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Let’s Talk Chain-Strap Bags

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Are you a serious follower of Mia Mia Mine on Instagram? Or a huge fan of Macy Stucke too? Then you have probably seen how they take accessorizing very seriously when it comes to dressing up their looks, right? Or rather, have you looked at the fashion crowd by the streets? Clearly, the chain-strap bag is trending. Wear this cross-body style, crumple up the chain, and carry it short handled or simply drape over your shoulder, and voila!

By now, you should probably know how much I emphasize on the value that accessories add to your whole look. Not only do they help to finish up a look but also help to attract attention to your look. This is why whenever you are going for accessories; consider getting the best ones only!

And if you are not yet convinced about getting accessories, then these tips will help you know your signature accessory.

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The chain-strap bag

Accessories could be all sorts of shoes, bags, jewelry, scarves, gloves, belts, eye wear like sunglasses and even head wear like head wraps, hats and caps. This just means that you have such a ton of ideas to pick your accessories from.  And what’s even more exciting about a great accessory is that it is as durable thus will grow old with you!

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Maria Vizuette of Mia Mia Mine and Macy Stucke of Stucke on Style will show you how a great bag can speak volumes about your look. Not only can it polish up any laid back look but it can also portray glamour and class so instead of having millions of worthless bags, try to invest in getting a great bag what will serve you all time long! The two fashionistas cherish the chain-strap bag like crazy no wonder they inspired my love for the chain-strap bag too!

The chain-strap bag

The chain-strap bag, sometimes called, the chain-sling bag is a small bag, usually in the form of a clutch. Its versatility comes with the fact that it can be carried along the shoulders for a laid back finish while it can also be carried as a clutch bag for a more edgy vibe.

What a bag to behold!The chain-strap bag

I love this chain-strap bag not only for its neutral beige color but also for the golden chain! Oh my! Beige and gold actually exude class. Apart from that, it is always good to get a neutral colored bag which can blend well with all sorts of outfits. In the past, I’ve had too much bags in black or camel that proved to be as neutral but to break away from my normal color routine, I went for this beige chain bag.

The chain-strap bag is also made from leather and I’m sure we all know how leather can be such a great fabric for not only shoes but also bags.


Leather proves to be very easy to handle. I mean, it is so easy to clean up the leather bag so instead of soaking it up and actually washing it, you just have to wipe it clean with a soaked piece of cloth. And when it catches stains, the easiest ways to remove this is by adding little drops of white vinegar to your piece of cloth before wiping the stain off.  White vinegar is ideal as a basic homemade leather cleaner. It is perfect for regular cleaning and maintaining the health of the material. Meanwhile, lemon juice mixed with cream of tartar is also excellent for removing stains.

To keep your leather supple, a mixture of one part white vinegar to two parts linseed oil can be applied with a soft towel. Let it rest for 12 hours and then buff the leather.

How easy, right?

The chain-strap bag

While teddy coats jam the streets, power suits take over streets, big, boxy blazers are everyone’s crush, the monochromatic swag is everywhere, chain strap bags are also ideal! And what we all need! They can be rocked to the streets, to the beach, to a date or even to school!

Most importantly, the way you hold your chain-strap bag speaks volumes about your overall personality;


  • You simply drape it over your shoulder and let it swing freely, then you aren’t so concerned with the way their purse looks, but rather, want to carry it in away that is so practical and easy for you to access. I do this!
  • You hold it in your hand, or rather, carry it short-handled, then you are subconsciously calling attention to the importance of your career.
  • You carry it cross-body style, then you are actually telling a sign of your temperament. I mean , a woman who wears keeps her chain-strap bag in front or behind of your body may be feeling cautious, shy or defensive.
  • You wear the shoulder bag close to your body, then you are likely to be pragmatic and more concerned with function than appearance, yours and the bag’s.


The chain-strap bag

Anyway, what do you think about owning a chain-strap bag? Or do you already have one? How much do you love it?

Please share your thoughts with me below…



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  1. I love the bag. I don’t accessorise much but I love bags. However, I find it difficult to maintain them.
    leather, of course, is my favourite. And i do have a chain strap bag and it’s one of my favourites.

  2. Chain strap bags are around for several years and I have gotten few of them. One thing I dislike the chain bag is – it is quite painful after wearing them for a long time. However the chain strap bags look super chic and fashionable.

    • It’s nice that you got a couple of them but about them being painful to wear, I think you should minimize what you put inside it or else the strap might hurt. Thank you for the love though!

  3. This bag looks so good. Chain strap bag is so in trend these days, I have seen people carrying one. Thanks for sharing great tips how to take proper care of this bags.

  4. It’s good to know that the chain strap bags are the newest trend in fashion. I do own one myself, from when I went to a wedding, but it’s only been used once. I like the one you have, the color is so pretty!

  5. I LOVE the look of that bag, the chain really makes it. It would make the perfect accessory, I will look into purchasing one.

  6. Oh I love this chain strap bag. I bought one a couple years back and have been obsessed with them since then. I agree, leather is so easy to clean off compared to other fabric bags

  7. Wiping with vinegar is a great idea!! I love leather bags and stains on light colored bags are quite disastrous. WOuld definitely keep in mind the tip. And of course the chain straps can be dressed up or down!! Lovely.

  8. I usually drape mine over my shoulder. 😊 I think it’s practical and fashionable to wear it this way.

  9. I am not really into fashion and therefore I have never owned chain-strap bag. They look fabulous and convenient. I could definitely consider owning one for a night out.

  10. bags with chains always look beautiful and elegant, they might be not so comfortable but hey, who wants to look gorgeous can suffer a bit 🙂

  11. Love this bag! Such a simple yet classy design and I love the chain shoulder strap. Although I love bags and using them as accessories, I’m definitely a throw it over my shoulder purse carrier.

  12. This looks neat. I like the color and the chain. I am simple and do not like accessories much but I like this.

  13. It never occurred to me that the chain could be so versatile. Also loved your tip on maintaining leather. Thanks so much for sharing!

  14. Great information you share on this blog. I am reading your blog and i get the some valuable information about strap bags. I am happy with this blog. Thanks for sharing.

  15. This is a great post I am not much of an accesorisor but my bag choices are always on point and I love that bag you have it’s small and stylish. Keep up the good work.

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