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How To Wear The Bohemian Maxi Skirt As A Tulip Skirt

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Hello world…

The Bohemian tulip

Think Vanessa Hugdens, think Dalene Ekirapa and think boho-style; the most embraced of style that absolutely fits everyone especially with its wide variety of outfits that define it. Well, bohemian style dates back to the 60s and 70s and mainly focuses on free and flow-y dressing to symbolize the hippie bandwagon. Bohemian style also embraces clothing that harmonizes one with nature and oneself thus incorporating such pieces is such a must-do for any street fashionista.

We all love attending galas and garden parties,right? Just because they always give us the perfect excuse to show off airy outfits. So if you have just joined this Bohemian frenzzie like me, then opt for a maxi skirt as your first wardrobe piece since with this uber chic and hippie staple, you can already be a boho chic! That is if you won’t want to consider the aspect of layering and oversized dressing now!

The Bohemian tulip

It is no doubt that chiffon is the best option when it comes to picking out clothing for bohemian style. Chiffon is a very fabric that will add a flattering effect to your piece. I opted for a lime chiffon bohemian maxi skirt. But what if you want to be more creative and bring the classic chic vibes into the Bohemian vibes? Then you just have to get creative and get the Bohemian tulip. I mean, aren’t tulip skirts more sexy and feminine than the flow-y maxi skirts? It is not a miracle to find tall and slim ladies try and run away from maxi skirts…well, at least I did just that today. I tuck into the fringe belt parts of this skirt for a high-low design which perfectly brought out a tulip effect on the bohemian maxi skirt. What do you think about this lovelies?

The Bohemian tulip

I wore this Bohemian tulip with a neon green top. I was in for the monochromatic color coordination thus the two colors blended perfectly. And when it comes to accessories, boho vibes are just full of it! Accessories help to add up to better overall ambiance of any look; from belts, to scarves, to gloves, to hats, to sunglasses and to bags.

While a scarf blends subtly with your color palette for an elegant look, a belt adds a vintage theme to your look while cinching your waist. Yet again, a hat will completely pull out one look in different ways while a sling bag will complete your overall boho look. And most importantly, wear cute sunglasses for an instant classy and sassy look. I went for glasses and red accessories today; just adding a pop of color to this bohemian thing! Well, while still getting a plus for my fringe belt and pointed-toe favorites!

The Bohemian tulip

Braids bring to mind the bohemian vibes thus my option today with my bob braids. I can call these bob braids one of my favorite hairstyles and you’ve probably noticed me donning the style a couple of times already, right?

The Bohemian tulip

Anyway, bohemian style also advocates for natural makeup look; from neutral looking hues on the lips to neutral eye makeup but I guess I had to break that rule today. I mean, doesn’t personal style entail breaking rules of fashion once in a while.

Today was all about going Bohemian and I’m certain I did that well, right?

The Bohemian tulipThe Bohemian tulipThe Bohemian tulip

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The Bohemian tulip



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  1. You’re right most times I attend events with a secret motive of showing off my new dress😉.. You’re skirt is so lovely

    • Oh Maria; don’t say that…being a mum and a wife is a blessing lol! But guess what? You have to make that decision and start from where you are…it would be worthwhile and leave you feeling confident and enthusiastic. Thanks for the love though…

  2. This is so lovely! How I wish I was as talented and could pull off such a look.I love this outfit it fits together really well.

  3. I would pay handsomely to date such a cute dressed in that,
    It brings out a sense of style,
    If all were as talented as you in this industry

    • Ha-ha! Now I’m flattered Danny! I hope that they get inspired and you can share with them all these goodies and let them know. Certainly, they will look as great. Thanks for stopping by!

    • That’s so true Patricia; the belt absolutely breaks the whole monochromatic thing going on here for a nice blend; thus, it’s one of my favorite belts. Hugs!

  4. You looks beautiful in your Bohemian maxi tulip outfit. I love the chosen color and the whole look.

    • I appreciate the compliment David! Well, bohemian style just got so real in this style. I also love how it drapes around me you bet! I’m glad you stopped by David.

  5. The neon green is really working for me girl! Love how your styled it. Where did you find that belt?

    • Hi Komal,
      I thrifted that belt and unfortunately, I’ve been unable to find another one of the sort. That means I have to keep this one too well that it can last now that I love it too much. Anyway, thanks for the love gorgeous!

  6. I love the boho style because it’s really so comfy and it’s just so stylish. I think you did a great job styling this outfit! It looks so pretty plus the colors are stunning as well!

  7. I agree about your thoughts on the bohemian look, It’s so easy to put together. But it’s not something that looks good on me huhuhu

    Anyway, you look great in that combination. I usually don’t like neons because I find it rather trashy, but you certainly made it look classy. Great styling! 😀

    • Ha-ha!That is definitely funny Sigrid! Anyway, bright colors can come out so bad if worn too shabbily but I’m happy that you find my look beautiful. Bohemian vibes are definitely easy to style and if you try out, you’ll look as gorgeoues.

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