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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Wearing Short Prom Dresses

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5 Mistakes To Avoid When Wearing Short Prom Dresses

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If you are soon to attend your very first prom, the age-old question of ‘should I go for long or short?’ is bound to enter your mind. While the tendency to follow protocol and go with a full-length gown is there, if you have the figure for short prom dresses, then why not?

When thinking length, just above the knee is what you should be aiming for. With the right shoes, you will look balanced.

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1. Tights, Stockings or Bare

If you have great skin, then why not show it off? Sheer stockings will certainly add some sophistication to your look, and, of course, if the temperature is a little on the low side, leg covering is a great way to stay warm.

If you want to view a range of stylish fitted short prom dresses, an online search will help you locate a designer dress boutique, and look for one that specializes in prom dresses, as this will give you more of a choice.

2. Avoid Tight Dresses

The prom is definitely not the place for a tight-fitting pencil-type lower part of your outfit, mainly because it will restrict your movement to the point where you won’t be able to enjoy yourself.

The only exception to that is a slit, but you really do have to have a great pair of legs to carry this one off.

There is also an article online on prom dresses and mistakes to avoid, which covers a wide range of potential issues.

5 Mistakes To Avoid When Wearing Short Prom Dresses

Image Source: Unsplash

3. Shoes

You should be thinking high heels with a short prom dress, and as your dress length doesn’t come into play, think comfort.

If you are short, then the high heels will add a few inches but do make sure you can wear the shoes without discomfort.

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A matching shoe color works, as does a contrast, it really depends on you, and asking a good friend for her honest opinion is never a bad idea.

4. Last-Minute Shopping

If ever there was an enemy for a girl preparing for a prom dance, time would be it.

Whatever happens, you do need time to experiment with hair, make-up, and accessories, so make sure you have the chosen dress one whole month before the big day.

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Starting with your prom dress, you can gradually build up your outfit, one item at a time, and have a full-on dress rehearsal a few days before, just to give you peace of mind that you have, in fact, nailed it.

5. Confirm the Dress Code

The last thing you want to do is go over the top, and asking one of the organizers for dress guidelines is the smart thing to do.

Of course, the short dress option is always there for prom, but it is a good idea to find out where the lines are drawn.

5 Mistakes To Avoid When Wearing Short Prom Dresses

Image Source: Pexels

Going short on prom night isn’t for the faint of heart, but with a little care (and the right pair of legs) there’s no reason why you won’t be the belle of the ball.

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5 Mistakes To Avoid When Wearing Short Prom Dresses

Well, how did you dress up on your prom night? Did you rock some cute short prom dresses too? Just how did you do it?

We’d love to know how you made sure to look good in the comments below…



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  1. Joan says

    These are great tips, we never had prom in my time rather in my school but I know that comfort is key and better to do some research beforehand.


    I didn’t think about what we think about as women when we wear these types of dresses. Interesting post. Your tips are all great. I didn’t go to a prom, they didn’t do them when I finished school.

  3. Laura Dove says

    Great advice here! I used to always go for a short style but the older I get the more I prefer a longer or a midi length design. Fab tips here though!

  4. Kemi says

    Comfort is key when I wear dresses or clothes in general. Same with shoes too, that’s why I prefer chunky heels and wedges to stilettos.

  5. Marjie Mare says

    Although I am tall, I always enjoy short dresses which I pair with heels. I did not go to prom, I don’t really know if these girls wear short dresses. All those tips are useful in case choosing a short dress.

  6. Alvin says

    This are great tips on what to and what not to do. I will take mental notes of this tips and use them when my wife ask for my opinion when she is shopping for a dress.

  7. Shar says

    Great tips with lovely photos! The first prom night one attends is full of surprise & excitement. Having a great dress contributes a lot to the fun!!

  8. Killian says

    Great tips! Short prom dresses are in and I totally agree about avoiding wearing tight ones. I myself, prefer the long princess type of prom dress, but it’s only because, when else could you dress like that? Thanks for the post!

  9. Wren LaPorte says

    These are excellent tips for wearing a short dress! I love the shoe tip! So important to also stay in the dress code. Hate to be turned away and not enjoy the night!

  10. F-P says

    This is actually some good advice for dads also. Although we would like them to put on as many clothes as possible.

  11. Annemarie LeBlanc says

    I wore a short dress to my high school prom (that was decades ago, haha). Anyway, I did not wear high heels because I was not really comfortable with them. I asked the advice of a fashion designer to choose a good pair of shoes (not high heels) to wear with my dress!

  12. Elizabeth O says

    Aside from the lovely dress, I think the shoes is equally important. It can make or ruin a dress.

  13. Ana says

    I agree with all the tips that you’ve mentioned! A short pretty dress with right shoes can definitely create a signature style!

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