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The Top 5 Luxurious Travel Destinations And Ideas To Binge-Travel

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The Top 5 Luxurious Travel Destinations And Ideas in 2019

Luxury can mean many different things to different travelers. Some like to experience all of the pleasures of flying first class to the most romantic, exotic or luxurious travel destinations around the world, while other luxury travelers like to experience the destination in the form of an adventure and experience the local way of life in all of its shine and glory.

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Whether you’re the former or the latter, and no matter if you’re traveling solo or with a significant other, there is no shortage of amazing luxe experienced around the world.

Today, we’ll be exploring some of the most exciting yet luxurious travel destinations around the world where you can stay in tailored luxury, and customize your experience to your liking.

Here are…

The Top Luxurious Destinations You Need To Visit in 2019

1. Experience the hipster culture in Melbourne, Australia

Top 5 Luxury Travel Destinations And Ideas in 2019

Sydney might be the most popular destination among global tourists, but Melbourne is where the action is.

Sure, go ahead and visit all of the prominent landmarks that crown the capital of NSW, but make sure to spend most of your vacation exploring the vibrant livelihood of the breathtaking city of Melbourne, a place every true hedonist needs to visit at least once in a lifetime.

Melbourne is an urban gem, and a place for those luxe travelers who like to stay on the move.

Best Experiences:

  • While the views from the luxurious hotels are mesmerizing, you want to head out and join the action on the streets.

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  • Experience the vibrant culture and architecture
  • Taste the wiles of Melbourne’s fine dining overlooking the city’s skyline
  • Of course, lay back on a honey-hued beach and watch as the waves crash on the shore.

2. Exploring the culture of Marrakech, Morocco

The Top 5 Luxurious Travel Destinations And Ideas in 2019

A vibrant destination favored by adventure travelers is Morocco, and in particular, the historic city of Marrakesh. If you like to be a part of a crowd, this is the place for you.

The Red City and its center, the Medina of Marrakesh, offer a unique view into the history of the region, as the historic architecture is reminiscent of medieval empires that shaped the city.

Dating back to the Berber Empire in the ancient times of Roman conquest, the walled city center is a standing testament to the civilizations that once were.

Best Experiences:

  • Explore the bustling bazaars.
  • Visit the Koutoubia Mosque and the Bahia Palace
  • Stay at the luxurious La Sultana.

3. Living large in the city of Hong Kong

The Top 5 Luxurious Travel Destinations And Ideas in 2019

On the other side of the globe, we have the thriving city-state of Hong Kong.

Among the numerous up-scale activities travelers like to partake in here, travelers particularly like the wellness scene, as the exquisite personal training in Hong Kong has elevated the reputation of the city and made it one of the top destinations for restorative travel among up-scale globetrotters.

If you are looking to return from your travels a healthier, happier human being, then wellness centers in Hong Kong might just have the program for you.

Best Experiences:

  • Aside from working on your physical health in an up-scale setting, Hong Kong is also world-renowned for its fine dining scene and of course, the unique boat tours overlooking the enthralling city skyline.

4. Lisbon and Portugal’s rich history

Top 5 Luxury Travel Destinations And Ideas in 2019

If you’re somewhat of a history buff and you love exploring travel destinations that boast a rich cultural heritage, then Portugal should definitely be on your 2019 travel list.

Between the cobble stone streets of Lisbon and the fine eateries that reside within, and the breathtaking beaches of its offshore territories, such as those at the isle of San Miguel, Portugal is a romantic destination bound to bring you and your significant other closer together.

Best Experiences:

  • Be sure to book a room at a fine establishment in Lisbon itself, like the Pestana Palace or the Ritz, and ask for a room overlooking the Tagus river – don’t worry, a street view is also a gorgeous site to behold from your bedroom window as well.
  • From Lisbon, you can sail to the isle of San Miguel for a romantic whole-day escapade at Ponta Delgada.

5. Paris, France, of course

Top 5 Luxury Travel Destinations And Ideas in 2019

Paris is forever. It might seem like a cliché by now, but Paris truly is the top luxurious destination on the globe, and if you haven’t been already, this is your opportunity to experience luxury like never before.

Paris might be a global tourist hotspot, but only a handful of travelers get to partake in its finest experiences – it all depends how much you’re willing to spend on an unforgettable vacation.

Best Experiences:

  • From world-class cuisine in restaurants with a waiting list of several months to a year, to the exclusive boutiques crowning the Champs-Élysées, all the way to the VIP nightlife scene, Paris has it all.
  • If you want to organize yourself the most luxurious trip to Paris, though, be sure to hire a VIP travel agent to make all of the arrangements, and get you into the finest establishments.

Parting words

Of all the top locations in the world, only a few deserve to bear the moniker of luxury. With these handpicked destinations in your itinerary, you can make 2019 the most exciting and unforgettable travel year of your life.

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The Top 5 Luxurious Travel Destinations And Ideas To Binge-Travel

The Top 5 Luxurious Travel Destinations And Ideas in 2019

Well, which of these luxurious travel destinations are in your bucket list? Or where have you been to already?

Would love to your thoughts in the comments below…

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  1. kevin Akidi says

    These are all great places to visit. I love Marrakech and Paris. Hongkong and Melbourne are still on my list. Hope to visit them as well.

  2. Chad says

    The only destination that I haven’t been to from the list is Marrakech…I can’t can’t can’t wait to go to Morroco, soon…

  3. Kuntala Bhattacharya says

    I have been to Hongkong, loved the place with its skyscrapers and the Victoria Peak. My son wants to visit Portugal soon. Australia is my bucket list. Morocco never was, after reading your post I think I need to plan.

  4. amy says

    I really hope I could visit these places in the future , I want to travel as much as I can

  5. Louise says

    These are all places I’d love to visit one day. I’ve never been outside of the UK, sadly. I really hope to one day though 🙂

  6. Agnes Vazhure says

    Such a great list of places. Only few months left before 2019 ends. So these places are good to visit for those who want to make the year lit.

  7. Joella says

    Out of all those destinations I have only been to Paris. Well I have been to Australia but to Sydney not Melbourne. Although I never pictured Portugal as a luxury destination it is high on my list and hoping to visit soon. Great list of ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Samantha Donnelly says

    I have been to Paris briefly this year, but Australia and Hong Kong are definitely places on our places to visit, but honestly at the moment I would pick anywhere for a proper break.

  9. Yatiana says

    Hong Kong is definitely on the top of my list and this article has just helped it stay at the top position. To be honest I would have never thought of Melbourne as a travel destination, but you live to learn

  10. Viano Dee says

    This is a nice list. I have a lot about Melbourne, Morrocco, and Paris. For some reason, I was expecting to see Dubai here because of the way it’s been hyped. I’m guessing this is your preference. Nice choices anyway.

    • Dalene Ekirapa says

      Oh yes, but Dubai is also a luxurious destination…just that it’s really hyped about as you’ve said. I feel like we need to explore other destinations too, right?

  11. Kristine Nicole Alessandra says

    I have been to Hong Kong before, but it was more of a shopping trip. I would love to go back and check out the hiking trails. I want to be able to experience the Dragon’s Back trail and have some tasty seafood dishes at Po Toi. There is more to Hong Kong than just shopping.

  12. Helen Neale says

    Wonderful..Glad you shared this amazing list. I am a travel bug and looking forward to experiencing Australia later this year this list will help me out.

  13. Melanie williams says

    Ooo so many fab places, the only one I have not been to and really want to go to is Hong Kong. Won’t be going for a few years yet though xx

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