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Style Talk: Interview With Fashion Blogger Fatma Repha of Thrifty Phat

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Hello world!

Today on the Meet The Experts edition, we have a fellow fashion blogger: Fatma Repha of Thrifty Phat!  A lady who can go dapper, chic or edgy with just a shake of her closet. When I came across Thrifty Phat, I found myself lost in the lovely blog. From a great theme, to great pictures to easy-to-understand blogs on fashion, I fell in love.

Interview With Fashion Blogger Fatma Repha of Thrifty Phat

So, I decided to invite her over at Dalene Ekirapa that she could share with us her journey through blogging and wardrobe styling. Ride along…

  1. Tell us more about Fatma Repha?

Fatma Repha is a fashion and style blogger, a fashion stylist, an image consultant and a personal shopper.

  1. What is the primary focus of your blog and why the headline Thrifty Phat?

Thrifty Phat focus primarily on women’s style. Basically, through my blog, I aim to show women that looking good doesn’t have to drain your wallet. It doesn’t have to be about the depth of your pocket, the yearn for trendy clothes or those designer pieces but it’s simply about how you pair the pieces you have.

Anyway, ‘Thrifty Phat’ is derived from the term ‘thrift’ that just shows how I love thrifting while ‘Phat’ comes from my name Fatma.

(How creative, right?)

  1. Please tell us for how long have you been blogging? And what inspired you to get into fashion blogging?

Interview With Fashion Blogger Fatma Repha of Thrifty Phat

I have been blogging for two years now. And I started the blog simply after very many people would inquire where I got my pieces from. Mind you, they would never believe that they were actually thrifted!

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  1. What do you think about the blogging industry in Kenya? And what can you recommend that the bloggers in Kenya can do to enhance the industry?

Blogging in Kenya is fast rising; which is a good thing since it just goes to show how creative and talented people are!

But it’s unfortunate to see that those in the blogging industry in Kenya hardly hold each other’s hand. How I wish that we’d grow closer and do more collaboration with each other since together, we’ll definitely grow stronger.

  1. I noticed that you are also an image consultant at Phat Styling Services; would you tell us more about that? Including how you developed a career in the styling space.

Interview With Fashion Blogger Fatma Repha of Thrifty Phat

I got into image consultancy this 2018 after realizing that a lot of people actually don’t know how to effectively communicate and look the part while they are impeccably dressed. Basically, I help clients to make better yet necessary changes to their looks, and guide their skills in communication and behavior in order to accelerate their personal and professional goals.

I chose to develop a career in the styling space after I started getting a lot of requests from friends and colleagues to style them for functions they attended.

  1. Suppose this is an ideal client: a tall and slim lady. Please dress her for a TV show.

I’d go for a simple plain top paired with black cigarette or paper bag pants and finish off with an Ankara kimono and a nice pair of heels! That would do the magic right away!

  1. Tell us about a celebrity you’d want to style and why?

Fena Gitu any day, anytime! I really hope to style Fena Gitu someday simply because she is such a tomboy as I am; and her style is always fresh, polished and very intriguing!

Interview With Fashion Blogger Fatma Repha of Thrifty Phat

  1. What about a designer or a label you are dying to work with?

ADIDAS! Wo-hoo!

  1. A jack of all trades you are! From an image consultant to a personal shopper to a fashion blogger! How do you get to balance your time and effort to keep all these aspects of your career in good shape, as they are?

Like you mentioned, it is all about balance! I have a schedule that really makes it easier for me and ensures I keep track of all that I have to do.

For instance: whenever I am free, I’ll go for photo shoots and write for my blog. On some days of the week, I go shopping for my clients’ outfits while on other days; I have meetings with the clients regarding how to style the pieces and more on their styling.

Interview With Fashion Blogger Fatma Repha of Thrifty Phat

It does seem overwhelming but I’m used to working under pressure so I hack it. Above all, when you love what you do, you are willing to go the extra mile because even if you do much, you derive satisfaction from it!

  1. When it comes to rocking great head wraps, your game is just so great! I wonder how get to tie them up so well because yes, I’ll go for caps and hats but if my head wrap is not made, I’ll wear them in just one style. How do you do that?

I’m really innovative with my style but I love to keep it simple. For head wraps, my style of the day is always achieved at that moment when I’m actually trying it. I sort of play around with the wrap and end up achieving a great look! So simple!

By the way, I’ve gotten a lot of requests to do tutorials about doing head wraps so please stay tuned to my social media channels!

  1. What is your go-to space for style inspiration?

Right from the streets! I absolutely love street style.

Interview With Fashion Blogger Fatma Repha of Thrifty Phat

  1. Describe for us your personal style.

Basic, simple, relatable and timeless!

Interview With Fashion Blogger Fatma Repha of Thrifty Phat

  1. Imagine a day with a fashion blogger who is just getting into the industry but fears that the space is saturated. What can you tell her?

Be you and do not be intimidated. Everyone has something unique to offer and as long as you stay consistent and hardworking, you will meet your goals in the blogging world. Giving up should not be an option; just trust the journey and above all, trust in God.

  1. Influencer marketing is on the rise and every blogger out there is struggling to build a brand with a voice. This includes me and you, certainly. How do you ensure that you stay true to your voice to ensure you don’t get lost I the buzz?

I stay true to who I am which is really important in such a competitive industry. Also, I engage a lot with my readers and followers because their opinion always counts. And there presence is enough to show that they appreciate what I’m doing.

  1. What are your future aspirations regarding your path?

I hope to start an image consultancy company and also offer personal style classes. As a blogger, I’m hoping to work with international brands and also become an award-winning blogger.

Interview With Fashion Blogger Fatma Repha of Thrifty Phat

Well lovelies…

That’s Fatma! If you’re as inspired as I am, please feel free to let us know about your thoughts in the comment section below…


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  1. She seems to have an incredible life, I would love to do more photoshoots for my blog as she does or go shopping for clients ;)Looks so fun

  2. I do love and enjoyed reading this very inspiring interview. I agree with her that you don’t need to spend a lot of money just to be look good or just to have a nice outfit it’s a matter of how you pair one outfit to the other outfit.

  3. Fatma is dope she got style and knows what she wants she is impecable and loving and anytime you meet her you dont wanna leave her side

    Watch this space because she is fire

  4. Fatma needs to go through my closet and tell me what works and what doesn’t! I have a feeling she will be throwing out a lot of my clothing LOL!

  5. I love her personal style of Basic, simple, relatable and timeless! She will surely become a style icon with her good eye and design choices.

  6. Yyyyaaayyyyyyyyy!!!! I’ve been following Fatma, for a while now and I’ll declare my love for her publicly. Always on point, sassy and in her own lane!

    Thanks for bringing her to Dalene Ekirapa, sweetness.

  7. As a style enthusiast, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. I also appreciated her advice about not comparing yourself with other bloggers. Nice one!👍🏼

  8. I thoroughly enjoyed tis interview, Dalene! I’m always interested in knowing the person behind the brand and the thought process behind any concept.And hat’s great advice for any newbies out there.

  9. Great interview! You can see she has a great sense of style! Wish I could be that put together! Great post!

  10. I always like to get behind the bloggers. I think it’s so great to know who they are and not just from their blog. It’s so crazy she’s only been at this two years. I am just coming up on two years myself and it’s been quite a journey.

  11. You did a great job in making this interview. She is a certified stylista! I love her personal style.

  12. Her fashion statement is simply impeccable. I like how effortlessly she pulls off everything she wears. A true fashion inspiration for all of us

  13. Nice post and I really enjoyed reading this interview. I agree that a person should not empty his or her pocket to have a nice outfit.

  14. You did an amazing job interviewing and highlighting Fatma! I love her androgynous style she is the future of fashion!

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