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The 10 Best Places To Visit Around The World

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A new year is a perfect time to set new travel goals. Whether you want to relax on a beach, hike historical trails, or simply visit amazing cities, here is a list of 10 of the most exciting, beautiful and best places to visit this year. Get ready to pack your bags and tick a few more destinations off your bucket list!

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1. New Caledonia, Isle of Pines

The 10 Best Places To Visit Around The World - New Caledonia, Isle of Pines

The Isle of Pines also called the “closest island to paradise”, is a beautiful island in the archipelago of New Caledonia. It is known for its tall native pines and stunning deserted beaches.

Whether you want to relax or go on an adventure, the Isle of Pines has something for everyone. Dive among the beautiful coral reef, hike the highest peak of the island or swim in crystal clear lagoon waters.

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This jewel of the Pacific is still relatively untouched, which makes it the perfect destination for a romantic getaway or an adventure off the beaten path.

Don’t miss:

Queen Hortense Cave, Kuto Bay, and N’ga Peak

2. Australia, Noosa

The 10 Best Places To Visit Around The World- Australia, Noosa

Noosa is an Australian resort town on southern Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. It is well known for being a popular surfing spot. Travelers enjoy spending a relaxing afternoon on Sunshine beach and visiting the cafes and shops.

You can also visit Noosa National Park and walk the coastal trail, relax on gorgeous beaches or simply watch the surfers. You might even spot koalas in the trees, or dolphins and sea turtles swimming along the coastline.

Half an hour from the beach is the Noosa Hinterland where you’ll find tranquil lakes, forests and amazing volcanic formations, as well as cute country towns.

Don’t forget to visit the picturesque village of Eumundi and its famous markets.

Don’t miss:

Eumundi markets, Noosa National Park, and Sunshine beach

3. Belgium, Wallonia

Embed from Getty Images

Belgium is a small European country well known for its medieval towns, beautiful architecture and delicious beer. Most travelers go to top tourist destinations Brussels and Bruges and totally overlook one of Europe’s hidden gems, Wallonia.

Wallonia is in the southern part of Belgium and is defined by its rolling valleys of the Ardennes, its capital city Namur and numerous ancient castles, citadels, and abbeys.

In Wallonia, you’ll enjoy exploring vast forests and unspoiled nature or wander through picturesque villages where traditions live on.

This region is also home to some of the most beautiful villages in Belgium, including Dinant and Limbourg, where you can witness all the beauty of Belgium’s renaissance and medieval architecture.

Don’t miss:

The Ardennes, Seneffe castle and Dinant

4. Malaysia, George Town

Embed from Getty Images

George Town is a bustling city with a stunning heritage architecture. This fantastic UNESCO World Heritage City should be on everybody’s bucket list.

The capital city of Penang is famous for being a gastronomic hotspot and even one of the world capitals of street food, which makes it the perfect destination for foodies.

But  George Town is a lot more than a foodie paradise, it’s a beautiful multicultural town where visitors go on walking tours in search of its iconic street art and visit its British colonial buildings.

If you fancy seeing the city from above take the funicular to the top of Penang Hill. The view is even more spectacular at sunset.

Don’t miss:

The street art, the food and Penang hill

5. New Zealand, Canterbury

The 10 Best Places To Visit Around The World- New Zealand, Canterbury

New Zealand has long been popular for its incredible mountain landscape, breathtaking turquoise lakes, and beautiful grassy plains.

Canterbury is a region on the south island and is the adventure capital of New Zealand. It’s the perfect place to visit for outdoor enthusiasts. Between hiking Mount Cook, going whale watching in Kaikoura and river rafting in Hanmer Springs, exploring Canterbury will keep you busy for days on end.

You can also experience the TranzAlpine, one of the most scenic train journeys in the world, or step back into New Zealand’s past in Akaroa, Canterbury’s oldest village.

Whatever your interests, you’ll have an unforgettable experience on the south island of New Zealand.

Don’t miss:

Hanmer Springs, Kaikoura, and Mount Cook

6. France, Porquerolles

The 10 Best Places To Visit Around The World- France, Porquerolles

Situated on the Côte d’Azur in the South of France , Porquerolles is a little corner of paradise with amazing beaches, and well preserved nature.

Porquerolles is a popular tourist destination in the summer months. Visitors enjoy its white sand beaches, maritime pine forests, and azure water, as well as its beautiful provencal village.

Travelers enjoy visiting the old fort and the provencal mill, or simply laze on a beautiful beach and swim in the Mediterranean.

You will be amazed by Porquerolles wild and majestic landscape, unspoilt calanques and small coves.

Don’t miss:

the village, the mill and the Plage d’Argent

7. Oman

The 10 Best Places To Visit Around The World- Oman

Oman is one of those destinations that’s getting a lot of attention lately. Considered the gem of the Arabian peninsula, Oman has a lot to offer to travelers.

With its desert, oases, and beautiful coastlines as well as its strong culture and heritage, Oman is the perfect country for an exotic and adventurous vacation.

Often overlooked by travelers who prefer destinations like Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Oman is still relatively untouched. It’s a safe country with friendly locals, and trust me, you will never forget your adventure in Oman.

Don’t miss:

Muscat, Wahiba Sands, Musandam Peninsula

8. Indonesia, Borobudur

Embed from Getty Images

Indonesia has beautiful beaches, giant Komodo dragons and active volcanoes. But more than that, Indonesia is also home to Borobudur, the largest buddhist temple in Indonesia and a Unesco World Heritage Site.

Borobudur is located in the city of Yogyakarta, in central Java. This huge buddhist complex is one of the world’s  great ancient monuments.

Visitors of Borobudur are often in awe of the remarkable details on the temple’s frescoes and stupas, and the backdrop of volcanoes.

Don’t miss:

Look inside the Stupas, there is a Buddha figure in each of them.

9. Costa Rica

The 10 Best Places To Visit Around The World- Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a beautiful country in Latin America with verdant rainforests, rich and intriguing wildlife and beautiful coastlines on the Caribbean and Pacific.

With its active volcanoes, misty jungles and deserted beaches, this small country is probably one of the best for a tropical adventure.

Known for being a model of sustainable tourism, roughly one quarter of the country is protected in national parks and reserves. Costa Rica is the perfect place to venture out for an afternoon hike to spot birds, monkeys, hummingbirds or toucans.

Don’t miss:

San Jose, Manuel Antonia National Park, Monteverde

10. The USA, Grand Canyon

The 10 Best Places To Visit Around The World- The USA, Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is one of the world’s natural wonders. It has always been a popular tourist attraction, and if you haven’t seen it yet, you should definitely add it to your 2019 travel bucket list.

Located in the state of Arizona, the immense grand canyon carved by the Colorado river records millions of years of history. The place also hides many unique species of wildlife, and thousands of caves.

When planning a visit to the Grand Canyon, many travelers also choose to stop at Horseshoe Bend to get an incredible vista of the Colorado river.

Don’t miss:

South rim of the Grand Canyon, Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon

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The 10 Best Places To Visit Around The WorldThe 10 Best Places To Visit Around The World

I hope this travel guide of the 10 best places to visit around the world has ignited your wanderlust. What places are on your travel bucket list for this year?

Let us know in the comments section below…


Camille Vandorrne; author of The Best Places To Visit in 2019

Camille is a travel blogger from France. Dedicated to traveling sustainably on a budget, Camille has been roaming the world for over 5 years. When she’s not hiking or camping, you’ll find her on a city trip or making handmade jewelry.




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  1. joan maniago says

    Such wonderful places! Must visit at;east one ro two this year ! Love the way you write this article, it feels so real to me! I mean, it is like I am there in the spots!

  2. Terri Beavers says

    I love visiting places like some of these that have good street food and beautiful artwork. I would enjoy every one of these places and hope to travel more this year.

  3. Alexandra says

    Reading this post just makes me realise how many places I still have to see.
    I love the pleasure I get from travel so much!

  4. leah says

    wow this I s a lot of places outside of the usa haha. no way I could venture to these but what a great list!

  5. Clarice says

    I haven’t really made plans yet for 2019 but your post made me think on where to travel this year. I am leaning towards visiting New Zealand or Belgium.

    Thank you so much for sharing your travel ideas. I will also consider Indonesia or Malaysia.

  6. Andrea says

    Thank you for the travel ideas! I would like to visit Australia! This post has gotten me more excited about the possibility!

  7. Jessica says

    This is an awesome post for me as I have not visited many of these places to date…but i definitely plan to after reading this post. Great information and even better photos

  8. Dani says

    So glad to see Australia on the list although in a little biased! I can’t wait to read about all your adventures for 2019!

  9. Gladys Nava says

    Oh my goodness! These are stunning and amazing to visit! Thanks for that lists you’ve made. I am planning for visiting one of these.

  10. Monidipa Dutta says

    I have never been to these places listed here, but I would love to be there. Such a lovely place.

  11. Karen Monica says

    I am from Malaysia. George Town which is in Penang is a must visit if you are in Malaysia. As for the rest of the places listed, most of it are on my bucket list too.

  12. Kristine Nicole Alessandra says

    I dream of visiting Belgium and Portugal. I have no idea when this dream will become reality, but I am still hoping. All these places you mentioned are really worth visiting!

  13. Dr. K. Lee Banks says

    I would love to visit every place you described! The pictures make them look so inviting, like a virtual tour. But I live in Maine, so the only real possibility might be the Grand Canyon, since I have two adult kids and their families who live out that direction (Colorado and New Mexico). Hubby and I have always wanted to travel out that way, and now we have an “excuse” to visit the kids and see the sights.

  14. Kayla says

    When our kids get older we plan to take a trip out to see the Grand Canyon. I’ve never been, but I’ve always wanted to go.

  15. Bindu Thomas says

    These are some top travel destinations in my bucket list. Noosa and Canderburry are my first priority.

  16. blair villanueva says

    You are giving us more reason to get busy this 2019, and I live your destination pick! I’ll add some of these to my 2019 travel list 😀

  17. Karla says

    I love this list! I haven’t been to any of them but if you’ll ask my opinion, you should also add South Korea and Philippines.

  18. Kylee says

    There are a couple here I wouldn’t have event thought of visiting, likee Noosa in Australia! Thank you, very interesting read 🙂

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