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How To Wear An Over-sized Top

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How To Wear An Over-sized TopHow To Wear An Over-sized Top

Ever walked around the streets and came across someone who wore this over-sized top and looked so great that you had too just stare?

Well, if you haven’t, I’m sorry but I have. And for some time, I had all eyes on me too. I won’t brag but doesn’t that just feel great? For a tall and slim lady who loves playing around with style like me, attention is always welcome.

While I can wear a long denim jacket with thigh high socks, I can also wear an over-sized top with sneakers. While I can wear just a long coat with boots, I can also wear a huge blouse with leggings! I mean, isn’t over-sized just so great?

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So, if you still want to join this bandwagon, then it’s not too late. And if you think that such can be so casual to the point of looking messy, then you got it wrong! As much as this anti-fit trend is mostly considered as a bedtime staple, or a piece for just lounging around the house, this easy piece can be comfortably taken to the streets too.

Tricky trends like the over-sized fashion just need caution when purchasing since with the right over-sized top, styling will become easier. But for the slim, or petite lady, that might not be the case. Getting the right over-sized top can be harder but what governs my shopping for over-sized dressing is:


How To Wear An Over-sized TopHow To Wear An Over-sized Top

A larger top suits a lady of more size than a slim lady, both in the length and the chest width while a loose top would suit anyone, slim or not, just that it won’t be fitting.

In short, whenever you go shopping for your over-sized top and you’re a basic size 10, just go for a size 16. That’s larger. And makes sense since it would be easier to style than going for a size 10 that’s loose thus seems bigger. Loose tends to lose shape as time goes by so for sure, you wouldn’t want to consider getting it loose.

Once you’ve shopped it right, you can go ahead and style it like a pro!

There are so many ways of styling an over-sized top:

  • You’ll find ladies belting it up by the waist while others will knot it by the waist.
  • Others will roll the sleeves while others will tuck it in partially.These are just ways of making the top smaller and creates a more semi-formal vibe I must agree.
  • But the most effortless of ways to dress up the over-sized top is just by pairing it with pants and heading out of the house! I mean, why are they even called over-sized? Because they have to look over-sized when put on! So you should actually have no worries when it comes to rocking your over-sized t-shirt.

This creates a very laid-back yet classy look. But just how does one kill it like this?


So easy, right?

How To Wear An Over-sized Top

Thus, wardrobe staples like skinny jeans, leather pants and leggings work perfectly in such a situation.

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Pairing the over-sized top with the slim fit bottoms ensures that the look is not only dressed up but also comes out as very modest. And since our mantra is all things comfy, then I’m sure that decency is part of this.

I wore my cobalt blue over-sized chiffon long-sleeved top with a pair of leggings. While leggings remain the jumping off piece for athleisure fanatics, it’s true to say that our lazy day gear needs to work harder to look better for the streets and not just for the gym.

Everyone has embraced the trend and even if it’s long after the trend sort of cooled down, there is still no sign of any lady lacking a great pair of leggings in her closet. Why? They are so comfortable and great for lounging around the house. Also, with how laid-back leggings are, you can safely rock them to the streets as long as you can balance proportions when you dress up.

How To Wear An Over-sized Top

Leggings are usually a stretchy pair thus when worn, tend to look all skinny. Preferably, always shop for thicker leggings that can perfectly hide your skin and ensure you don’t feel so bare. And when you are slim and tall like me, you might want to avoid looking like a clown while dressing up! For me today, I went for no belts! No knots! No tucking in! Just throwing the blouse atop and I was all set! Super over-sized!

To finish the look, I went for a pair of heeled boots to add an inch of edginess to the combo. I always believe that one way to spice up any laid back look is by embracing polished accessories and shoes. I believe that the pair is really talking for me, right?

How To Wear An Oversized T-Shirt



Take this look to: any weekend event, a lunch date, a shopping spree at the mall.

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How To Wear An Over-sized Top

Anyway, what do you think about over-sized fashion? And do you love my look?

Please let me know your thoughts below…


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  1. Brie says

    Honestly, I am not slim. But some of the tips you have here work well for many different body types as well. Thanks!

  2. Elizabeth O says

    This outfit looks really amazing and looks so great on you. The fitting bottom gives it a stylish look. Thanks for sharing these outfits.

  3. Kemi says

    I detest oversized shirts because I am slim and small-breasted so it just over-emphasizes all of that. I’d rather belt up or knot up to give some sort of shape.

  4. Kristine Nicole Alessandra says

    Thank you for your fashion tips. I usually stay away from oversized tops because they make me look bigger. But now I know how to rock that outfit! I will look for a pretty one next time I shop.

  5. Jess says

    I love over sized shirts. They not only hide my belly (lol) but they are comfortable throughout my working day without feeling tight and closed in.

  6. Rachel Laverni says

    I liked how you pointed out to go ‘larger’ — not loose. Love that point and, to me, the over-sized tops only really work well with leggings or skinny jeans.

  7. Alexandra Cook says

    You pulled that look off so well! I love wearing over sized tops because of my longer torso.

  8. Tisha Edor says

    Great tips here! I always try to pair opposites together – oversized/loose top with more fitting pants. I think it’s also nice to see a busier/ patterned top with less busy pants. We humans like to balance!

  9. Pam says

    You make it look really nice! I actually really like the idea of an oversized shirt over skinny jeans or leggins. They are also so comfortable and you can really make it look put together and great for a night out!

  10. Liz Bayardelle says

    This is a fantastic guide! It’s so hit or miss with many oversized tops. They can either come out looking fantastic or like a burlap sack. I appreciate the advice!

  11. Karla says

    You look lovely as always! Whenever I use an over sized top, I usually pair it with shorts haha! Leggings is also a good idea.

  12. Clarice says

    I love wearing oversized tops. It’s really comfortable. Thank you for sharing your ideas on how you can ill stay stylish and comfy at the same time.

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