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My Day At Ruiru Falls

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Hey travellers!

My Day At Ruiru Falls

At times, a moment of solitude is all we cherish; when it’s just you!

So when I need time for myself, when I need to get away from the whole world , I know where to go. Sometimes back I used to cherish sunsets whenever I wanted such a moment but since I came to know of Ruiru falls, I shifted my preference.

So Ruiru Falls….

My Day At Ruiru Falls


The falls are located on the outskirts of Ruiru Town , in the Jerusalem area. It only takes 7-10minutes if you’re using a motorcycle from Ruiru Town to get there ; or 20-30 minutes if you’ll consider walking.

I usually walk from Greenbelt, where I stay, past Santa Ana Calm Waters Academy and straight to Jerusalem. Once you spot a bridge on your way, then know that you have reached the falls.


It will only cost you at most 100 shillings to reach the site from Ruiru Town if you’ll opt for a motorcycle. Though it will only cost you your energy if you consider walking to the site.


There is no point near the falls where any eateries are offered so if you’ll consider eating, please buy some junks or snacks that you’ll need during the visit.

It is also advisable to carry your own clean drinking water when visiting.


My Day At Ruiru Falls

The most suitable time to visit the falls is during the dry season in Ruiru; this is especially in January and February, June , August, October and November. In some instances, December is also fine to be here. During this season, the rocks are more visible and the place is accessible since it floods during the rainy season.


Most people visit the falls when they are considering a nature getaway for that moment alone or with a loved one; otherwise, the place is a nice spot for taking photos. I’m especially a fan of taking photos here.

My Day At Ruiru FallsMy Day At Ruiru Falls


There is a cute cave to really watch out for when here; it is curtained with grass that bears flowers during the rainy season while waters splash atop of the cave. It is just gorgeous!

My Day At Ruiru Falls

The bare rocks are also a cute sight; you can sit here and take photos here.

My Day At Ruiru Falls

A large cute heap of sand is also visible at the middle of where the waters fall during the dry season.

The clear shallow waters flowing from beneath rocks provide a nice sight where many like to waddle in.


Never attempt swimming at the site; the falls have not been approved for swimming.

Walk on the rocks bare footed for a firmer hold since the rocks are at times slippery and you might slide and drown away; unless you wanna take pictures with your shoes..hehe!


My Day At Ruiru Falls

I embraced light clothing when I went to the falls because it was during the dry season. I paired a metallic top with animal print tights then layered over a chiffon duster before finishing off with a pair of boots.

My Day At Ruiru Falls

Whole Outfit- Thrifted

Photo credits – Rich Photography  @richphotographyexclusive

And yeah, the Ruiru falls are just a majestic sight that you’d want to visit during time alone.

My Day At Ruiru FallsMy Day At Ruiru Falls

And I had so much time alone; listening to the waters roar…

And the birds chirp , the frogs croak and the trees dance ; I swear this is nourishing!


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  1. Excellent photos and you look absolutely stunning! I love waterfalls, I find them so peaceful and relaxing! I’m glad you enjoyed the alone time, sometimes there is nothing better! Nikki x

  2. Beautiful pictures, love the leopard prints leggings. What lovely location to take some really nice photos. xx

  3. I can see why you are such a big fan of taking photos at the falls as it really does seem serene and tranquil. It was really handy to note that there are no eateries near by so I agree that it is important to bring some food with you so that you don’t go hungry x

  4. This place looks beautiful and I would like to visit it during all season to see the change. I would have no problem walking versus the motorcycle route. Your thrifted outfit is great. I like the shirt and actual do not own any animal print.

    • Thanks, I’m glad you’ve loved all of this. But trust me, during the rainy season the water is too flooded and not clear as well. It’s much beautiful during the dry season.

  5. It’s nice that you have your me-time place that you go to. I usually just go to the mall and buy stuff lol! The falls look very peaceful.

  6. The falls are beautiful! I feel very prepared thanks to your thorough analysis, especially informing us there is no food there. I would definitely like bring some snacks with me, as I get hungry often, especially when I hike!

  7. We have the Minnehaha Falls in MN and people visit it for similar reasons that you’ve mentioned… It’s great to escape the bust lifestyle most people live and enjoy nature, it soothes the soul! Love your photos ; )

  8. You’re gorgeous, I was more captivated by you and those cheetah pants than the spectacular falls. The travel tips were fantastic. I would love to visit Jerusalem and the surrounding areas one day, and I am always down for a pic nic and hike.

  9. It’s wonderful that you have found such a serene place for yourself – on one of the last pictures the fall looks really majestic and powerful. Considering the photo credit, I assume this time you did not have the place all to yourself?! Was worth it, though, the pictures of you are beautiful.

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