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Color Crush Primrose Yellow: How To Wear Primrose Yellow

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It is the color sparkling with heat, sunshine, warmth and radiance!

The joyful shade makes enthusiasm, cheerful and sunny days!

It hit the streets hard on Valentine’s Day!

As well, it was considered as Pantone’s color for spring 2017!

Call it primrose yellow!

Color Crush Primrose Yellow: How To Wear Primrose Yellow


Primrose yellow looks like a light to moderate yellow, sometimes with a greenish tinge. It can be so easy to spot it, especially due to its sparkle!


If there is a color that has also been accepted across all genders and for all designs of outfits, then it is primrose yellow. Right from the men’s shirts, pocket squares and blazers to every item in the women’s wardrobe, the color is there; from dresses, to skirts, to suits, to tops, to hats and much more. In short, you’ll need to invest in this happy color.

Color Crush Primrose Yellow: How To Wear Primrose Yellow

I have a pencil skirt in primrose yellow that was inspired by Lucia Musau. Since I saw her terrific skirt, I knew that I also had to get one.


Summer is the season of yellow and to my advantage, we are having a sunny season hence very compatible with my style. Primrose yellow is the perfect shade for all skin tones, with bright sunny yellows so good for light-skinned while darker mustard hues so good for the dark-skinned.

Color Crush Primrose Yellow: How To Wear Primrose Yellow

First and always, neutrals will remain to be the best pair for any bright color like primrose yellow. If you don’t want to do black, then wear primrose yellow with white: Like Lucia Musau does!

If you opt for bold, then be very choosy with color. Keep your pair of an earthy tone like camels or some shades of orange; as well, the greens will do as long as you pick one of perfect coordination. And most importantly, only wear two basic bold colors that too much of them. I wore it with a neon-green top sometime back and I’m certain the look was gorgeous, right?

Read also: Pairing primrose yellow and neon green.

Anyway, I bet that I’ve worn it even better today!

Color Crush Primrose Yellow: How To Wear Primrose Yellow

Primrose yellow is also loved for how it can liven up really hard and edgy colors like cobalt blue, navy blue so you might also be thinking about doing the combination.

As well, you can pick a finely tailored suit in primrose yellow and be sure to turn heads!


Many originally wore it as an accent to liven up dull outfits. I mean, wearing yellow for your hats, accessories , bags and shoes but it is so nice to see people embracing the color as a stand-out in their whole look.Thus, accessorizing it then becomes an issue.

Color Crush Primrose Yellow: How To Wear Primrose Yellow

Rev up your yellow by accessorizing it with fun shades of reds, metallic and neutrals; at least, such is a combo everyone can comfortably wear.

I chose a combo of red and golden which looks just fine, right lovelies?

Color Crush Primrose Yellow: How To Wear Primrose YellowColor Crush Primrose Yellow: How To Wear Primrose Yellow


I got the perfect pencil skirt that has got the brightest shade of the color. So bright and bold! If there’s someone who is so in love with bright colors, then consider me as the number one. No matter the season, I can wear any type of color to my comfort.

Color Crush Primrose Yellow: How To Wear Primrose Yellow

I paired my primrose yellow pencil skirt with a green halter top. I mean…don’t the two colors blend so well? I also went for a cute small polka dot blazer to layer over the top. Polka dots have killed it in the Milan Fashion week and it’s awesome to embrace the trend, don’t you think so?

For perfect contrast, I went for a deep blue polka dot blazer. If polka dots look too feminine for you a polka dot blouse is a fun alternative for adding instant elegance and personality to your outfit. Add colorful accessories like a vibrant clutch for a flash of fun.

Color Crush Primrose Yellow: How To Wear Primrose YellowColor Crush Primrose Yellow: How To Wear Primrose YellowColor Crush Primrose Yellow: How To Wear Primrose Yellow


Would you also wear primrose yellow? And can you pair it with polka dots?

I’d love to know about that in the comment section below. Your thoughts are welcome…



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  1. Wow! That looks like a winning match! Primrose yellow to be a honest would be something new to my wardrobe – But I like how its match with polka blue.

    • Oh Eliza, I’m truly appreciated. Haha, as much as it would be a new color in your closet , it would be worth it. You could always tone it down with neutrals and even darks like my polka dot blazer. Glad you stopped by!

  2. Absolutely loved the pairing of yellow and the polka dot top. I’m so ready for the warmer weather so that I can bring out my bright colored clothes.

  3. So pretty and vibrant! I normally stay away from yellow but your photos make me want to try it out again!

  4. I really appreciate the effort you put to bring such combinations and your accessories this time is really pretty. This is your color girl . You look really classy in the grey and yellow outfit .

  5. Gorgeous pictures. I absolutely love yellow, it’s such a cheery colour and just makes everything so much brighter and happier. You definitely suit the colour

  6. oh wow this is just an adorable look I love yellow but have never been confident to wear it but you have given me the inspiration to just go for it

    • Hey Emma!I’m glad you’re getting inspired to rock yellow boldly. I am comfortable with every color since I’m a sucker for colors no wonder I opted for yellow today. Thanks for stopping by!

  7. You look beautiful! so vibrant! The combo of blue and yellow never fails to stand out! Also I love the sihouette of your top – it looks so chic!

  8. Oh wow, yellow is an incredible color on you! I wish I could pull of vibrant colors like that. I thought I was experimenting with my colors with my baby pink puffer ) but clearly I need to try more!

  9. Beautiful you! I loved the Primrose yellow skirt in the first look, but I think the blue polka dots are even better. I mean, if you’re going to be bold, go all out. Admittedly, I need to take some tips from you. I’m not sure why, but wearing lots of color has always been something I’ve shied away from. Also, I can help but comment on your pretty bracelet. It adds yet another touch of flare. x

  10. Primrose yellow looks AMAZING on you! I always admire the way this such bright colours look on our skintone but I am never brave enough to buy a piece like this!

  11. Primrose yellow is a nice vibrant color! I think it looks pretty! I might get a skirt like that too. It seems it would blend well with the tops I have. Thanks for the style inspiration.

  12. Yellow is my absolute favourite colour and I absolutely love this shade! I love how you’ve worn it in this post and appreciate your great tips!

  13. Primrose yellow looks good on you. That pencil skirt looks really nice. Just like Ali mentioned above, I also need to take some tips from you. I have also shied away from wearing bold colours. Always sticking with blue or grey… hehe… BTW, I really liked your pencil skirt, and pinned it to my Pinterest board as well. 🙂

    • Oh hun! Thanks dear for pinning my look. Glad you love it. Anyway, you could try experimenting with such colors too as long as you dress up with neutrals and with time you’ll be styling colors as boldly as I do. Thanks for stopping by!

  14. When I first read the title I made the mistake of thinking it said “color rush” and the first thing that popped into my head was the boldly colored uniforms worn by NFL teams for Thursday night football games the past couple of years. That clearly wasn’t the case, but I really liked that yellow. I suggested it to a couple of family members.

  15. I would never have thought of pairing primrose yellow with the navy blue polka dot top but I actually think that it works together very well and I love the colour clash. What colour are you thinking of featuring next/?

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