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Old School In Double Denim #Faithy Ngaira

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It is a vibe from back in the ’90s!

Old school musicians especially loved the trend; pairing the jacket with flaired pants!

The trend was massive in 2017!

Call it the Canadian tuxedo!

Well, it is the denim-on-denim trend!

Old school in double denim

The double denim trend was widely embraced from the runways to the streets: models and celebrities donning the trend like never before. There is no doubt that we all adopted the trend, right? I mean, who never wants to join any trend bandwagon?

Anyway, today on the blog we have Faithy Ngaira, a fellow mentor at the Equity Group Foundation and yes, she is rocking the Canadian tuxedo! She is totally giving us denim-on-denim goals so ride along…

How to wear double denim

  1. Mix different washes of denim.

Blue denim is more and more embraced as compared to other washes of denim when wearing the denim on denim. To avoid looking too matchy, embrace a mixture of washes; all the way from light washes to darker washes. For example: a light blue wash and a navy blue wash will pair well. Or dark denim jeans with grey denim.

  1. When going matchy-matchy, try to consider just the denim suit.

Perhaps the jacket and the denim pants, or the denim skirt and the jacket. Well, now we know that this was one of the biggest ‘90s trend, right? Do you recall visiting the boutiques and the first thing you’d see was a mannequin dressed in a full denim ‘suit’ ? Mind you, denim suits are back!

Old school in double denimOld school in double denim

I love the faded wash of Faithy’s denim outfit. I mean, I prefer faded washes to plain washes which apart from being easy to fade, they also old-school! And old school is just my jam!

  1. Avoid denim accessories when rocking the Canadian tuxedo.

While the double denim was busy rocking the streets, the denim cap , choker and sneakers were busy coming up as well.  Unfortunately, I happened to see a lady donning a full denim look! Now here is what I mean…a pair of pencil pants with a long-sleeved crop top and finished off with the cap, sneakers and the choker! But guess what? All in navy blue denim. Not that she looked ugly, just that she looked like some kindergarten kid forced to wear a denim uniform!

Old school in double denim

It is better to confine your denim game to shirts, tops, pants and jackets…I mean, just clothing!

Dress up your double denim in perfect accessories. Faithy wears an all-blue look today and I totally love how she plays around with the color blue here: from the sky blue top, to the faded blue washes of her denim, to the cobalt blue shade of her doll shoes. And very creativity, she breaks the color co-ordination perfectly by wearing a brown leather belt around her waist. Doesn’t she look just gorgeous?

IMG-20180224-WA0009Old school in double denimOld school in double denim

You love the look? How much are you rocking your denim-on-denim? What are your tips when wearing the Canadian tuxedo? Speak to us in the comment section below…



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  1. This is something I always have trouble with!
    I feel like others can rock this look but I just look like the soccer mom from the 80’s.

    • Oh Britney…you’re sounding funny although that happens. I think what becomes a problem is even rocking the denim suit. But you can always start from a well fitting denim shirt tuck in a pair of denim jeans… You’d look like a cute mum for sure. Hugs!

  2. This is really inspiring me to grab another jean jacket. My jacket doesn’t fit anymore 🙁 It pulled together so many outfits!

  3. I love the denim on denim look, but I also agree with you about too much of a good thing. As the saying goes – moderation in all things – otherwise, it’s just overkill and ruins the look.

  4. I usually wear denim 🙂 I feel comfortable in it 🙂 Faithy looks so fabulous and very confident too 🙂 Thank you for those suggestions 🙂

  5. See I love it on her, on me double denim doesn’t look the same 🙁 I think it’s mostly the cut of the short jacket I can’t pull off. I have a long torso and it just ends up looking awkward on me

    • Hey Di,
      Now that you say the denim on denim trend does not look good on you, why not try an oversized jacket? Oversized is a jam right now and such a jacket would be perfectly layered over a tee-and-jeans combo! You’ll look great…

  6. I’m not super trendy with my clothing so I can definitely use your advice! I liked how you paired the text with pictures to really illustrate what you were saying.

  7. I loved her denim on denim look . Its a trendy look . I love wearing denim jackets they are my favorite. And I agree It can totally go wrong if you over do it.

  8. Yasss hunnie 🙌🏽 I do love double denim; I can’t wait to do a summer shop! Making me so excited

  9. She is such a beautiful lady in this photo and I love her style of wearing denim clothes and thank you for your tips.

  10. She carries it nicely. The look is perfectly acceptable. There are few times I saw people trying to pull off this match but it doesn’t look very nice. I normally wear this pair with the same principle you mentioned. Nice catch!

  11. She looks great on that denim on denim look! I suck on this kind of things because of size issues.

    • Yes, she does look good in the doue denim for sure; I’m even considering to get such. I think you should consider an oversized jacket; at least that hardly looks bad on anyone. Thanks for stopping by!

    • Ha-ha! Don’t be too scared Julie..double denim is not only a massive trend but also a gorgeous one! I’m glad these tips come in handy and yes, I trust that you’ll also look great in double denim! Hugs!

  12. I like double denim! That’s a nice get up you have there. If there’s anything I want to change, I would wear an inner shirt with no collar. I dunno, collars make me itch and two layers of them would make me feel constricted.

    • Well Sigrid, I’m glad you also love the look; and yes, no collar would also do it for me…I guess Faithy had to break some fashion rules in coming up with her own style. And she still looks awesome in the double denim. Anyway, thanks for dropping by!

      • Yep, that style is nice. I used to wear double denim when traveling. So comfy. But I just dunno about the collars and turtle necks. It seems that if I have something around my neck, I feel choked. huhu Even during winter, I can’t wear turtle necks. It seems I can’t breathe!

        • You’re so right; double denim is a fab style when travelling and it’s so unfair that you don’t like having to wear collars and turtlenecks while I’m here dying for them lol! Although that happens…hugs!

  13. I love that the 90s are coming back. However, I don’t think I could pull of the double denim look. She does, though.

  14. Oh I love a good denim as I’m practically always in jeans. I give actually been on the hunt for a good jean jacket, just love how they dress up and dress down a look.

  15. I don’t think I’ve ever rocked double Benin, not even in the 90s! But I think it can look good if it’s done well. Thanks for some great tips!

  16. Wow, the denim-on-denim look definitely looks great on her! I agree with some other comments, I don’t know if I can pull it off!

  17. I didn’t know I had a taste in fashion until I met you, Dalene. 😊
    Thank you for highlighting my denim look..
    I feel loved..😍😍

    Thank you Darling.

    • You are loved Faithy; and totally loved. I’m glad we are friends and yes, your denim-on-denim was worth featuring. More is welcome you know gorgeous! Hugs!

  18. I love everything about denims. I was born in 90’s so I have heard it was a fashion back then, I feel great that it is coming back. And what I most love is a shirt tucked inside a well fitting denim. It makes you look more hot and confident.

  19. I love denims! They never go out of style. Thanks for the tips! Btw, you look gorgeous in all your pictures! Howww!

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