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The Places To Consider Installing Your Pendant Lighting

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The places to consider installing your pendant lighting

Pendant lighting is still very much a must-have lighting trend in the home, and they’re great for adding a stylish touch to any space.

It probably best to have them installed in just one or two rooms in the home, so there’s not a interior design overkill with them hanging in each room in the home.

If you’re wondering on where to install this stylish light fitting, these tips might provide some inspiration, or help to narrow down the rooms you have them put into.

5 Places In Your House To Consider Installing Pendant Lighting


The places to consider installing your pendant lighting

Modern style pendant lights in kitchens are a great fit in sleek and stylish designs, and probably one of the most popular faces you’re likely to find them.

As good as they look in this room, the important thing to remember is the fact that there will be a lot of heat, cooking grease and steam in this room, so you’ll want to consider this when picking out your pendant light.

You want a shade that’s easy to clean, as well as distributes the light easily if they’re the only lighting source you’ll be having in the room.

2. Bedroom

The places to consider installing your pendant lighting

The bedroom might not be your first thought when it comes to pendant lighting, but they can be a great space when you use them in a more design aspect rather than just in the middle of the room.

Why not install pendant lights over each side of the bed hanging over bedside tables. It’s a great way of keeping the space clear without the need of lamps, and they can add a really beautiful touch to the space too.

3. Dining room

The places to consider installing your pendant lighting

The dining room is another space that you’ll often find pendant lighting, with it typically being hung above a dining table. If this is something you’re considering then assess the size of the table, and get a fitting that’s not too big for the table, or too small either.

Dimmer switches are also a good idea for this light because you’ll be able to change the ambiance of the space depending on what it’s being used for, whether that’s a family meal or a cosy dinner party.

4. Bathroom

The bathroom or powder room might not be your first thought when it comes to installing pendant lights, but if the room is big enough they can look stylish in the space. Of course you need to ensure that the IP rating is correct for a room where there is lots of water and steam.

Pendant lights in the bathroom can look great hung either side of the bathroom mirror to create a beautiful design feature or above a free standing bath.

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5. Study

The places to consider installing your pendant lighting

Add a stylish flair to a study which is often the least thought-about room in the home. You can add a gorgeous statement with pendant lights hung above a desk, or over a chair in the room that’s used for reading.

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The Places To Consider Installing Your Pendant LightingThe places to consider installing your pendant lighting

Well, do you have pendant lighting in your home? Would love to know where you’ve installed yours!

Speak to us in the comments below…

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  1. Jen says

    Pretty pictures and nice suggestions. I love this type of lightning because it’s clean and most are minimalistic. My type of decor! I have seen these on top of islands in kitchens and are very precious.

  2. Natalia says

    Pendant lights can be used in various rooms. I love the ideas you presented in this post, as they are classy, yet they make the interior more cozy to me. 🙂

  3. Jessica Joachim says

    I have been looking at some pendant lighting and thinking about putting some up in my house. I really love the look that they give to so many rooms!

    • Dalene Ekirapa says

      You’re right Alvern; it is important to consider the space of a room before installing the pendant lights and also, minding their spacing. It should not look exaggerate.

  4. Elena Toma says

    I love this kind of lights, they make the place look so chic. We just moved in a new house and I will definitely add some pendant lights !

  5. Denni says

    darling you have done a wonderful on on decorating 🙂 so wonderful that i want to take u to decorate my house ( loving your style ) in my case i choose pendant lightning over the tables .

  6. Chelle Dizon says

    These pendant lights can definitely add style and make that room elegant. I agree that you have to plan it and check where you can install it.

  7. John Sallie says

    Trust me, I never have to wonder where to put lighting, furniture, art, gardens etc. My wife is an interior design fanatic. She has more ideas than we have money. lol

  8. Gena says

    I absolutely love those lights in the dining room. I am also one of those people who thinks the more light (including natural light) the better. Thank you for inspiration and creative ideas!

  9. Shoma says

    We just installed some in our dining area and are looking to install a few more. I will definitely take your advice!

  10. Serena hale says

    I honestly think about other pieces before I even begin to consider the lighting. Those are some beautiful pieces, especially the one in the kitchen.

  11. leah says

    I love seeing pendants in the bedrooms. it adds such a style factor!

  12. David Elliott says

    I think the pendant lighting is pretty cool. I just think the one place I would want them the most would be in the Dining room. I just really love the look.

  13. Blairvillanueva says

    I prefer the pendant lights for my dining area. It’s just makes it looks more appealing to me.

  14. Swathi says

    I have pendant lighting in my family room. I wish I put the pendant lights in other rooms though. These are really cute one.

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