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Style Feature: How To Dress For Your Semi-Formal Event In Jeans

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Almost everyone loves wearing a pair of denim jeans for a casual look, right? But wait…can everyone really love wearing a pair of denim jeans for a semi-formal look? For a minimalist wardrobe, having a pair of denim jeans that can run casual errands as well as formal ones is essential.

1. One color hue is so advisable.

Style Feature: How To Dress For Your Semi-Formal Event In Jeans

We can all agree that in no way can you take multi-colored or multi-shaded jeans to a formal event. It will look so casual for the moment. I love Grace’s pair of deep dark blue jeans, do you?

2. Opt for plain jeans.

Style Feature: How To Dress For Your Semi-Formal Event In Jeans

As much as the session is not as formal, it still is not as casual. Thus, this does away with denim jeans that have too much design on them like ripped jeans and rugged jeans. Plain jeans will carry the day here!

3. Mind how you pair your denim jeans.

Semi-formal events require a little more thought than your everyday look in jeans. But that should not make you afraid to ditch the little black dress

We know of how a little black dress can be  a staple, right? I do…

But we can easily slip into a pair of dark blue or black jeans to kill the occasion.

Style Feature: How To Dress For Your Semi-Formal Event In Jeans

We all know that blazers can really sharpen any outfit to look official but what if you don’t want to wear one? Just opt for the men’s button-down shirt! The power of an everyday staple – the ubiquitous button-down should never be underestimated. Yes, men really value this staple and yes, we ladies are also switching to it. We all love some of the men’s pieces no lie! So let’s shop for them right:

A clean, well-ironed, brilliant white button-down paired with classic-fit dark hue jeans is a timeless look. Avoid instances where you will have to pair your jeans with really sexy tops as they are not an option here. Subtle tops look best for such occasions. They are too many ladies: from button-downs , turtle necks, subtle off-shoulders especially like the Ankara ones and much more.

4. Get the right shoe!

”According to Glamour Magazine, the only thing a fashion-savvy woman needs to glam-up black jeans is a pair of heels.” This sounds awesome, doesn’t it?

Style Feature: How To Dress For Your Semi-Formal Event In Jeans

I love the famous quote that says, ‘’give a lady the right shoe and watch her trample the world’’! Well, Grace is surely trampling on the world! A great pair of ankle-strap stilettos must be every superwoman’s staple, right?

Her whole look was so admirable! Still casual, yet looking formal!

Style Feature: How To Dress For Your Semi-Formal Event In Jeans

What do you think lovelies? Lemme know in the comment section below…



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  1. This is great work, especially for messy dressers like me. I will surely learn some important tips here. Keep up girl!

    • Oh Liberata…don’t be funny! It’s not that you’re messy..maybe you just didn’t consider this. Anyway, Grace does look too good and I’m glad you’re getting some tips here and there. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I agree with Grace that you don’t necessarily need to reach for a ‘dress’ to create a semi formal look and something as simple as a button down shirt can really help elevate an outfit. Like you said you don’t need to wear a blazer, even a small detail like a printed bow and a pair of heels can take your jeans to the next level! If you are ever looking for someone to feature I am totally down for that!

    • Oh Ana…glad you’re really loving the look like I am. I mean…we have to get down to breaking rules when it comes to personal style. Anyway, please reach me through my contact form, I’ll be too glad to feature you on a good Tuesday. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Omg you look so fabulous! I am definitely a jean girl and love dressing them up for a semi-formal occasion with either a blazer or a faux leather jacket.

  4. OH girl! you look amazing in this outfit! ALSO, love the title of your post! It’s all darling and I’m going to rock a similar look this weekend.

    • The ankle strap heels are to die for! They look too good. And yeah I’m really looking for dark jeans like this one. Grace is too lucky with hers. Thanks for dropping by!

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