traditional clothing et al give an impetus to the travellers from around the world and within the country.

India’s Hospitality Industry is very well suited to tourism, still there lies a need of flexibility for travellers in Hotel bookings.

Most hotels allow booking only as per fixed check-in/check-out, thus if anyone need the hotel earlier than 12 PM or need to checkout after 11 AM, they are forced to book for another complete day irrespective of the fact that they might not need hotel for the night.

There is a need to book hotel rooms on hourly basis, known as MicroStays. Microstay is a pioneering concept that can bring fairness to both travellers as well as Hotels. In India, MicroStay is offered by MiStay.


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Benefits of A MicroStay 


1. Pay on hourly basis    How MicroStay can change the Hospitality Industry

Travellers can make great use of hourly basis hotels to either stay overnight or just for a few hours while in the middle of their journey and pay only for the hours stayed in the hotels.

When you are on the road, at the end of the day, you truly wish for a good night’s rest and hourly hotels offer this at very low price.

2. The right option when you need to relax for a while

How MicroStay can change the Hospitality Industry

Be it for a quick nap after a good meal or to nourish your kids or to allow your parents to lie down or just to take a bath and grab a quick meal… no matter what your requirements are, you can now book a hotel room on hourly basis.

Such a short relaxing break will keep the spirit of your road trip high without shelling out the hotel cost of an entire day.


3. Nationwide Accessibility How MicroStay can change the Hospitality Industry

MiStay offers hotels on hourly basis across all major cities in India. Mistay have hotels in 90+ cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi-NCR, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune.


4. No 11 AM Checkouts  How MicroStay can change the Hospitality Industry

Microstay or Mistay allows check-in/check-out based on the hours the hotel is booked. If someone need the hotel, let’s say till 4PM, MiStay allows to book till that slot and thus the traveller don’t have to book for another complete day.

   Thus MiStay gives the flexibility of booking hotel without opting for complete 1-Night booking.

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5. Early Check-in  Exploring India: The MicroStay Trend And Why You Should Use It Too

Exploring India: The MicroStay Trend And Why You Should Use It Too

How displeasing will it be to having to wait at hotel’s reception, after a long journey, only because you reached there well before their check-in time. MiStay allows check-in as early as 8 AM.

6. Hotel Amenities

Travellers can enjoy complimentary breakfast, fitness centre, swimming pool, Wi-Fi, mini-bar etc just like the complimentary services provided for complete day’s bookings.

How MicroStay can change the Hospitality Industry

7. Wide range of Hotels

Mistay has a wide range of hotels with almost 800+ hotels in its kitty.


8.  24*7 Support Services  How MicroStay can change the Hospitality Industry

Customer can get in touch with the support services 24*7 without any hassle.

For that matter, MicroStay can benefit various sections of travellers.

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They include:

a. Backpackers and trekkers

Exploring India: The MicroStay Trend And Why You Should Use It Too

Backpackers or trekkers on their long adventurous journeys may need a nap or two to give their tired bodies some rest and refreshment. MiStay is a perfect fit for them.

b. Tourists

How MicroStay can change the Hospitality Industry

Tourists hardly use the hotel rooms as the whole day is utilized in sightseeing and exploring local places. What they require is a good night’s sleep and refreshment and Microstay is perfect for their need. They can book hotel only for the night, rest, have some refreshment in the morning and move on to the next attraction.

c. Business Travelers

Exploring India: The MicroStay Trend And Why You Should Use It Too

Business professionals travel for long hours and look out for a place where they can freshen up and prepare for their next meeting or presentation. They surely wouldn’t be wanting to break their bank just to quickly freshen up and read some notes.

d. Layover Travelers

How MicroStay can change the Hospitality Industry

Travellers having layovers after long journey certainly needs some rest and can opt for MiStay.

A cosy hotel room stay is undoubtedly better than waiting at the Airport.

Travellers awaiting next connecting train for hours can select Microstays and escape the hot temperature of Indian subcontinent.

e. Religious tourists

Pilgrims who take connecting transportation need a place to lounge and unwind. MiStay is a good option for this.

f. Weekend Getaway

How MicroStay can change the Hospitality Industry

Why go to one place when you can visit a whole series of them in one trip! When you can club some awesome destinations along with an exciting road trip. A well charted trip to various attractions along with short hotel stays sounds great for getaways.

g. Students

Students who have to go to a different city to appear for competitive exams, or attend a seminar can choose Mistay without paying complete day’s hotel charges.

h. Cultural Tourists

How MicroStay can change the Hospitality Industry

They travel to experience various cultures, attend festivals and ceremonies. They write blogs on their experience. For them too, MicroStay or MiStay can provide a very viable option.

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Exploring India: The MicroStay Trend And Why You Should Use It Too

Microstays even helps the Hoteliers in optimizing their occupancy rates. It helps them utilise the vacant rooms and generates more revenue on a day to day basis. They are able to accommodate higher number of guests in a day.

Thus, the changing trend of booking hotel rooms on hourly basis seems to be an extremely worthwhile deal for all the travellers on the go.

Well, have you been on a microstay before while on a vacay? What do you think about the experience?

Please share your thoughts below…

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I am Md Aziz Islam, travel & gastronomy enthusiast and crazy about video games. If I am not doing any of these three, then I am with my books and prefers to be left alone, just kidding. I prefer historic tourist places and certainly try indigenous cuisines of the places. Apart from all these, I am presently pursuing by MBA in Business Management.



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  1. Cristina Petrini says

    India is a country that divides me between its natural charm and its lack of security, but I believe that it is enough to organize the trip in the best way to avoid problems.

    • Dalene Ekirapa says

      I love that Cristina. It’s so much better to organize the trip with the right company that can also provide transportation around the place for that matter.

  2. Diana says

    I would love to visit India, but being that we have a toddler, not sure a micro stay is for us. We would love to stay in longer in each area we visit.

  3. Laura G says

    That’s an interesting concept! I had never heard of it but we’ll be traveling to india soon and it will be super useful!

  4. Chad says

    I’ve never heard of microstay before tbh. I love the idea, it is super convenient. I can’t wait to go to India again, such a wonderful country.

  5. Alvern @ Success Unscrambled says

    I actually never heard of Microstay. It is a very interesting concept and I wonder if it is available in other countries. I can see myself definitely using this on my next 3-4 week trip abroad where I will explore several destinations.

  6. Samantha Donnelly says

    I have not heard of a microstay before, but do love the idea of this as it makes travelling so much easier if you can not fit into their times x

  7. Hollie says

    Wow this looks beautiful. I’ve always wanted to go to India and a microstay sounds like so much fun.

  8. LuciWest says

    What a brilliant concept! I hadn’t heard about hotels offering microstays like this. But I’m currently in a hotel where I have to check out tomorrow by mid-day, when I really need this room or another for just a few more hours to keep having wifi and AC’d shelter for my dog and I… until we leave town in the early evening. Your examples from India are inspiring!

  9. Alexandra Cook says

    That would be such a beautiful vacation. India is a gorgeous country.

  10. Lyosha says

    Awesome guide! I visitrd India for a bit last year and I do want to see more of it now. Hoping for next adventure next year

  11. maria says

    I’ve never heard of a micro-stay before but this sounds amazing. The flexibility is a real convenience and you still get to enjoy your trip uninterrupted. Loving all of the pics too!

  12. Ewuzie Kingsley says

    Wow!!! I love traveling a lot, I love adventures I have been to different places and several hotels, though but I Just got know this for the first Time and I think it sounds legit, Convincing and convinient. Thanks for this info will pass it on.

  13. aisasami says

    I never heard of the term Microstay before but we have something like that in Japan. They are love hotels but they aren’t supposed to be Microstays but so people do use them.

  14. Sundeep says

    I never heard for Micro stay earlier this sounds great. I will definitely check out this next time whenever we plan for our next trip

  15. Paradigm says

    A splendid land that stretches beyond the symbolism of fantasy, India is perhaps like a vast canvass that goes beyond imagination.

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