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For Fans Of The Kenyan Cuisine, A Reason To Cheer At Jukwaa Lounge

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Jukwaa Lounge

Jukwaa Lounge

Heard of the newest restaurant in Nairobi, The Jukwaa Lounge? Or of the Kenyan Cuisine Craze that has hit Nairobi so hard at Jukwaa Lounge? Then I’m glad!

Right at the heart of Nairobi, a foodie gem was re-launched in April this year 2018 that is so promising when it comes to the hotel industry.

Well, Jukwaa Lounge is a swanky restaurant and lounge located in Uhuru Park, one of the most known fun places to visit in Nairobi.

With less than a minute’s walk from the parking spot, the lounge is easy to locate and good enough, there is free parking for all who come in.

Jukwaa Lounge

Jukwaa lounge grounds

Anyway, if you have not been to Nairobi, then I’ll tell you frankly how traffic fills up in the city towards the evening while people are getting home from work.

So nothing would be more calming than driving along the highway and settling at Jukwaa Lounge in Uhuru Park as you admire the city lights at night and have this refreshing Kenyan cuisine. Oh yummy!

Jukwaa serves Kenyan cuisine and offers a tremendous variety on the menu to ensure there is something for everyone, especially to lovers of Kenyan dishes.

It was such an honor to be hosted at the Lounge by Mr. Aol Paul, the manager and restaurant owner of Jukwaa Lounge, and his team so that we could experience the great treats offered there and mind you, that was one really great treat I’m not forgetting any time soon!


Wine tasting at Jukwaa LoungeWine tasting at Jukwaa Lounge

Jukwaa Lounge eats

Jukwaa Lounge eats

Jukwaa Lounge eats; chapati and chicken stew

Over lunch after the refreshments had already gotten our appetites at the roof, we went right away to the main meal; ordering rice with chicken stew while Tall ordered ‘ugali’ with fish stew. Both the dishes were served with vegetables and more drinks.

The chicken steaks were so tender and had been cooked to perfection with juice oozing out from every bite; they simply melted in my mouth.

Having lunch at Jukwaa Lounge

Fried Beef with Chips at Jukwaa lounge

Fried Beef with Chips at Jukwaa lounge

Caramelized Boneless Chicken in Soy Source at Jukwaa lounge

Caramelized Boneless Chicken in Soy Source at Jukwaa lounge

Chicken dishes have always been my favorite since the other time when I had been craving for some appetizing chapatis with chicken stew for lunch, I had one at Jukwaa that did not disappoint at all.

But today, I had chicken stew and rice that was just as sweet!Yummy!

Talk of Jukwaa Lounge and talk about Kenyan cuisine!

It’s so special when Kenyan dishes are prepared right at the heart of the capital city of Kenya. Good enough, the food is also very affordable!

From their menu, here are some of the other yummy dishes offered at theLounge.

And what I loved most about the service at Jukwaa is the fact that as you wait to be served, you can always watch awesome programs on the TV or be outdoors enjoying the scenic view of the waterfront.


Jukwaa Lounge interior

Jukwaa Lounge interiors

Jukwaa Lounge bar

Jukwaa Lounge bar point

Jukwaa Lounge Jukwaa lounge Jukwaa lounge Jukwaa Lounge

Since the re-opening of Jukwaa Lounge, the restaurant has been refurbished after being closed down for a period of time. And true to say, the re-launch has been such a hit; overseeing perfect décor of the whole place, from the interiors to the exteriors.

The restaurant has 2 lounges that will perfectly host your events on baby showers, business meetings and other private talks. A smaller lounge will host up to 12 people while the bigger lounge will host up to 25 people.

As well, the bar would be great for you and your guys while for a normal meeting with your peers, the open lounge would serve you just right.

But nothing excites me more than having my time outside. The outdoor décor is just amazing. There is no doubt that the one who did the furniture for Jukwaa is absolutely talented!

Apart from that, the lounge sits at the heart of Uhuru Park overseeing a perfect waterfront that provides you with that cool breeze when you are sipping a cold drink. Just what I went for!

Jukwaa Lounge


While choosing to keep my dressing effortlessly chic for a fun yet sunny day, I wore a pair of black denim jeans and paired it with a high low bell sleeved top. So cute that I finished the look off with a straw sunhat and gladiator sandals, right?

Jukwaa lounge Jukwaa Lounge

So you got plans for your birthday, your graduation party or a baby shower but you actually don’t know where to host it at?

Then drop by the Lounge and get to prepare for your event in style! Thanks to the great interiors and outdoors at Jukwaa, you can host your parties, ceremonies, conferences and meetings comfortably!

Jukwaa Lounge

Pretty outdoors at Jukwaa Lounge


Rating: 9/10

Pricing: Average thus very affordable with prices ranging from 300-400

Food: Kenyan Cuisine.

Child Friendly: Yes, Jukwaa Lounge offers a child playground and even the inner lounges allow for baby changing.

Alcohol Available: Yes, at the bar.

Opening: Every single day.

Nightlife: Yes, when planned for.

Parking: Free parking.

Hosting: Free venue provided for all your events and parties as long as you order from the restaurant.


Location- Uhuru Park, Nairobi

Contact– 070211624/0728957550






Jukwaa Lounge Yum Deliveries

For Fans Of The Kenyan Cuisine, A Reason To Cheer At Jukwaa Lounge

Well, isn’t the Lounge just amazing? Whenever you are in Nairobi, don’t forget to drop by Jukwaa Lounge for a taste of the Kenyan cuisine. I’m so in love with the place; what about you? Please let me know your thoughts below…



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  1. Joan Cajic says

    Oh yes,missing home. I am visiting next year and this sounds like a nice place. I do miss the chapati, already had me drooling and I just started my diet. It’s okay can’t wait to plan my trip.

  2. Jessi Joachim says

    I have never tried Kenyan cuisine, but judging from these photos I bet it is delicious! Now I want to try to find a restaurant near me and try it!

    • Dalene Ekirapa says

      Oh yes Evelyn…relaxing at the lounge while have some yummy Kenyan food is something I won’t get tired of. But I hope you get to enjoy our cuisine soon.

  3. Jessica Taylor says

    I’ve never eaten Kenyan food before, but this place looks amazing! Definitely something I’d be willing to try!

  4. Paul Aol says

    Jukwaa Lounge gives the very best of African dishes served fresh in a pristine green lush environment.

  5. Clara says

    This looks like someplace I would love to visit. For one, the food looks amazing and I love eating outdoors when the weather is nice. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  6. Kemi says

    Where’s the nyama choma? I don’t see it lol. I pray to visit Kenya sometime next year. Just use my 15 day annual vacation days for my Africa trip. I need to visit home anyway so Nairobi is just another 6hr flight from Lagos.

  7. stacey says

    Wow, these look delicious. I am a big fan of Kenyan cuisine. We don’t get a chance to experience it here in Kansas though.

  8. Carrie Lewis says

    Looks like an AMAZING place to have a meal and pass time! The pictures were great by the way! If we get to Nairobi, and it IS on our bucket list, we’re definitely making this a destination. Thanks for the detailed review!

  9. Kathryn Marr says

    The food looks incredible! That caramelized chicken is right up my alley! Looks like you had a great time 🙂

  10. David Elliott says

    It does look like such a fun place for an event out there. And the food looks delicious. I always love trying different ethnic dishes and these look amazing.

  11. Elle (CleverlyChanging) says

    I like seeing your picture when you wear hats because you look amazing! Overall this lounge is lovely too.

  12. Michele Dennis says

    The Jukwaa Lounge in Nairobi sounds like a lovely place to visit. I have never had Kenyan cuisine before. Everything looked and sounded delicious though, maybe I should give it a try.

  13. ohmummymia says

    I’ve never tried Kenyan cuisine but it looks really delicious. That place looks nice as well. I can imagine myself there eating something tasty 🙂

  14. Devyani Ray says

    I visited Kenya a few years back. I was suprprised to see how similar Indian and Kenyan cuisine are! Loved the food. We don’t have any kenyan cuisine restaurants were I live, but would have loved to have one.

    • Dalene Ekirapa says

      Yay! So nice that you visited Kenya and enjoyed our dishes Devyani. Hope you get back soon and especially eat at Jukwaa. You’ll also love it.

  15. Rikki Ridgeway says

    I need to try some Kenjyan Cuisine. I’ve been finding some really delicious sounding recipes, but I’ve honestly never made this style of cuisine before – I wish we had Kenya Inspired restaurants around here.

  16. Kiwi says

    I pinned this for future references. I want to go to Nairobi one day so I will make sure to visit it looks greats.

  17. Wanda Lopez says

    This looks like a fabulous place. And those dishes are mouth watering. I will definitely add it to our bucket list of places to visit.

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