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My Wishlist For Evening Looks From DressWe

*This post contains affiliate links thus if you purchase any products or services using the links, I get compensation at no extra cost to you.

My Evening Looks Wishlist from DressWe

Have you been to a gala? Or a ball? Or even a black-tie event? If you were so keen as I always am, you definitely spotted gentlemen in the most luxurious of tuxedos while beautiful ladies donned the most elegant of evening dresses, right? There is no doubt that such events scream of elegance, sass and luxe and the only way to ensure you are standing out as the lady of the night is by wearing that gorgeous evening dress.

Lovelies, just get to incorporate a blend of individual style along with sentimental charm with these gorgeous evening dresses. And if you love wishlists like I do, then you’ll absolutely love mine; full of gorgeous looks I would take to posh evening events.

Here goes my wishlist for evening looks from DressWe:

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No type of dress flaunts the shape of a slim lady like a trumpet dress. Or a mermaid dress.Why? It adds volume to lower half of one’s body thus flaunting her ‘young’ curves. From DressWe , this elegant jewel neckline beaded top court train mermaid evening dress is definitely on my wishlist!

My Wishlist For Evening Looks From DressWe

Elegant Jewel Neckline Beaded Top Court Train Mermaid Evening Dress

My Wishlist For Evening Looks From DressWe

Elegant Jewel Neckline Beaded Top Court Train Mermaid Evening Dress

I’d pair the dress with suede lace-up open toes sandals that are also as gorgeous for a clean and polished look.

My Wishlist For Evening Looks From DressWe

Sandals Suede Lace-UP Open Toes


In case of a black tie event with red carpet vibes, the best dress that can stand out is a floor length gown.  I’d pick a golden Sheath scoop neck applique lace evening dress that not only stands out in Watteau train but also rocks in lace.

My Wishlist For Evening Looks From DressWe

Sheath Scoop Neck Applique Lace Evening Dress With Watteau Train

My Wishlist For Evening Looks From DressWe

Sheath Scoop Neck Applique Lace Evening Dress With Watteau Train

One of my biggest pet peeves is when women show up at events without a proper heel now that they’ll have a floor-length gown that covers up everything! Just get those stiletto heel sandals and trample the floor lady! Thus, I’d finish the look off with these golden sandals PU sequin heel covering stilettos from DressWe.

My Wishlist For Evening Looks From DressWe

Golden Sandals PU Sequin Heel Covering Stilettos

Who would even ignore turning heads when I walk in wearing this? The Paparazzis would surely not get enough of me,right?


If you are the type of fashionista who doesn’t love showing skin, then this high neck applique mermaid evening dress with cap sleeve is for you. Well, it is for us! It screams of class, femininity and elegance. This dress would be very suitable for a work evening event since it will not only ensure you’re looking confident but also polished, right?

My Wishlist For Evening Looks From DressWe

High Neck Applique Mermaid Evening Dress With Cap Sleeve

My Wishlist For Evening Looks From DressWe

High Neck Applique Mermaid Evening Dress With Cap Sleeve

I’d finish off the look with a pair of black sandals open toe stiletto heels that definitely show glamour!

My Wishlist For Evening Looks From DressWe

Blame me not for loving too much gold! I mean, since metallic became the ‘IT’ color, I’ve loved gold. And is there any other color that can dominate a black tie event more than gold? Hope not!

Anyway, from Dresswe, anyone can get what her wardrobe requires. So what are you waiting for? Head over to DressWe and quit making wishlists , just make shopping lists!

What do you think about my wishlist? What look is your favourite from the three on my wishlist?

Please speak to me in the comments section below…

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post where all the images are courtesy of DressWe.




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  1. Oh my goodness!!! These dresses are divine Dalene…I love all the looks and I just agree that DressWe is the place to shop for evening dresses. Those high heel sandals also look too glamorous! I’m in love with your whole wishlist Dalene.

    • There’s no other way to describe such beautiful dresses and heels Monique; they are just divine! And perfect for an evening party! Thanks for stopping by lovely!

  2. Congratulations on your collaboration Dalene. I can’t wait to see you rocking one of such gorgeous dresses. Your wishlist is also amazing! Cheers to DressWe!

  3. Your wishlist is amazing. I just love these perfect evening dresses. Congratulations on your collaboration too. Keep it up 🙂

  4. The first dress you shared is absolutely gorgeous. That is now at the top of my wishlist – I need to find some place to wear it to though LOL.

    • Thanks Alison….many are dying for that first dress…I think I’ll shift my preference from the three to that one! Haha…anyway, that would be perfect for any wedding if not any evening event lovely.

  5. What a great idea. I am so bad at dressing myself and these dresses are gorgeous and make me wish I had somewhere to wear them all of the time! The sparkly shoes are perfect!

    • Haha… don’t say that Patty. Anyway, you’re right; one would wish to wear these dresses everywhere but they’re just perfect for evening occasions. Hugs!

  6. Not heard of DressWe before but the dresses look absolutely gorgeous plus the shoe pairing is just immaculately done

    • You could definitely check them out on their website and you’ll even love them more. Anyway, thank you Anosa; good to see that you love my choices and pairs.

  7. Omg these looks are GORGEOUS!!! I wish I had a reason to wear them. The one with the black lace is my FAVORITE!!

    • The dresses are indeed lovely Heather…They’re best for evening events lol…anyway, that third dress looks gorgeous, I love its high neck design more so.

  8. Oh, my goodness, those dresses, and those shoes make me want to head out somewhere to celebrate. I’ve got to check this place out and see what all they have to offer.

    • You’ll love DressWe Hun… I’m sure about that. Their dresses and shoes are just too terrific lol and you can be sure of being the lady of the night;

    • You’re so right about that David; the trumpet dress is just perfect for slim ladies and won’t fail to make a statement. I’m glad you stopped by!

  9. OMG…thanks for introducing me to Dresswe!!! All the gowns in your wishlist are beautiful! I love the black and gold one…so elegant!

    • I’m glad that I introduced you to the home of gorgeous dresses Amber and I’m even more glad that you’re living what’s on my wishlist. Hugs!

  10. I’m sure you will turn a few heads when you walk into the room as well! All the dresses are very eloquent and classy.

  11. These dresses are simply beautiful and would make anyone feel like Cinderella! I prefer the colour of the last dress but as I’m not a fan of cap sleeves, I’d definitely go for dress 1. It’s gorgeous! The shoes are wonderful too, but as someone who owns about 200 pairs, I probably have a pair to go with all these dresses!

    • Haha! Now that’s funny Azlin! All those pairs of shoes are just enough; I’m sure you won’t need more lol! Anyway, I’m glad you love the dresses; your choices from my wishlist are just awesome. Hugs!

  12. I am such a big fan of ornate jaw dropping gowns and I love the first mermaid gown and the rose gold tie shoes which would go perfectly with any of your evening looks from Dresswe. What would you say is your favourite look?

    • Well, since everyone seems to be loving the first look, then I’m in for it too Ana! It is just gorgeous and pairs perfectly with those high heel sandals.
      Anyway, glad you stopped by Hun😊

  13. These dresses are all beautiful! I think I like the last one the best, with the cap sleeves. I’m a huge sucker for cap sleeves. The shoes are beautiful too, but I would definitely struggle walking in something that high with such a skinny stiletto. I tried on a pair once in a store and almost fell over! Maybe I just need more practice 🙂

    • Haha! I had to laugh lol! While it might be so hard to walk in high heels, you could always get a lower heel to avoid falling next time. Anyway, that third dress is indeed gorgeous hun.

  14. I’ve never heard of DressWe before. I love this collection. Their dresses are so beautiful and the details make it even more stunning! I wouldn’t mind taking a look at their other products.

  15. Great selection of dresses, I am going to pass this along to my sister. She is always looking for new places to shop.

    • Oh Sigrid; don’t say that. Well, if the trumpet dress doesn’t look as good as you’d want it too, then one with much lower volume will. I’m sure about that lol!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  16. These dress choices are incredible! All styles look so delicate and I would love to wear them all, feeling like a glam princess!

  17. Oh wow! These dresses are so pretty and those shoes are amazing especially with those lovely feet, by the way! I’m sure you’re going to enjoy wearing them anywhere!

  18. I like your dress picks! I would like p to have these dresses in my closet 🙂
    Thank to you i will visit Dresswe.

  19. Such a nice post and I always enjoy reading it. I really love those dresses they are beautiful, classy and elegant.

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