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Color Crush Burgundy: How To Wear Burgundy

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It is considered as the hot color for fall!

It is famously called the oxblood in fall 2012, the time it stood out as the season’s signature color!

It is a moody tone!

It is a rich shade of marsala ; that won the Pantone’s color of the year 2014!


Burgundy is a rich shade of maroon that is similar to other shades of dark red such as maroon, cordovan, and oxblood, but differs from each of these subtly.


Burgundy stormed the streets too in 2017 and got a very warm reception by everyone, fashion lover or not.

Since the color is deep and strong, it looks best in outerwear since it creates such a statement outerwear to be treasured. Getting burgundy kimonos, dusters, trench coats, cape coats, long coats and blazers is very easy; and what does that mean? The color is just great for outerwear!

Color Crush Burgundy: How To Wear A Burgundy Vest

As well, burgundy looks very good in accessories since the color brings out the gem in your accessory especially when working too hard to liven up dull looks.

I also saw the thigh high boots and I absolutely fell for them. Burgundy for footwear is such a terrific option too!

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  • Since burgundy is a deep color, pairing it with deep colors makes the ensemble look too rich and sleek. For that, opt for richer shades of colors and rich fabrics both in texture and design. Best fabrics include: velvet, faux leather and even faux fur…name them… while deep colors include cobalt blue. That will do justice to your look as you wear burgundy.
  • But obviously, some of us will want to dress up in neutrals. Then go for two basic colors for your ensemble. For instance, a whole set of black or white for that monochromatic vibe with your outerwear in burgundy for a cool twist and finish!


Accessorizing deep colors is very easy since most of the time, a large number of accessories can work for them but only if they exist in the same color family as one of the colors in your look or are neutrals or metallic. Simple!

Thus, if you’ve paired the color with blacks or whites, then opt for silver accessories although you can consider gold for blacks. As well, depending on the color of your pair, get matching accessories for a mature look.

Since my belt is in black with silver pearly-like embroideries, I went for a pair of silver earrings with its matching neck piece . I wore a pair of black boots since I was in for some casual vibe.

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Velvet! We all know how fancy velvet can be, right?

Everyone is loving velvet…it’s creating a huge spin in the fashion world and in no way I’m I getting left behind. So I went for a color-block look: I decided to wear burgundy…essentially layering quite a long velvet vest on my royal blue pencil skirt. A rich color-block, right?

Color Crush Burgundy: How To Wear A Burgundy Vest

We are loving waist belts too much too so I belted my waist with a black waist belt. How lovely!

Just simple, basic and classic. Right?

Color Crush Burgundy: How To Wear A Burgundy VestColor Crush Burgundy: How To Wear A Burgundy Vest


You are also loving burgundy? Then let me know in the comment section below…



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  1. Awesome! My girlfriend absolutely loves these kind of beauty and fashion tips. This is exactly the kind of stuff she freaks out about. Sending to her now to see what she thinks 🙂

  2. Nice photos and combination of colors. I think I don’t have Burgundy at all. I’ll keep this in mind, and yeah, I want it to be neutral, just combining 2 colors in my outfit.

    • Thanks Laurence. Bet it’s about time you got some burgundy outfit in your closet. You’ll love it and you can start pairing it with black or white. Also a perfect combo! Thanks

  3. I also love the colour burgundy.. it is so rich.. I have a mail paint in the colour deep burgundy.. and it takes my heart away whenever I apply it.. Also I once saw a velvet dress in Burgundy which was absolutely gorgeous.. found it in my Pinterest board.. check this one out..

  4. Burgandy is my latest crush and start from lipstick to hair colouration and dress, I have planned every bit of Burgandy this season.

  5. I’m not huge on wearing colors, I mostly stick to neutrals. However, Burgundy is something I ALWAYS try and incorporate into my wardrobe. One of my favorite colors to wear!

  6. Burgundy is one of my favorite colors- both to wear and in general. I laughed actually at how much I had packed on the trip I am on with that color! Thanks for the confidence boost 🙂

  7. I have always loved burgundy! such a beautiful colour! I think it suits autumn and spring so well! Like still a dark colour but warm nonetheless! Loving the combination of blue and burgundy!!

  8. Burgundy is one of my favorite colors all around. I love to wear it, have it in my has as decor, etc. It’s just such a warm and inviting color!

  9. The color for me is fierce and powerful. I like burgundy but do not wear much in this color. I like all your photos, so gorgeous!

  10. Your fashion intelligence is so inspiring, I always learn so much! You are a fashion writer at its finest! I like the way you paired blue and burgundy together. Keep up the COLORCRUSH series, so informative😚

    • Oh Nat! Thanks so much for the compliment. Sure to keep up with the whole series and I’m promising that you’ll love them all. Glad you love burgundy and cobalt blue too lol! Hugs!

  11. Dalene, this blue and burgundy combo is so glowing on your skin. You must have a neutral undertone skin as I envision you will look great in warm colours too. I rarely find good colours to make me radiant. Love your style ♥♥♥

  12. You have a really good taste in style and fashion. This post made me think that I actually don’t have any clothes in Burgundy, I have to change that.

  13. I always love the colour burgundy and have a lot of clothes of that colours. Literally nail polish, accessories, shoes you name it! Glad to see that’s on fashion and the blue pencil skirt goes really well with the colour.

    • Yes Amalia…Burgundy is such a beautiful colir and it is not surprising to see you embrace it that much. Glad you found my look lovely, thanks for stopping by!

  14. Burgundy is a great winter staple colour especially in Ireland where the winters are cold and wet. This colour looks great on most skin tones both darker and fair skinned. I have this shade in my wardrobe in a long velvet dress with a matching long Gothic style coat and it is divine.

    • Oh Kathryn, your outfits in Burgundy seem divine indeed I can only imagine. I think everyone should be having burgundy like us. Haha! Any way, thanks for riding along…

  15. Burgundy is one of my favourite colours and is a colour that I feel I can wear all year round, but is especially beautiful in winter. I love pairing burgundy with mustard, burgundy with pink or burgundy monochromes but I have never tried Burgundy and cobalt. What a rather deliciously vibrant pairing though, it is beautiful.

    • Thanks for riding along Ana…I bet I’ve also never tried on burgundy and mustard but that’s quite thoughtful. Cobalt blue worked for my skin tone too much thus my preference. Hugs!

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