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Top 5 Items You’ll Need To Look Stylish This Spring: Natonya Medford

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Spring is the season of renewal, which means its time to empty your closets full of the winter joy items. Let’s welcome back vibrant colors, florals, crochet and lace! While it may be too soon to wear sandals for some of you, there is no reason why you can’t prepare for those sun shiny days to come.

Being a persistent fashion enthusiast, it’s my job to stay on top of the latest styles and build constructive ways for you to rock those new trendy items. I’m taking it a step further, let’s make you all STYLE GURUS. Sure, it’s exciting to follow new styles but how about becoming a trend setter? After thorough research, I assure you these five must have items are necessary for your spring wardrobe. Keep reading, you’ll be intrigued.


Okay ladies, fanny packs were a thing in the 90s and painted our eyes through Jared Leto’s retro style in 2016. While fanny packs are consciously making a comeback, you can update your handbag game with the fanny pack’s cousin, the belted bag. Belted bags are a stimulating way to snatch your waist because it has the same effect as a belt. I believe this will be a new staple for your accessory bundle.


Top 5 Items You'll Need To Look Stylish This Spring

Photo Courtesy of Natonya Medford



Send me back to the 70s! Well not really because flare pants are a tone down look from the bell bottom pants our ancestors used to rock. Kick it up a notch and ditched the leggings and denim for a moment. Wide-leg trousers is the secret to balancing your shape.

Ladies are you busty with small hips? Wear wide-leg pants, it’s an effective way to create an even shape to your figure. Typically, these trousers are high-waist, so I suggest you wear this look with a light-long sleeve cropped top and you’ll be on the “One to Watch” list.


Top 5 Items You'll Need To Look Stylish This Spring

Photo Courtesy of Natonya Medford



So, 2017 was all about off-the shoulder tops and ruffled shirts but this year sleeveless blouses gives us a new way to show some skin. Like the vibes a tank top gives, try sprucing up your work-wear attire with a button-down sleeveless top. Maybe a sleeveless top is too much for your job environment? Try a sleeveless duster. The modern cardigan will have you rocking the sleeveless trend effectively by taking a casual blouse to a sophisticated staple.


Top 5 Items You'll Need To Look Stylish This Spring

Photo Courteesy of Natonya Medford



Paris Hilton gave us over-sized ‘sunnies’ but the aviator style is back. The retro shade is making a comeback in various colors depicting the style of the 30s with a modern take of neon colors and millennial pink! I say ditch the ordinary black for a muted gray tone or a dynamic royal blue. I like aviator sunglasses because it has a masculine appeal, which is always edgy on a woman.


Top 5 Items You'll Need To Look Stylish This Spring

Photo Courtesy of Natonyya Medford



Ditch the mini backpacks and cross-body bags. Ladies, box clutches add shape and edge to your silhouette, especially worn with a casual outfit. I know, you’re thinking isn’t a clutch for formal or night-time attire? Not necessarily. Style is all about pairing the unconventional with the typical. The elegance of the a box clutch carried with a casual outfit creates a feminine and rough look; thus, giving you sex appeal, classy and edge all in one.


Top 5 Items You'll Need To Look Stylish This Spring

Photo Courtesy of Natonya Medford


Trends are a guideline, a reference and an inspirational map to help you identify your style. Don’t get sucked into perfecting the trend or even dressing like the celebrities. Let this list be a resource to assist you into developing a new spring look or even outlining a whole new style for the season. I have confidence you ladies will discover an inner strength as you become more creative and outgoing with fashion because WE define fashion. Don’t let fashion define you.

Happy Styling Ladies!

Natonya Medford



Ever since Natonya Medford held her first Barbie, she always promoted change. By cutting my own clothes and designing the fabrics to fit her dolls, she realized she was innovative, strategic and resourceful. With her degree in Public Relations, Natonya has finally found a way to walk down the fashion runway and it’s through writing. Fashion PR combines the two worlds of fashion and communication.

After contributing to magazines and collaborating with fashion companies in affiliate marketing through Polyvore, Natonya is ready to plant her stilettos into writing. She wants to change the direction of the fashion industry by focusing on inner beauty first. Natonya plans to strut down the catwalk of writing with faith and confidence. Ultimately, she hopes to inspire others to become their best through motivational and inspirational pieces.









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  1. I’m loving the wide leg pants trend for spring. I love pairing either some white pants with a colorful top or some really bold colored ones with a plain black or white shirt, they’re just so eye-catching!

    • There is absolutely no doubt about that Katie; I mean, ever since flares came in by storm, rocking them has been my jam! Glad that is the same case with you. Hugs!

    • Hi gorgeous,
      Well, all credits to you. Thank you for guest posting on the site. Now that it is spring on your side, these are pretty awesome essentials that ladies need to be stocking! Hugs!

    • Spring seems too awesome now that pretty colors and prints are a sure way to mark the season. I’m glad you’d go for wide legs like me too. Natonya is so right!

  2. Yup! Those are definitely must haves for the season. I love having wide-leg pants! They’re super comfy! Sleeveless tops are great for the weather and a cute bag will top it all off!

    • Well, everyone seems to be loving wide-leg pants Ali! But yes, they are such a staple. As Natonya says, perfect bags always add a statement to any look. Glad you stopped by!

  3. Great tips here for updating a spring/summer wardrobe for 2018. I especially love the belt bags. I am a fan of the fanny packs anyway but these belted bags seem a lot classier and would look good even with tailoring. Nice post!

  4. I personally love wearing flare pants they are super elegant and comfortable to wear. It can easily be paired with any top and it enhances the look . Great spring items!

  5. I love reading this it’s starting to pick up the weather in London now I can’t wait to wear spring clothes. I love wearing wide leg trousers but can be hard as I’m so short but I love the mustard colours looks beautiful. And I really like the pink boots they fleeky.

    • Aaaw Patrice; I’m sure you’re really anticipating for spring and get to wear such goodies. Anyway, you can try pick on culottes then wear high heels when wide legs seem to be a problem. And yes, I’m loving the pink booties too. Thanks for riding along…

  6. I adore the lace blouse. So fun! And I haven’t seen the belted bags yet. They are so adorable!! 🙂

    • Yaas! A lace blouse is too cute for sure; anyway, I’m certain that you’ll spot more belted bags as people get deeper into spring fashion. Thanks for stopping by!

  7. I love all these items! I’ve got a couple of wide legged trousers hiding in my wardrobe that I defintiely want to get out to rock this Spring. Sleevless blouses are also really lovely to rock too. Thanks for the tips!

  8. I have recently got into wide leg trousers, especially when they are striped or floral because they are so comfortable and are perfect for summer. Plus I also love Aviator sandals and perspex heels as well.

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