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Color Crush Mauve: How To Wear A Mauve Dress

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Call it subtle! Call it chic! Call it elegant!

Call it again dusty! Call it a mid-tone! Call it flattering!

Call it mauve!

Color Crush Mauve: How To Wear A Mauve Dress

The fashion industry has been loving pink as a big trend in 2017 while Pantone called it the ballet slipper pink that saw its way into very many women’s designs. The ballet slipper pink is a shade of mauve and much white. So when it’s less white but with much grey, it’s mauve.


It is a color shade between pink and purple; a calm mixture of purple and grey.


Mauve looks best when designed for top wear that have no much designs on them; for example: tops, blouses, hoods and sweat shirts.

Mauve dresses look as perfect too; I mean, don’t dresses  take up just any color too well?

Mauve also looks adorable on shoes. All the way from sneakers, to heels, to boots, to flat shoes, to sandals and much more shoe types.


Color Crush Mauve: How To Wear A Mauve Dress

Mauve is a very subtle color so when wearing, consider keeping it neutral; especially if you are the laid back type. It is a really cool color. Pair it with lighter shades of colors especially; I especially advocate for WHITE, besides nudes and taupe! Basically embrace neutrals and yes, black can also do!

Since mauve is a pastel shade, wearing it with bold colors is not as preferable. But if you’d love to go bold in mauve, consider pairing it with rich tones especially burgundy and wine, though hot pink and purple can also do. At least, that’s the kind of combination I was opting for today. Isn’t it gorgeous?

Full mauve looks good for highly tailored outfits or for a full sweat (sweat shirt + sweat pants I mean)

Avoid too much layering when pairing mauve. For instance: If you pair a pair of white pants with a mauve top, you can layer over a white cape blazer, that looks gorgeous, right?


Color Crush Mauve: How To Wear A Mauve Dress

Sweethearts, I am a proud owner of a mauve off-shoulder flared top dress made of genuine leather. Ease into the sophisticated silhouette of this gorgeous dress which is an elegant piece and an absolute style for a date.

I can say that I purchased it from a thrift market thus making it more of a bonus. No doubt I love thrift markets…ha-ha! With the perfect eye and patience, you can always be lucky when thrifting. Anyway, genuine leather was highly embraced in 2017 and I managed to buy this one last year and yes, I’m really keeping it so safe that I may have it for the longest time as possible. Are you?

I layered my long burgundy vest over this mauve dress before cinching my waist for some firm hold. Since the dress is more of a top dress, I wore a black pair of shorts for it. Please don’t blame me for loving these shorts too much. I mean, don’t we all have some staple pieces?

Anyway, I minimized my accessories by having a blend of ballet pink and purple jewelry. This look is very casual and you can easily take it to a brunch with the girls if you won’t take it to the streets. For sure, you will never go wrong with this look that can easily transition from the dates to playtime. When not on a night date, just change the shoes, embrace sneakers , wear those glasses and leisure all you want lol!

For my shoe game today, thigh highs were my thing! Well, not thigh boots but thigh high socks finished with heeled boots for a thigh-high boots illusion. I’m still loving them it is no doubt…I hope you’re also dwelling in the thigh high ceremony, right?



Well lovelies, we’ve come to the end of the COLOR CRUSH series loves. Thank you so much for being part of the series and showing so much admiration to getting more and more colors. So, what was your favorite color in the whole series? And again, what do you think about mauve?

Lemme know your thoughts in the comment section below…




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  1. This color is lovely and it looks great on you! I had a top with a similar color before but I had to give it away coz it doesn’t suit my skin tone. It shines beautifully on you.

    • Thanks Kweni; it’s so unfortunate to see that you had to give the color up. But perhaps you could try with other shades of mauve- switching from lighter to darker shades- till you get your desired. Anyway, thanks for riding along…

  2. It’s not an easy color to match! You did great with your outfit! I like how you matched it with burgundy!

  3. Oh my goodness gracious! I love your whole outfit! I think the belt totally pulls it completely together!

    • Thank you Robert! Well, I’m glad your daughter was a big fan of my COLOR CRUSH series and yes, I’m glad she goes for ballet slipper pink. We know girls with pink, right? Ha-ha!

  4. Such a nice dress and yes, it is elegant and very stylish. I love its color and I love how you wear it.

  5. woowww…. you rock that look. I have always liked the offbeat shades like mauve and turquoise. They are subtle and look elegant.

    • No doubt about that Morry! I think that as much as I love all sorts of colors, I’ve loved this mauve shade more…perhaps because it is kinda laid back and off-beat as you say? Anyway, thanks for the love.

  6. Thrift store finds are the best! That dress was a really great find, I love the cut! I’m not a big of light or pastel colors, I’m more into richer colors. I definitively love the darker shades of mauve😊

    • You’re so right Michele…with a keen eye and patience, one can find the best thrift goodies. Anyway, thanks for the love. I’m certain that richer shades of mauve look as good on you!

  7. I’m loving the pairing of the mauve and pink colors together! Personally, I like mauve pink which I guess leans more into the reddish tones 🙂

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