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How To Wear A Silver watch

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How To Wear A Silver watch

Wondering on how to wear a silver watch?

Since if we talk about luxury watches, talk about arm candy, we’d be talking about a metallic wrist watch,right?

For the longest time now, the wrist watch has been a man’s staple accessory and for a fact, it is seriously making its way into the superwoman’s closet.  While a modern man’s watch is a statement piece that displays his style and status; definitely, the modern woman’s watch is also her number one accessory.

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I mean, men literally have no much accessories to furnish their looks no wonder the wrist watch is their absolute run-to but we ladies love purses, handbags, jewelry and we are totally embracing beautiful wrist watches too, right?

How To Wear A Silver watch

A metallic watch is an absolute accessory but if not worn well it can break your outfit. When it comes to dressing silver, especially a silver watch, all is not so easy since not only is the color neutral and very posh but also very sophisticated!

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So what watch-matching rules should you keep in mind when dressing a silver watch? Ride along…


How To Wear A Silver watch

1.Consider the formality of your outfit.

Since an analog watch is more formal, avoid wearing the watch for very casual occasions unless we are talking about keeping it business casual so that the watch can add an inch of formality to your look.

Learn to pair silver with neutral tomes like black, white or grey and you’ll be sassy all the way long. But if you want to pair silver with bold colors like blue, then wear a single color outfit and accessorize with only silver! This will make a lot of sense by giving you an expensive finish.

And again, if you’re off to an evening event, consider wearing the watch with an outfit that suits it. For example; a plain evening dress would be better for the watch that a sequined one.

2.Compliment your accessories and shoes with the watch.

This dress watch comes in silver so this means that finding silver accessories for your outfit would be better. And for that matter, do not over-accessorize. The luxurious watch already makes a statement so you wouldn’t want to mute the attention it should get by wearing accessories that bear different colors or even silver accessories that are too loud. Just keep it to the minimum!

I mean, you could get a pair of studs and a thin neck piece to compliment the look. And again, you can add a silver clutch and a pair of silver stiletto sandals. Avoid big bold handbags that would otherwise draw the attention away.

Just as men compliment their leather shoes with a leather-strapped watches; just as earthy tones are complimented by gold-plated watches, we should also compliment metallic accents together like with this watch, right?

3.Wear the watch beside your wrist bone and fit it properly.

How To Wear A Silver watch

A common occurrence is when women tend to wear the wrist watch on the inside of the wrist…Dalene being included! But ideally, the wrist watch should be on the outside of the wrist (the ulna) with the face sitting next to the wrist bone.  And one should ensure that it fits properly!

Who wouldn’t even want such a pretty watch to be visible and make a statement? I don’t know!

Well lovelies, if you just need to buy one watch which is stylistically neutral, then go for such a dress watch! A classic watch never goes unnoticed! And to ensure you get the perfect ONE watch, embrace one with a metallic watch band which has the advantage of neutrality as compared to leather strap watches.


How To Wear A Silver watch

So, what do you think about this classic watch loves? And what’s your pick on watches: metallic bands or leather straps? Analog or digital? Please share your thoughts with me below…



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  1. What a beautiful watch! This makes the perfect accessory for almost any outfit. So classy and pretty! I would most likely break it though lol! I’m sort of a clutz when it comes to expensive and nice jewelry!

    • Haha… that’s funny Lee; although you don’t have to be worried about breaking it since it’s in stainless steel!
      And it’s surely beautiful!

  2. I am loving the look of this watch. It’s so classy and will work perfectly as both a time piece as well as a piece of jewellery. I’ll have to take a look!

  3. I must admit, I am not huge on accessories. But wrist watches?! Absolutely LOVE them. I think they are such a power statement, especially in the absence of other items. I have actually been looking for a silver toned wrist watch (I currently own a Rose Gold Fossil) and this one fits the bill! Love the packaging as well.

    • Who wouldn’t even fall for wrist watches? Precisely metallic ones? And since you got rose gold, silver would be a perfect addition! This one for that matter!

  4. Looks like a beautiful watch that would go with any outfit ! I need a new watch too as I’m depending on my phone to tell me the time at the minute!

  5. Pretty watch, but most likely too rich for my blood. I’m pretty picky with my watches as well. I tend to like a little color on the dial.

  6. So perfect for a person who cant handle some delicate watches.. Its made of stainless steel so I am sure I will not break it so easily as like other. Silver looks too classy when we wear it with proper outfit..the tips how to wear it: after wrist bone is really appreciating as I don’t know it.

  7. Thank you for those tips how to wear it. It is never about things, it is about style and how you will be you with it 😉

  8. I love utilitarian items like wrist watches that are also statement pieces of jewelry. I wondered why the name sounded familiar and then remembered that many many years ago this range was advertised on tv in my country and I yearned for one of those beauties!

  9. I absolutely loved the design of this watch. It looks classy and fabulous. It could be a great gift idea for him too!

  10. The design is beautiful. This piece is something that may go with all occasions from office wear, casual and parties; all looks will be enhanced with this one. loved the watch.

  11. This Michel Herbelin watch is a true classic. Its elegant lines and design ensures it blends in with any outfit or style. I love the silver colour and the unique pattern of the strap.

  12. I have a friend who is a great fan of watches and loves to collect vintage ones. This one looks like a great piece for every watch lover. Would love to share this with this friend.

  13. I love watches. I basically go shopping for watches. But I never heard this brand but the watch and packaging looks beautiful. Co-incidentally I also always buy silver watches.

  14. I love how simple yet elegantly stunning this watch is. It would make a lovely gift maybe for a wedding guest or on mothers day!

  15. Wow! what a beautiful watch it is.. I have lately started wearing wrist watches regularly 😛 Now I am looking forward to add on some new watches to my collection. This watch seems to be a great option 🙂

  16. I love watches so much and my collection grew a lot over the past two years. And the packaging is so important for me, ’cause I keep all my watches in them 😉

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