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4 Reasons To Use Textured Rendered Finish For Your House

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Textured Rendered Finish Enhance The Strength And The Beauty Of Your House

It is said that the first impression is the last impression of anything and if you are living in your dream home that you have built after much labor and financial considerations, then maintaining them is a must to keep up with its attractiveness.

Are you thinking about the walls being worn out over some time? Are you planning to give the exterior as well as the interior of the house a beautiful enhanced look? Well, it is time that you should go for a textured rendered finish of the walls and get appreciated by your guests and other onlookers.

However, it is always better to know more about this type of finish before applying them to the walls so that you can choose the perfect finish with full focus.

The Features And Effects Of Textured Rendered Finish

Textured Rendered Finish Enhance The Strength And The Beauty Of Your House

Textured rendered finish can be broadly stated as a coat of cement, lime and water on the brick structure not only to give a smooth surface but also to increase the longevity of the construction. They act as a protective barrier and prevent the walls from being damaged.

1. Increases The Aesthetic Value

Textured Rendered Finish Enhance The Strength And The Beauty Of Your House

This type of finish of the walls enhances the looks of the house by many folds.

The textured rendered finish coat erases the dull look of the home rendered by the brickworks and gives a smooth covering. The cracks in the brick wall can be hidden with a coat, and gives a new look to the walls. Even after the perfectly finishing the walls, one can paint the walls and less paint is needed as the surface is smooth.

2. Acts As A Damp Protector

If you leave your house with bare bricks on the walls, will wear and tear within few years due to adverse weather conditions outside. One of the primary damages caused is by water, and the walls are sure to damp, and that will creep to the interiors causing damage to the construction.

Textured rendered finish of the walls prevent the water seepage and damp penetration as well as the growth of plantations on the exterior walls. With this finishing, the construction of your dream home is much stronger and enhances longevity and reduces the maintenance.

3. Insulates the House

Textured Rendered Finish Enhance The Strength And The Beauty Of Your House

They act as an insulation barrier and prevent the heat radiation and cuts down your energy bills. As they are less costly than the other types of wall rendering, one can use them and save the pockets.  Even if your house is too old, textured render finish can give it a new lease of life.

The Variety

One needs to choose the right kind of rendered finish depending on the age of the building, the material used and the weather conditions of the area.  They are one of the best methods of weatherproofing apart from enhancing the looks of the walls and the building on the whole.

The Applicability

Textured rendered finish coats can be applied both on the exterior as well as on the interior walls to give a smooth finish and protective cover and to enhance the surface as well as the inner beauty. They increase the value of the house and reduce the insurance premiums.

All these benefits will surely want you to get a wall finish for your brand-new house.


It is always better to have a protective cover on the walls of your dream home so that the house is shielded from the rough weathers outside. Textured rendered finish is perfect for the purpose and is best to enhance the Home Interiors.

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Textured Rendered Finish Enhance The Strength And The Beauty Of Your House

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  1. Joan says

    I have been loving anything interior lately so this is right up my alley I love the textured finish makes a room stand out more.

  2. Annemarie LeBlanc says

    I may seriously consider this textured finish if our plans for a home renovation would push through this year. It does make a room look nice and cozy. Uniquely beautiful!

  3. Aishwarya Shenolikar says

    Never knew a textured finish protects against dampness. It sure adds an amazing aesthetic value. Love it!!


    It sounds like a great way to add visuals to a room. The added value is the added insulation and damp protecting effects.

  5. Razena says

    A few days ago I was making a list of all the household maintenance and repairs that are required in my family home and one of the tasks is refinishing the exterior walls and repainting the interiors. This sounds like a great hard wearing option.

  6. Sudipta says

    I recently got my home painted, wish I had read your post before that … maybe next time.

  7. Komal says

    Love the level of detail that all these textures bring. You know how to bring a room together!

  8. Pooja Malkani says

    wow! Great pictures. I am hardly bothered about walls and home. Whenever we have done our house, we call our regular person who gives us an option and we choose. I love the grey textured wall and if they keep house insulated, I would love them.

  9. Tara @ Candy Colored Beauty says

    The textured look fan make a huge difference in a room. I have a Chefts kitchen that is huge. I can literally fit 20 people in my kitchen comfortably. I decided to use a tile that looks like a tuscan brick trailing from my cabinets to countertops. It looks amazing and makes the room appear more cozy. The room even looks larger now too.

  10. Marysa says

    This is an interesting concept. We have textured walls, but it was using a brush dipped in watered-down spackle. It has created so many problems for us – hard to patch any damages and recreate the pattern on the walls. It collects dirt and also makes it hard to apply the ceiling molding without leaving gaps. However, I can see the benefits to texture, especially if it is a more solid kind.

    • Dalene Ekirapa says

      I’m sorry to hear about that Marysa. Perhaps you could do a renovation on those walls and make them durable with such a proper textured finish, right?

  11. Kristine Nicole Alessandra says

    I really like this. Not only is it beautifully unique, it is also helping to add years and years to the lifespan of the home’s walls. If we do get to decide to renovate, I will make sure we consider a textured rendered finish for our walls.

  12. Alexandra Cook says

    It came out looking better than ever! This is seriously so good looking!

  13. David Elliott says

    They look like some beautiful finishes there. I know I would love a finish like this on the walls. It just has this intriguing and beautiful look.

  14. Ana de Jesus says

    I completely agree that sometimes all you have is a first impression so you have to make it count. It’s great that the textured rendered finish acts as a damp protector.

  15. Blairvillanueva says

    Thanks for your guide. We are renovating the house and we need some options. Textured wall is something to consider.

  16. Nisha says

    this is very interesting. I never really put much thought into it.
    it is true, it is about giving a good first impression.

  17. Bindu Thomas says

    I am person loves to watch interior beauty of a house. This is seriously so good looking!

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