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The Most Fashionable Jewellery Trends For Summer 2019

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The holiday season is almost upon us and if you have not got your summer wardrobe and accessories ready yet, here are some tips on the most fashionable jewellery trends for the summer of 2019!

The Most Fashionable Jewellery Trends For Summer 2019

Whether you are looking for something casual to wear on the beach, or for when you are partying in the clubs and bars, follow the tips below, and you will be a fashionista on your holiday this year, and it does not have to break the bank either!

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5 Most Fashionable Jewellery Trends For Summer

1.Chunky Silver Jewellery

The Most Fashionable Jewellery Trends For Summer 2019

Silver jewellery has been a popular choice for a long time as it is far cheaper than other precious metals such as gold, but you can still get elaborate and beautiful designs at an affordable price.

Chunky silver is also popular and is in vogue for summer of 2019, and the chunky silver jewellery from Silver By Mail will look perfect on the dance floor no matter whether you go for earrings, a bracelet, anklets, or a chunky silver necklace.

2. Natural Materials

The Most Fashionable Jewellery Trends For Summer 2019

One of the most fashionable jewellery trends which is increasing in popularity is the use of natural organic materials in jewellery, giving an earthy feel and creating a bohemian style.

The use of seashells in jewellery is popular again this summer and looks right at home when you are on holiday at a beach resort. Colorful pearls and beads are also a popular choice and the more color, the better.

Wood is also proving to be very popular with small intricate designs often in the shape of summer fruits and plants trending this summer.

Imagine a bunch of yellow banana earrings to go with your sexy yellow bikini on the beach or strawberries on your ears that are the perfect match for your lipstick!

3. Enamel Jewellery

Something which is also seeing a rise in popularity is enamel jewellery this summer, and this type of jewellery is available in a wide array of different colors.

Whether you are looking for a bracelet, anklet, chunky earrings, or a trendy necklace, you will be able to find fantastic looking jewellery in neutral colors which means they will go with just about any of your outfits for your summer holiday.

4. Layering Of Jewellery

The Most Fashionable Jewellery Trends For Summer 2019

You can also wear layers of jewellery, which means you do not have to settle for just one piece when you are on holiday.

You can wear multiple necklaces or bracelets and create a chic bohemian style for your wardrobe that will look in place whether you are partying on Antigua, chilling in Thailand, or dancing the night away in Ibiza.

5. Multi-functional Jewellery

One good thing about the current jewellery trend for this summer is that most of the jewellery is multi-functional and can be either worn as a statement piece or can be combined with other items of jewellery to create a unique style all your own.

Pastel colors have a natural feel to them and can be combined easily, giving off a summer vibe and topping off your outfit when on holiday.

The Most Fashionable Jewellery Trends For Summer 2019

For more ideas on what is popular this summer, you can look at the Pinterest website which has images of all the latest summer trends for 2019, which will have you looking dazzling this summer, wherever you go on holiday.

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Well, what jewellery trend are you jamming on this summer?

Would love to know your thoughts in the comments below…



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  1. Jewelry can really take any outfit to the next level. Love some silver chunky jewelry. I like that talk about natural color jewelry, I haven’t really thought about using that palette before.

  2. I’ve always liked enamel pieces. I guess it’s time to dig some out of my closet and perhaps even add to my collection. Thanks for sharing this and keeping me up to date!

  3. Loved the chunky silver jewelry and the layering. Awesome pictures. It’s nice to know that silver jewelry will be in style this summer.

  4. I love jewelry made from natural materials. Actually, my favorite bracelet is a leather braid. I am also drawn to silver jewelry. I will check out the Pinterest link and look at these jewelry fashion trends.

  5. Most of all I love wearing chunky rings! I prefer silver or gold , because they can last for a very long time and they always look chic.

  6. i love enamel jewelry, I think they are timeless. thanks for sharing. This is amazing stuff.

  7. Natural jewelries I think is just perfect for summer. It goes well with the heat of the weather.

  8. This jewellry designs are just gorgeous wow!!! I love how simple and gorgeous they are…Sharing! Thanks a lot.

  9. Thank you for keeping us current on these looks! I’m terrible about wearing jewelry as I work on the computer a lot and hate the feeling of things hitting my desk, but I have a big collection!

  10. The choker is really cute. I would love to have a nice gold watch for summer although the one pictured here is nice.

  11. I have seen some really good natural looking jewelry pieces recently. They really do accent an outfit well. I just don’t really understand the layering concept though when it comes to jewelry. Maybe my daughter can explain it to me.

    • Hehe…yes, she sure can do that better. (Although it actually means wearing a couple of pieces at one e.g. three rings instead of just one)
      Thanks for stopping by David!

  12. I love these pieces of jewelry, pretty and stylish. How I wish I was as talented and could pull off such a look using them..

  13. Those were some amazing and unique designs! That’s is a really nice collection of jewelries. Chunky Silver looks so pretty.

  14. I am a teacher and recently added some light pieces of organic jwellery. They give a casual look and I love it.

  15. I’m working on growing my jewelry collection to add to my outfits! I love the layering look!

    • Yes Alexus, please do. It makes it easy to accessorize your outfits when you can choose from a collection. Although, don’t get in a rut girl!

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