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5 Must Have Shoes For Women

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5 Must Have Shoes For Women

Shoes are more than footwear – the essential tool we need to walk out of the house. They are also more than an accessory. As gorgeous or ‘ugly’ as they are, they are more than just eye candy that completes or elevates an outfit. That’s why there are must have shoes every woman must have, fashionista or not!

They are the final stamp; the thing that you use to tell the world who you are by showing off your style. Essentially, they are an extension of your personality. Now, the fall/winter runway season has been overflowing with them, naturally.

However, in the sea of trendy shoes it is our job to pick out only the crème de la crème for you, and that’s exactly what we did.

So, don’t be shy, keep reading and find the shoe (or shoes) that you will be most comfortable rocking this season.

5 Must Have Shoes For Women

1. The perfect mix

5 Must Have Shoes For Women

In the wake of the animal print trend, which had completely taken over the runways, owning a pair of animal print boots seems like the only way to go.

Perhaps prints from this family aren’t your cup of tea in general, but if you focus your attention on footwear, you’ll realize that they can look incredibly classy and interesting, so you might want to give them a shot.

Now, since shiny patent leather has the ability to make everything look even sleeker, perhaps you can take the best of both worlds and go for a Chanel-inspired pair of patent-leather boots. Depending on the outfit you choose, they can look ultra-chic or perfectly casual, which is definitely something to take into account.

2. These shoes are meant for walking

5 Must Have Shoes For Women

While Ryan Gosling did throw Steve Carell’s 407s in Crazy, Stupid Love, a sufficient number of years has gone by and the ugly dad shoes are back in style.

We probably have the athleisure trend to ‘blame’ for this, but people seem to adore their clunky, ‘ugly sneakers’. You can choose among multi-colored ones, single-color, thicker or thinner sole.

The best part about them, aside from exuding your athleisure vibes, is the fact that they are incredibly comfortable. They provide a great amount of support, and since ugly is the new pretty, you can rock them with anything from tracksuits to romantic dresses and look super fly.      

3. The always in style

5 Must Have Shoes For Women

There is absolutely no way we can survive the fall, or even kinder winter days, without a pair of amazing ankle boots. When it comes to these, any color goes, so choose the ones that go best with your everyday wardrobe as these are probably a pair you’ll be putting to work most frequently.

You can follow the white boot trend, or go with a simple pair of black or nude ones – totally a judgment call. All of these hues have their own level of allure and approximately the same level of practicality. Hence, whichever pair you choose, you won’t make a mistake.

4. The transition shoe

5 Must Have Shoes For Women

Some shoes are simply made for every occasion. One such pair is the cool and chic loafers.

These babies are comfortable, chic, trendy, and perfect for those days when boots aren’t necessary. They are office-friendly, but can also be styled up and ready to hit the town.

Finally, you can even run errands in them – put on a pair of jeans, a cool leather jacket and a pair of these and you’re ready to check things off your to-do list.

You can go with a classic pair – brown or black, or you can ‘trend things up’ with an infusion of the ever-so-coveted plaid pattern and take the look up a notch.

5. The occasion shoe

5 Must Have Shoes For Women

Hey, there are times when a woman simply needs to bring her A game, and for this purpose, whether she’s going on a date or attending a wedding, she needs something a little more ‘elevated’ – figuratively.

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Classic stilettos are always a great choice, that’s a given. However, a woman can look chic and dolled up without suffering in heels – some of use just have never learnt how to float on air in a pair of high-heels.

That’s totally okay because a number of designers have come up with an alternative – the mighty slingbacks. If you’re a minimalist, stick to neutral or non-colors. If, on the other hand, you feel like spicing things up, there is always a special, crystal-encrusted pair that will make you feel like Cinderella.

5 Must Have Shoes For Women

What must have shoes from the list are in your collection?

Please share your thoughts in the comments below…




Claire Hastings is an Australian based aesthetic addict. She is also a designer and style writer with a passion for everything beautiful.Currently, she is actively working on collaborating with the quality blogs and authors as a writer before she start out my own blog.




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  1. Kemi says

    Alas, it’s too cold for loafers for most of us in the West now…which is great because boots are my fave shoes. One of the few things aboutwinter that I actually like. Boots of all lengths, colours and textures to be worn with everything.

  2. Surekha Busa says

    Wow, those shoes are really beautiful but I like the most the walking shoes and the shoes that meant to wear for occasion.

  3. Mohit says

    I couldn’t have thought that one shoe can receive such a detailed focus.. but yes shoes are not just anything but a crucial part of our daily style.

  4. Latte Lindsay says

    I used to work in a shoe shop and loved every minute of it! I love the saying “give a girl the right shoes and she can take over the world”.

  5. Krish says

    There is a large variety of shoes available in the market for different occasions n seasons…..right selection of a shoe is a must for comfort and style both..
    Thank you

  6. Casey says

    Wow, this style is definitely on point. I love the animal print style, this is perfect for the Friday night on the town. Claire Hastings is a talented one, going to check her out after this post. Cheers.

  7. Lex says

    Lovely to know that ladies should have the right shoes for the right moments. Sharing this to my girl already so she gets to read it and be on the right path.

  8. Amanda says

    Shoes. I love them. Thanks so much for the round up! (Not that I need an excuse to buy more lol)

  9. Amanda maguire says

    Shoes. I love them. Thanks so much for the round up! I’m totally loving the animal print this season too

  10. David Elliott says

    Those are some pretty cool loafers. I love all the different colors. I’m sure my daughter would be interested in this. And I have a co-worker who is a shoe addict I am going to have to pass this along to.

  11. Hannah MArie says

    I like your shoe preference and choices. It’s variations to different activities are awesome. They are all my favorite.

  12. Sayanti says

    I do not have the clunky ugly sneakers right now but I am thinking of adding these to my collection. They are comfortable and in trend right now. Rest of them I have. Thanks for letting me know what’s in trend.

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