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How To Start A Lifestyle Blog From Scratch

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How To Start A Lifestyle Blog From Scratch

When it comes to being your own boss in this digital world, almost everyone runs to either starting a blog, a vlog on YouTube or even running your own online business. I’m certain we can all relate, right?

When I was thinking of being my own boss back in 2017, what came to mind was launching a fashion blog and that’s how Dalene Ekirapa was born. And I appreciate every bit of it. But now, Dalene Ekirapa is a lifestyle blog!

Lifestyle is a very wide niche that basically talks of living in general. It includes fashion and style, travel and leisure, food and drinks, health and fitness, beauty and makeup and other topics. When I started, I started as a sole fashion blog but overtime, I got to develop interests in other aspects of life hence my re-branding as a lifestyle blog. Now I can comfortably talk about style, beauty, makeup, fitness, travel, restaurants and also my journey in the blogging industry. Just what I aim to share with each one of you.

It is very common to see some topics relating very well with others and that’s why many bloggers will at least cover two or more topics in their blogs which perfectly relate to the point of it actually seeming to be just one niche. So worry less!
But just how do you start and run a successful lifestyle blog?

Ride along…

1.Choose your topic of interest.

How To Start A Lifestyle Blog From Scratch

When it comes to being your own boss from blogging, you have to ensure that you’re getting into something you love. It is passion that will give you all the determination you need when things get tough…because trust me, they do!

So before you decide to start your blog, look at your interests, your hobbies and what you are good at. Write down the list then afterwards, try to condense it into just one niche!

Do you enjoy shopping? Then launch a shopping blog.

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Or do you enjoy travelling and adventure? Then a travel blog will be fine for you!

I think it’s easier to be as specific as possible when starting out your blog. Why? You’ll have to garner viewers and it’ll be easier for them to jumble around one topic easily that actually having ten very different topics that really piss off readers. But as you grow, it’ll be very easy to become diverse as long as the topics are related since your readers will have grown to appreciate your work or you might have some of them suggesting that you diversify! So take your time!

I ran a fashion blog until early 2018 when I decided to diversify. This came by when I finally decided to accept guest posts on the site. Most of them were more of lifestyle posts and could really relate to me since I adopted a lot of tips I learnt from the articles. Hence, Dalene Ekirapa became a lifestyle blog.

2.Choose your blogging platform, get a domain name and get hosting.

If there is one thing I wish I knew while starting out is to start out with a fully-fledged blog! I mean, instead of going for a free site, I’d have saved up enough then went self-hosted right from the start because trust me, I can’t really say that I did anything worth recognizing until I got a self-hosted site. But again, as the saying goes, do not despise the days of humble beginnings, right?

So after you’ve decided on your topic of interest, go ahead and decide on the name for your blog making it relevant to your niche. This name will help you find a domain name. I use

After that, find a platform for your work. I recommend using WordPress 100%! Why?


  • WordPress is very easy to use thus very good for beginners.
  • WordPress is very easy to customize especially when it comes to personal branding since it requires no much stuff like coding.
  • Good enough, there are also a lot of free WordPress themes to use.
  • It seamlessly integrates with a lot of other plugins and themes.

So you’ve decided to use WordPress, go self-hosted! Avoid, free sites which will run a lot of ads and limit your money making options. With a free site, you also don’t own your blog but the blogging platform owns it. How unfair!

So definitely, become the owner of your blog by getting a host for your blog. And I highly recommend using Siteground.


I personally use Siteground and what I can appreciate is their awesome customer service, free migration service from your current host and their very fast speed. A lifestyle blog is obviously visual so apart from just optimizing your images, using Siteground helps your site to load faster.

So what are you waiting for? Use my referral link to sign up for Siteground hosting and a free domain! Trust me, with $3.95/month, you’ll unlock a huge potential with your blog.

You can also get free migration from your current host to Siteground once you purchase any of their plans!

Siteground Hosting

Sign Up and Purchase your Hosting and get a free domain from SiteGround HERE.

So with that, you’ll have a hosting platform, a domain and WordPress installed!
It’s time to design the site now!


38 Most Recommended WordPress Hosting Voted by 135 Bloggers (2019)

3.Pick a theme.

How To Start A Lifestyle Blog From Scratch

A theme allows you to customize the look or layout of your site to ensure it looks terrific!

I use Foodie Pro theme and I appreciate all your compliments about the theme so much! Foodie Pro is a Genesis premium theme that is so great for visual sites. And since we are talking about a lifestyle blog here, this theme would be absolutely fantastic!

If you can customize the blog, do that ensuring you install the necessary plugins that are necessary for your site but I know that as a beginner, you might feel overwhelmed by all these.

Good enough, if you’ll need any web design services to ensure your lifestyle blog is popping, get your blog designed by Antony Agnel, the WordPress Expert behind Antony Agnel. He is one who designs and manages my site so in case you’d want his great services, be sure to CONTACT HIM HERE.

4.Publish your first post!

How To Start A Lifestyle Blog From Scratch

Cheers to the long hustle of getting your lifestyle blog up and running! But trust me, it will be worthwhile!

I always advocate that before you write your post, do keyword research about it before writing it. I use Neil Patel’s UberSuggest keyword research tool for my keyword research at the moment.

So for example: if you want to write about the best shoes of the season, go to UberSuggest and search for long-tail keywords perhaps ‘best shoes for women’ instead of just ‘shoes’ and look at how much monthly searches the keyphrase gets. Also ensure its keyword difficulty is less (not something like 50 which is very difficult).

With this information, go ahead and write your post on your laptop making sure that:

  • The keyphrase comes out dominantly and naturally in the post.
  • You write an article of around 1000 words; such long articles work well on Google.

Before you paste the post onto your ‘New Post’ section on your lifestyle blog’s dashboard, make sure you have the Yoast plugin installed which will show you how to optimize your blog. You can also include necessary images that you must optimize: basically, compress them using the Short Pixel Image Compressor, smush them with the WP smush plugin and use your keyphrase as the Alt Text as you upload the image, you can also name it like that.

After that, optimize the whole post with your keyword making sure that the Yoast button goes green; create a category for it, add specific tags to it then hit the PUBLISH button!


Cheers to your first lifestyle blog post! You can go ahead and give yourself the first like for that! And don’t forget to promote your post for the whole world to see it!

Share your link with your friends, family, colleagues and all your social media friends and let them see your lifestyle blog rocking! Advise them to leave comments and likes after sharing your post too!

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How To Start A Lifestyle Blog From Scratch

Well, that’s basically it about starting a lifestyle blog like mine from scratch! I wish I did this right from the start since I’d have done a lot. Hence, I don’t want you to go down the same path as I did when starting out! Start doing it right from the beginning.


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Do you have any questions pertaining starting a successful lifestyle blog like mine? Then share your thoughts with me below…

Can’t wait to read your comments…


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  1. What a fantastic post! Full of useful information and great tips. I am sure this will come in handy to not just me,but a lot of other people! 🙂

  2. Hehe….nnniiiccceeeee! This so reminds me of my olden site “! Ever since I left it for, things have turned out to be much better than I anticipated.

    Thanks for sharing, Dalene. Much love.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom! It’s hard to find a comprehensive article on the net about this topic and you cover a lot of important steps!

  4. I expanded my blog from being travel focused only to travel & food, because I am such a foodie and I wanted to share with my readers all the amazing restaurants and the dishes I get to try when I travel. You are right, start with a niche and then expand, so you can build an audience and be found easier on search engines.

  5. Great tips to starting a blog! Isn’t it great to have a platform of your own, with your own rules and no one really to tell you about all the can’t’s you should follow. Good luck!

  6. This is great tips for everyone who want to start a lifestyle blog. It’s not easy to start anything from scratch but these tips will definitely save your time!

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  9. Your blog is enriching. It just enhances my knowledge of the topic. And my few friends planning to start blog so I am sharing with them hope this will help them.

  10. Not only is it hard to find a niche but it is also hard to make sure that you niche is also seen by other people who love that niche. I seem to have the problem that people who like my niche, aren’t huge on blogging and the usual social media websites.

  11. Very useful tips for someone starting out. I use the paid version of WordPress as self hosting involves involves a bit of maintainance which I had no time for at that point

    • Thanks Pradnya.
      Sometimes, we really need something that’s easy to work with,right? I haven’t used WordPress but I believe that since it’s a great blogging platform, it can be good.

  12. Extraordinary tips to beginning a blog! It is really good feeling to start your own blog and do it exchange program and all that, only thing we have to do is monetize it. First phase is difficult, but next phase is just maintaining and third conclusion is money.

  13. Blogging is not an easy work. You need to dedicate a lot of time, money and effort to become successful in blogging. You have mentioned everything which is needed for starting a blog. I just want to add 2 cents of mine into this great post –
    – Don’t forget to do proper Keyword research before writing any post. Make sure you are writing something which is on demand. Use google trends, google Keyword planner to come up with a list of KWs. Start writing with KW having less competition and good amount of traffic and keeps improving.

  14. This post is a big help for those wanting to start a blog. When I first started mine, I was at a loss about how to proceed. All I knew was to write. Thankfully, the learning process did not take long. 🙂

  15. I’ve had my own domain name since the start but I didn’t get hosting until a year or two in as I wanted to check I was going to stick with it before spending too much money as I wasn’t in it to make money and didn’t want to be out of pocket. Some great tips for anyone starting off though x

  16. very well written and there are some awesome tips for someone who just starts or for new bloggers ! Where were you when i was struggling to build my blog ?!

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