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As a savvy fashionista, a traveler, a die-hard Netfkix junkie or even an online addict, you will always have a reason of using a VPN service. For example:Ivacy VPN! Talk about steaming effortlessly, staying at grand hotels at cheaper prices, booking flights and even shopping online affordable. Now who wouldn’t want that?

As a lifestyle blogger, I’d definitely appreciate the fact that now, I can enjoy better deals just by using Ivacy VPN!

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Apart from a great online shopping experience with a VPN, I’m also enjoying much more from using Ivacy VPN. These include:

  • A great and safe online streaming experience on Netflix.
  • Booking flights cheaply.
  • Booking hotel reservations cheaply.

That must be sounding so awesome,right? And yes it is, so today, I’ll share a review about my VPN service provider which is Ivacy VPN. I have been using Ivacy VPN for a couple of weeks now, around two weeks and I’m definitely going to share this full review today and how I’m making the most of Ivacy VPN this festive season.

Well, What Is Ivacy VPN?

Ivacy VPN review

Ivacy VPN is a Virtual Private Network service based in Singapore that boasts of having a strategic network of 450+ servers in 100+ locations around the world giving any online user true internet freedom.

As well,  Ivacy VPN is available for Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, iPad,Kodi, Linux, Xbox, as a Chrome Extension and as a FireFox Extension too. Thus, you’ll always be able to enjoy Ivacy from whatever smartphone or laptop you have from wherever point you’re at in.

I’m using an Android phone so I got Ivacy for Android just from Google Play Store. Apart from that, since I’m also browsing on my laptop, I’ve installed the Ivacy Chrome Extension!

Visit the Ivacy website HERE.

What are the best features of Ivacy?

For a couple of weeks now, I’ve been using Ivacy VPN and as much as they do have a lot of other great features, there are some awesome features that have heightened my experience with the VPN.

Ride along to find out…


`1.Anonymous browsing

Ivacy VPN review

Now who doesn’t love to go incognito?

Well, I do! And you should too! Nowadays, a lot of people are always online surfing each second. And it’s very common to drop by an insecure site or sign up to various platforms on the Internet which could gain access to your data.

This just reminds me about one of my favorite You tubers, Wabosha Maxine who says in this video that she goes incognito whenever she’s shops online.

So instead of browsing with all your cookies on that expose the whole of you, simply get the Ivacy VPN chrome extension and go incognito! With the secure VPN network that masks your IP address, you can gain all the freedom of Internet exploration as you’d love it!

2.Utmost security over the Internet

For the period I’ve been using Ivacy, I’ve enjoyed the security I get from the VPN service whenever I’m online.

From the Ivacy site, I learnt that they offer 256-bit encryption which makes it almost impossible for hackers to steal your data or log your activities as well as the Identity Theft Protection that ensures your content is protected from online thieves.

As well, using the Nat Firewall and Port Forwarding Feature on Ivacy VPN, you are able to protect all your internet-enabled devices from malware and hack attacks and enjoy easy access to your servers and devices with Port Forwarding.

Thus, with Ivacy VPN, you can safely browse over public WiFi where normally, it becomes very easy for you to fall at the mercy of hackers. I mean, how many times have you  had to change your Facebook password a few hours after logging out of any public WiFi just because Facebook detected a suspicious log in to your account?

Trust me, I had a lot of such issues before since I always got excited when my phone spotted some public WiFi around the corner . But with Ivacy, I can perfectly enjoy WiFi and still be assured that no hacker is trying to get into my Facebook account and post a million ads!

Ivacy VPN review

3.Utmost privacy over the net.

Ivacy boasts of the Internet Kill Switch feature that immediately shuts down all your online activities, if you somehow get disconnected from our secure VPN servers.

Quoted from Ivacy:

“Most users end up losing their anonymity upon disconnection. Disconnections can occur for a variety of reasons, but that should in no way result in a loss of anonymity which defeats the purpose of using a VPN. For this reason entirely, Ivacy offers internet kill switch, which disables the internet connection upon disconnection, thus ensuring you remain safe at all times.”

This has to be one great feature that I really appreciate because a couple of times during my browsing, I’ve had Internet connectivity issues or even power loss especially at cyber cafes. Normally, I’d be worried that I’d lose my anonmity and someone would track my activities. Good enough, if you use Ivacy VPN, you’re automatically disconnected even after internet disconnection. Those who love torrenting and sreaming should really scream to this!

As well, Ivacy VPN keeps no logs after  your browsing! Way to go!

4. Unlimited Server Switching

With Ivacy VPN, you can switch between different servers as many times as you want. Be here, there and everywhere with Ivacy.

This feature is very helpful especially when looking out for the best deals when testing out different locations in order to find the best ones.

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Good enough, Ivacy VPN offers fast speed for your browsing. It is very common to note VPNs slowing down your browsing speed especially when streaming content online  but since Ivacy VPN is equipped with speed, the process won’t be awfully slow. At least, it hasn’t been for me.

5.Multi Logins

Do you have a couple of devices you use for your Internet works and you’d want to configure them with a VPN? Then Ivacy VPN is for you. Simply connect up to five different devices simultaneously with only one Ivacy account. With this feature, you can surf more, do more and utilize great features of Ivacy on five devices simultaneously.

With these 5 features of Ivacy VPN, every blogger will love the VPN!


1.Inconsistency in speed.

As much as Ivacy VPN has been good for me, I had an issue with the Internet browsing speed during my experience.

I mean, in some instances, the browsing speed was normally fast while in some other instances, it could go down. Sometimes, I’d even complain that my data provider had an issue with their servers only to find that it was actually Ivacy VPN that was causing this problem.

But to ensure this speed issue does not catch up with you, do this:

  • Don’t open a lot of tabs. If you are browsing, simply utilize one tab at a time on one device.
  • Clear your browser. When you clear cookies from your browser, it tends to load fast since a heavy browser can be awfully slow with a VPN.
  • Switch to IP addresses that are closer to your location. The further your physical location is from the IP address you’d want to use, the slower the speed of the VPN. For example: suppose I live in Kenya and I want to use an IP address of a city in Canada. The VPN has to bounce off your data all through to the server located in Canada. That will be too much routing of traffic hence very slow speed of the VPN.
  • Use a VPN on a powerful device. If you’d want to experience faster speed, then utilize a phone, laptop or desktop that has high RAM, high processor speed and high storage space.
  • Use Ivacy VPN only when you need it. For example: I only turn it on my phone when I need to get better deals online when booking flights, hotels or online shopping. If you are using a Chrome extension, you could always install it when you need to use it and uninstall it when you don’t.


Ivacy VPN pricing

Click HERE to join Ivacy VPN now!


Ivacy VPN review

Ivacy VPN purpose screen


  1. Click HERE to join Ivacy VPN now.
  2. Create your account by buying your Ivacy VPN package. You can pay with Paypal, your credit card, Alipay, Bitpay, Coin payments, Perfect Money and even Payment wall.
  3. Download the Ivacy VPN app or browser extension in order to explore its maximum capacity.
  4. Explore the Smart Connect option. Here, you can choose your locations by country or specific cities within each country. Suppose you’d want to get play around your IP address with Ivacy VPN, using this Smart Connect feature, test out different locations.This feature is particularly important when in the search for better deals online.Ivacy VPN review
  5. Turn on the Internet Kill Switch feature.
  6. Turn on the Secure Downloading feature for secure downloading over the net; this feature protects you from virus attacks and malware since it scans at the server level to curb any problematic downloads as you go about downloading stuff online.

Those 6 steps will help you get started with the Ivacy VPN service and you’ll be ready to safely and freely go about your online activities.

Click HERE to join IVACY VPN now!

If you are a blogger too, you can CLICK HERE to join the Ivacy VPN affiliate program and cheer to monetizing your site apart from enjoying freedom over the internet.

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Well, do you use Ivacy VPN? Please share your experience with us below…

Disclaimer: The reviewer ( Dalene Ekirapa) was compensated with membership for Ivacy VPN. Thus, the review is unbiased and all words are the author’s own from my experience after interacting with the VPN service. As well, I’ll always update more information as I continue to use Ivacy VPN.



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  1. LOL! WHAT in the who now?! I think I have a VPN but I did not set it up myself. I had my website developer do it. Who knows if I still have it though! I need to look more into that!

  2. I have been fed up trying various VPN. They never deliver what they promise. I will definitely try this one. Sounds promising.

  3. VPNs are a great security measure that many home users may not be familiar with. I used them quite frequently as a traveling IT consultant to access remote networks. Thanks for this informative article.

  4. This is great especially for travelers. My husband often has to use a VPN service when we are traveling. I think its just provided through his workplace, but if you are a freelancer, I think this is a wonderful option.

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  6. Internet can get scary. Cause the truth is that there’s no privacy once we are on the web and sometimes is hard to keep up with security measures. VPNs sounds like a great thing to do. Need some training on techno things lol
    Thank you for sharing!

    Merry Christmas!


  7. This is susch a great way to have some privacy with what you do with your business. Making sure that your data and everything else is protected is so important.

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