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Up-Close With Monique Mwangi; The Emcee Cum Events Host

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What does it take to be a great event host? Or rather, what attributes would make the perfect emcee?

I can think of a charming attitude, an attractive personality, a social nature, a good sense of humor, good communication, an up-to-date-with-the-current-affairs personality and a smiley face! Well, at least those are the attributes I can draw from Monique Mwangi’s personality.

Up and Close with Monique Mwangi; the emcee cum event host

So if you ever get time to chat with an event host or an emcee with all these attributes and she tells you about her journey, then you wouldn’t want the day to end! I mean, just as everyone at any event is usually so impressed when the emcee around is so awesome, so will you be.

Well, today on the blog, we are blessed to have Monique Mwangi ,an event host cum emcee. She shares her experiences in the field of emceeing and mind you, you’ll love here even more since we already love her signature style in bowties and blazers,right?

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  Ride along…

1.Who is Monique Mwangi?

Monique Mwangi

Monique Mwangi is a faithful witness of Jesus Christ, a daughter, sister, friend, future wife and mom. Professionally, I am a journalist and currently doing events hosting, or rather, emceeing.

I am passionate about art, music and sports while at the same time, I love adventure, traveling and exploring new places. My friends even call me a tourist.

2.You have been an emcee at so many events; corporate and fashion related, right? Can you please tell us what being an emcee entails?

Up and Close with Monique Mwangi; the emcee cum event host

Being an emcee doesn’t necessarily mean you supposed to do most of the talking. Your job is to keep things moving and put attention on those the event is recognizing. Making sure you are clear on the overall objective of the event.

3.You were a Radio Presenter sometime back, right? Would you please tell us why you decided to break away from Media and get into emceeing and hosting events? And more so how was your journey been ever since.

Yes I was. Actually I did not break out from media my contract ended and couldn’t renew. Even though,  I’m working on something that will hopefully come out soon.

Good thing is that my journey as an emcee has been very interesting. With an open mind, I get to learn more on the job daily.

4.So how did you get into Emceeing?

Up and Close with Monique Mwangi; the emcee cum event host

It was actually very weird. I recall of this day when I received a call from a client who was once on my radio show. Apparently, the client had organized this event but unfortunately, the emcee had pulled out just at the last minute so I was to stand in.

I had never emceed before but I agreed and here we are! That opened the door for many more events.  Well, the power of ‘YES’, right?

5.You were one of the Emcees at the FOYA Awards 2018. Would you please tell us how was it and could you tell us what it was all about?

Basically, the Founder of the Year Awards (FOYA) Awards celebrates and awards every young founder impacting our nation through entrepreneurship. It is a platform that hugely appreciates entrepreneurial minds so definitely, I was honored to emcee the event.

Monique Mwangi emceeing alongside Lotan Salapei

Monique Mwangi emceeing alongside Lotan Salapei at the Foya Awards 2018

Yes! Hosting the Founder of the Year Awards (Foya) alongside Lotan Salapei was such an exciting experience. I got to meet beautiful souls who have been part of my growth as an emcee/events host. Hosting my first ever award ceremony really got to push me out of my comfort zone. Loved every second of it!

6.Just the other day you landed this big gig with Safaricom more so you are a face behind their Beatz App campaign. This is terrific Monique since you are up there on Billboards. Would you want to tell us how it went down? I mean how you got the opportunity and how it felt to actually work with them?

Monique Mwangi as the face of Beatz App,Safaricom campaign

Haha!(smiling happily) Thank you.

And ooh yes! It felt so good seeing my face on a billboard. It is something I really wanted for a long time and I am very grateful. How it came about; well, there was an audition call sometime back that I attended. So many people were eyeing the opportunity that I actually didn’t think I would make it but I did! And I thank God!

Working with the Safaricom brand has been great since it has also stirred my aspiration of being a brand ambassador. #BrandAmbassor in the making.

7.Ivix Dennis Ikoi is also a reknown Kenyan fashion and corporate Emcee who has a huge crush for all things blazers just like you. And many admire he’s style just like they admire yours. Would you tell us what is your to go online resource for your inspiration and why?

Bow ties and blazers

Ooh My! I just try you know… Apparently I dress myself so I have no specific online source. Inspiration has to be the theme of the event.

8.Tell us about your best moment.

My best moment has to be when I got a call back then for the advert with Safaricom on their Beatz campaign and seeing my face on several Billboards. Ever imagined waking up to see your face up there? It does feel awesome!

As well, it is always a good moment whenever a client is happy about the job well done during the event.

9.What about your worst moment in the field of emceeing and how you handled it?

During one of the fashion events that I was emceeing, a guest who was drunk came on stage and was really annoying. I had to figure out something before the guest could ruin the moment! Ha! I then called the DJ on stage who dragged him out of stage. Ooops!

10.Share with us your quick fix? What can you say transforms your look instantly.

Up and Close with Monique Mwangi; the emcee cum event host

I tend to dress for the type of the event and the theme of the event; For Company Launches, Fashion events, Awards ceremonies or Dinner parties, the dressing will vary so I just prefer being well put before-hand.

Quick fixes wouldn’t look great if you never dressed up well from the start no matter how much you try to spice up everything. And you might even ruin everything…

(I agree on that 100%)

11.Your 5 must haves? Any your signature style?

My Notebook, Diary, Pen, Phone and Purse.

And since people associate me more with the bow-tie look, I can prefer that one for my signature style even though I am diverse.

Up and close with Monique Mwangi

12.Being an Emcee requires an outgoing soul. From how to pitch brands to the point of actually working with them. Thus, what would you advice an upcoming Emcee who would want to work with brands? It’s obvious to see many holding back just because they don’t know their first move.

There is no perfect time so just start. A large part of the learning process about emceeing can only be learnt live on stage. Just like learning how to drive or ride a bike you have to be on it to get better. So for beginners you must start getting on stage may it be on small groups or gathering just start you never know who might be watching!

Up and Close with Monique Mwangi; the emcee cum event host

Monique Mwangi emceeing alongside  Simon Says

13.What is your Future aspiration?

I wanna host B.E.T Awards someday!

But right now, I am working on going back to the radio if not on television!

(I can’t wait to see your face on TV or even your voice on radio Monique. And B.E.T Awards too lol!)

14.Who inspires you?

Mmmh…there are a couple of people who inspire me. Bonang Matheba ,the South African media personality, Tracee Ellis Ross and our very own Anita Nderu, just to name a few.

Up and Close with Monique Mwangi; the emcee cum event host

15.What would advise upcoming emcees?

With so many people trying to get in the Emceeing field, competition definitely builds up.

Thus, always be very specific on what you want. Package yourself right and focus on a niche. There are so many avenues in the field of emceeing so know what you are good at and perfect in it, rather than being the emcee that does everything.

Again document yourself working! Thanks to social media, it is easier to gain exposure- So use your social media to market yourself. Let people come to your page and know what you are about.

16.Any last words?

First of all, you will not be young forever so save time! No dream is too big and the pool is never too crowded, just unlock your mind and break barriers. You can have everything you want, if you believe you are worth it and willing to work and be patient. Dreams take time but never forget the true value of hard work.

WOW!We are inspired,right? They say that your passion will determine your success and clearly, even as Monique speaks, she exudes too much passion for her work.





So what do you think about the interview with Monique?

Do you appreciate being an emcee?

And do you love her style too?

Please speak to us in the comments section below…



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  1. Great inspiration from Monique Mwangi. Not only beautiful & charismatic but also with brain. I love Question 2 which Monique answered – Being an emcee doesnt mean you have to do all the talking but to keep things on the right track. Great interview and I do pick up few tips from this interview.

  2. She looks like a very beautiful and inspiring woman! I love such passionate people who can make a difference in the world. I loved reading this interview, since I keep writing interviews myself from time to time, especially with people who can become ispirations for others! 🙂

  3. I always get assigned as an emcee in my school during special events and activities. It’s definitely not easy. Getting the crowd excited and engaged can be nerve-wracking. But the feeling after the event is just so awesome.
    It seems that Monique Mwangi has already mastered her craft. I enjoyed reading her interview. Very insightful.

  4. Yyyeeaaahhhhh….the interview is good and so encouraging. You know, so many people out there want to be like Monique but never really get to know what it takes….thanks Dalene for sharing.

    I love the bow-tie look….bow-ties are my kinda thing.


  5. She is so gorgeous and very kind of her to answer all your questions in details. It’s nice to read an article about an event host or emcee. I definitely agree with her quote “Dreams take time but never forget the true value of hard work”.

  6. First of all I love this last photo up and close with me haha.. Anyway Oooh my I am so humbled if not overwhelmed by the responses. This is so encouraging.. This is where my own words get to make sense to me too haha you never know who is watching. Thank you Dalene and Thank you to everyone taking time to read and getting encouraged,inspired or a few tips from the interview. Thank you. Blessings to you all.

  7. Such a great interview! Her passion and dedication to her work is inspiring. I think she nails it when she says that part of the process about emceeing can only be learnt live on stage.

  8. Love this Q&A post of yours. This line from Monique is the highlight – ‘No dream is too big and the pool is never too crowded, just unlock your mind and break barriers.’

  9. She’s so pretty and great that she’s accomplished. Being an MC is a lot of skill. You need to be a people-person and be outgoing all of the time. Ugh. Lol.

  10. Such an amazing interview. She is very inspiring and I agree with her, the power of “yes” can change your life and take you places you had never imagined before.

  11. What a beautiful person who appears to have such a beautiful spirit as well! It takes a special type of person to host events and keep people engaged and entertained. I wish her well as her career continues to flourish.

  12. I enjoyed reading the interview. It sounds like she has become an inspiring emcee almost by accident. I’d also like to start on the same path so she is right about the “power of yes!”

  13. Great interview, she seems extremely intelligent and entertaining! I’ve been to a couple of events when the emcee was a little monotone and it put a damper on the event as a whole. I would love to attend an event Monique Mwangi is hosting, I bet it would be a great time!

    • Oh yes Gill! You can be sure about that since Monique is so entertaining. I hope that when she hosts B.E.T Awards soon, you’ll be part of the people there.
      Glad you dropped by!

  14. I’m practically born on stage. I started with my appearances very early, I think with my nine years, so I completely agree with Monique Mwangi. She seems to be devoted to her business and I really like her personality.

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