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Secure Your Payments 100% and Get Better Deals Online With A VPN

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Secure Your Payments 100% and Get Better Deals Online With A VPN

Online shopping has changed the way of life for many of us. Imagine all the time and energy that can be saved from just shopping from the comfort of our Internet-enabled devices. All you would need to do is get on the online retailer’s website, find the items you would like to buy, add them to your cart and proceed to checkout.

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As simple as that might be, you could also have been missing out on many perks of online shopping. That is not to mention the possibility of facing risks from hackers and scammers snooping around for your credit/ debit card details.

All that is bound to end now though.

Before the end of this piece, you would have known everything about how to use a VPN to find deals and secure your payments. Before we get into the meat of the post, let’s lay down some basics.

How does a VPN work?

Secure Your Payments 100% and Get Better Deals Online With A VPN

When you connect to a Virtual Private Network (VPN), your internet data is routed through a variety of tunnels before it reaches the final destination (target website).

This kind of model is important for a variety of reasons. On the one hand, passing your internet data through such tunnels make it inaccessible to anyone looking in on you from the outside. Even the most experienced hackers would be thrown off the trail.

Yet another importance of VPNs come in the way they allow you to change your IP address while being in the same physical space. Imagine being able to connect to a server in the US while you are shopping from Australia, helping you make purchases like you were in the States.

Combining both models of operation above, it’s time to learn what these mean for your online shopping experience.

How you can improve online shopping with a VPN

Secure Your Payments 100% and Get Better Deals Online With A VPN

A VPN might look like extra baggage to you at this instant. By the time you get to the end of this list, we are confident your mindset would have changed. You don’t have to take our word for it.

1. Find better prices

You might not know this, but online retailers have devised a way to change pricing by location. This is usually referred to as a form of the dynamic pricing model.

In short, this model is used to make goods appear more expensive in certain areas. The decision is usually based on making shoppers from more affluent countries pay more than those in other developing nations. Likewise, these online retailers will usually take advantage of the exchange rate to increase prices.

A simple way to get out of this bind is using a VPN to find the best price. By simply connecting to different servers, you can view the same product over and again. If the online retailer has used any changing pricing model, you are sure to find it out this way.

2. Find deals

There are special holidays in different countries. If you have been shopping online for a while, you’ll observe that many online retailers offer special deals and promotions on these holidays.

You don’t have to miss out on buying your goods under these deals just because you are not physically present in such countries. By simply connecting to a server from the said country where the promotions are being run, you also get access to buy the said product at a reduced price.

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3. Secure payment details

Online retailers will do all in their power to make sure your payment details are secure on their website. Due to one or two reasons though, you might be found wanting.

You might have forgotten to secure your internet connection, leaving a backdoor for hackers to snoop around your network. You might have even connected to a public Wi-Fi network without considering the risks. Whatever the case, you are in the red!

That situation can easily be managed with a VPN too. Since these pieces of software will keep your internet data in capsules and transfer them over secure channels, no one would know what’s going on inside your computer.

Except you, of course – just the way it should be.

Secure Your Payments 100% and Get Better Deals Online With A VPN

4. Get commodities for lesser

Hotel services and plane tickets are some of the commodities which are priced differently according to a variety of factors. One of the defining factors is location.

For those that have been following from the above, you already know that you can shave off all the extra bucks on these purchases. Before you book a flight or pay for a hotel in advance, make sure you have exhausted all locations from where you could have gotten them for relatively cheaper prices.

Choosing the best VPN

Secure Your Payments 100% and Get Better Deals Online With A VPN

There are a ton of VPN providers out there. That being said, it is not rocket science that all of them can’t be right for you. For a great shopping experience, here are a couple of things to look out for in your choice VPN:

  • Multiple Server Locations: To take advantage of deals, price drops, slashes, discounts and promotions in different parts of the world, your VPN has to provide servers in those locations. You should also make sure the VPN supports multiple servers in the countries it carries.
  • Speed: You don’t want your VPN to ruin the shopping experience for you due to low speed. Ensure the provider you go for is one that promises optimization towards speed.
  • Security protocols: Remember how the VPN is supposed to protect you from hackers? That will only be possible if it has a strong security protocol on the ground. Never take that for granted when making a final decision.

Secure Your Payments 100% and Get Better Deals Online With A VPN

We doubt if that VPN is looking like extra baggage right now. Before you purchase anything online, it will really be in your best interests to get one and make it your best friend too. Considering how it saves you money, it is surely your best friend.

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and enjoy secure online shopping!

Happy Shopping!

Jack Warner!


Jack-Warner- author Secure Your Payments 100% and Get Better Deals Online With A VPN

Jack Warner is an accomplished cyber security expert with years of experience under his belt at TechWarn, a trusted digital agency to world-class cyber security companies. A passionate digital safety advocate himself, Jack frequently contributes to tech blogs and digital media sharing expert insights on topics such as whistle blowing and cyber security tools.




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  1. Wow! I learnt something today. I had no idea that the system even existed. Anything that gets me better shopping deals is something I definitely have to look into!

  2. Guess what? I’ve tested your advise about the cheaper tickets and I managed to save around 10%. I almost cried I’m so excited, haha. Thanks! btw I used NordVPN, I don’t know if it makes any difference; which provider do you use?

  3. I always knew of using a VPN to get better prices on plane tickets. I somehow never thought of applying the same reasoning to online shopping however! Thank you for the tip!!

  4. This is really interesting I’ve not heard of this way of making online payment more secure! I really need to look into though as I am all about trying to keep myself safe online.

  5. This is helpful information. More importantly, the fact that account information is more secure is a bonus.

  6. Hi Jack, this is an excellent article. As a former IT consultant turne d publisher, I’ve used VPNs quite extensively to connect to various networks. The idea never occurred to me how they could be used to make shopping less expensive. This article is worth a good read and I hope readers take the time to absorb your information.

  7. Safety is definitely key for shopping online. I had no idea a VPN could help you get better deals while securing your shopping experience online. I will have to have my husband look into this for us. My hubby is way more into technology lingo than I am, so he will probably be able to find us a good VPN.

  8. A VPN makes a lot of difference to the online shopping experience. This is a very informative and useful article. Have experienced the effects of dynamic pricing and the VPN is a great way to make the most.

  9. Finding better prices – especially when it comes to plane – is something I’d sure be interested in. I think I had heard of VPN before but never really knew what it was about. Until now!

  10. I’ve been really bad at this technical stuff, but this post really made things clearer for me! This will surely make my online shopping safer and I won’t be too much paranoid whenever I do purchase.Thanksss!

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