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Rihanna’s Style: Rocking Over-sized Button-downs

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Hello world…

Over-sized button-down-Rihanna style

There is absolutely no doubt that Rihanna, the CEO of Fenty beauty is definitely a force to reckon with when it comes to street fashion. The multi-award-winning songstress known for massive hits like ‘Cheers’ is undoubtedly almost everyone’s style icon. The ‘Wild Thoughts’ hit-maker is a celebrated lover of the anti-fit fashion if not rocker-chic vibes. As a street fashionista, Rihanna will either trample over New York in high heels or sneakers! If you won’t spot her in oversized denim, then you’ll spot her in baggy shirts and shirtdresses. And if you won’t spot her in cute booty shorts, then you’ll spot her in the perfect mom jeans.

Call her a sartorial risk taker and I’ll back you up! Riri won’t fail to step out in nudes, or even finishing a hot pair of boots for a Tee and leave you mouth wide agape. As well, she is known for killing it at the red carpet with wild designs no doubt! That is just her! What I love most about her is her terrific street style.  For a style guide, she will just do it fine, no wonder she was awarded the Fashion Icon Award by CFDA , right? Riri is no doubt an influencing trend setter both on the streets and on the Red Carpet. And now with her Fenty Beauty plus Puma line, she is undoubtedly predicting trends especially in the athleisure world.

Anyway, what do you think Rihanna would wear to a date with Drake? Being a trend-setter, she’d obviously ditch that little black dress that almost everyone tries to wear on a dinner date. And yes, she will perfectly embrace the men’s button-down! Now you see why such a piece is a staple? It can be worn even on dates!

Rihanna's Style: Rocking Over-sized Button-downsRihanna Style: Rocking Over-sized Button-downs

Trying to recreate her look, I also went for an oversized stripped shirt. This anti-fit trend is just perfectly fine with me no doubt! I think I love the men’s button-down too much.

Why the Men’s Oversized Button-down?

Rihanna's Style: Rocking Over-sized Button-downs

I wore the striped shirt with a navy blue pair of shorts. To give my makeshift shirt-dress a more feminine feel, I kept the top button unbuttoned, allowing an open neckline.

And to keep my ensemble from looking too plain, it is the little accents that make the look even much better: the thick belt is nice punch of blue color, and my sunglasses adds just enough of a statement. Stripes though…we all treasure them, right? I found this look perfect for warmer seasons. I mean, when you want to expose the inch of skin you got to the sun, just go for shorts. Well, I was not really basking though…

Rihanna's Style: Rocking Over-sized Button-downs

Over-sized button-down-Rihanna style




Well lovelies, if you’re still in a rut, let Rihanna be your style icon this 2018. But guess what? Be prepared to go bold while recreating her looks! Be ready to get some pounds of attention…but there are always ways to reduce the attention; like I would have chosen to wear a pair of denim thigh-high boots for my recreated look today.

Rihanna's Style: Rocking Over-sized Button-downs

Anyway, if you love the look, please let me know in the comment section below…



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  1. Yes!!!! This is gorgeous! And those shoes! You certainly know how to wear this piece. Thank-you so much for sharing your personal style.

    • You’re welcome Shalee. I’m so glad that you’re finding this style gorgeous. Well, that means that the over-sized button down and shorts pair just well.Hugs!

  2. Oh nice! I love over sized clothing but I think with being so slight that it doesn’t suit me at all! I need to be try to find a similar style that does!

    • Aaaw Laura…what if you tried belting up your oversized tops? I’m sure that will work since that’s what I mostly do…and that will ensure you still get to enjoy oversized fashion.

    • There is absolutely no doubt about that Amalia; the confidence that Rihanna possesses is just on top. And we know that looking beautiful starts from being confident,right?
      Anyway, thanks for the love gorgeous!

  3. The girl definitely has her style down and I love how she dresses up and how confident she is at all times. Her make-up line is amazing and she’s so dedicated to it as well, which makes it even better. Love your outfit!

    • Thank you hun. And you’re so right Alison. Rihanna is definitely an icon. Mind you, I also in love with Fenty Beauty like everyone is you bet. Thanks for dropping by!

  4. Oh, I haven’t yet experimented with oversized dresses, but this one looks great enough. I guess I can give it a try with those bottoms! You are creating a great style statement !

    • I love over sized shirts now that they look like pretty shirtdresses and look even better when worn with a cute paoir of shorts. Anyway, I’m flattered Jhilmil. Hugs!

  5. Riri is an absolute fashion icon for sure! I love these blue sky high pumps, they look fab with your outfit!

    • Oh Natalie…I’m totally appreciated. I’m not letting this style go now that I love showing off my legs and it’s all over New York…Ha-ha! Hugs gorgeous!

  6. My girlfriend loves Rihanna, and now I where the style of having large shirts comes from. 🙂 Thank you for sharing this, now I know what to get her.

    • Aaaw Victor, now that’s so sweet! She’ll definitely be too happy to get such from you. And beware, she might even start from yours! Ha-ha! Anyway, I’m glad to know that I got something in common with your girlfriend. That’s awesome! Thank you.

  7. So cute! It’s like an updated shirt dress. And those shoes? I love the color so much. What a great style – and easy to put together, too!

  8. Stunning pictures!! Those legs girl, you could totally be a model! Love how you totally changed the way button downs are supposed to be worn.
    Xo, Sondra

    • Aaaaw gorgeous…Now I’m blushing.Ha-ha! Anyway, I’m glad you love the whole look…I think I love my legs too much..mind you, I do my best to keep them in shape,; kinda funny though!

  9. Totally loved the way you styled the outfit. Oversized clothes are my thing too and I think you did great justice to Rihanna’s style. Fabulous job!

  10. Oh nice! I love over sized clothing but I think with being so slight that it doesn’t suit me at all! I need to be try to find a similar style that does!4\\1047

    • Well, I think that you could try experimenting with oversized too. And like I cherish the oversized jam, you might be surprised to find it’s cute on you too. Thanks for stopping by!

  11. Rih Rih has amazing style, I swear that woman can wear a garbage bag and make it look good. I love the way you styled the shirt looks great!

  12. I love Rihanna’s style ! and your outfit is gorgeous . I would pair that oversized shirt with some skinny jeans and with flats ( I love high heels but I’m already 1.80 so 🙂 flats for me )

    • I also do flats most of the time now that I’m also tall…but anyway, when it comes to recreating Riri’s look, heels are the way to go lol!Ha-ha! Anyway, an over-sized shirt would also look too good with skinny jeans…hugs!

  13. Have to try this style some time! Love your belt – it looks amazing with the button down shirt. Also, you have legs for days girl!

  14. This outfit looks amazing. I love white color in general adn this outfit is stunning..

  15. You look absolutely amazing in that outfit. And if it’s Rhianna inspired, then she must be pretty fashion forward as well. Great choices in everything. I really do love the button shirt.

    • Thank you David; and definitely,Rihanna is definitely fashion forward David…anyway, the men’s button down is just a classic piece! We can’t help but love such, right?

    • Oh Elizabeth… Thanks hun! And you’re so right! Riri is always pulling it off too perfectly… So I’m glad that I recreated such a nicely. Hugs!

  16. Yeah! Such a great idea, Rihanna is sure a great fashion inspo, love her! Your outfit is on point, perfect, and you look really pretty!

  17. You looked absolutely beautiful in that outfit ! You certainly have the legs for it:) me on the other hand…

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