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How To Shop For Maxi Dresses Right

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The maxi dress is a special type of a long dress that loosely flows on a woman’s body. Many women embrace this dress because of the comfortable feel the dress actually provides. Even so, the dress can be perfectly dressed up or down to serve either a formal or casual occasion. But most importantly, when rocking the maxi dress, always dress to impress your body type.

It is always nerve-wrecking when that cotton dress that has gotten you intrigued doesn’t fit around your hips. Or that over-sized dress looks like it is actually overwhelming your frame. Or even that bohemian maxi dress looks so big on you as if it was borrowed! Oh my! The challenges of slaying in a maxi dress though…

Anyway, I’m glad that when it comes to fashion, personal style has no rules!

Usually, the curvy woman is seen around in maxis that hug her curves perfectly till she looks like a goddess but when the narrow-hipped woman wears the same, she’s considered nothing more than some walking pole! At the same time, a slim lady looks perfect in a bohemian maxi dress while the curvy woman looks over-dressed!How unfair!

Think of this; it’s time for a stroll, a night out with friends, or a date yet you don’t feeling like wearing a little black dress but want something longer? Then it will be time to take your favorite dress out of the wardrobe. So, if you are having trouble finding the right maxi dress for you, employ this tips:



1.Always shop for your body type.

Since maxi dresses come in various designs, styles, and colors, each of these will compliment a certain body type. If you are petite, you should choose one that has a minimal length. Otherwise, you would look a lot smaller. It is also essential to pick a fitted dress if you are slim, so you will be able to show off your sexy figure. And again, you can also consider going for bohemian maxis which tend to add volume at the lower hip for a fuller feel.

The key is maintaining balance!

How To Shop For Maxi Dresses Right

On the other hand, if you have a full figure, it would be best to go for something that can compliment your curves and hide the unwanted areas as much as possible or even more, go for that body-con maxi dress that will perfectly flaunt your curves. Just like this striped high-split dress, so flattering and perfect,right?

If you are tall and slim, you can get a loose and long Maxi dress.

2. Mind the occasion you are shopping for.

Before going out for your shopping spree, try to visualize where you’ll wear a certain type of maxi dress. If it’s to a ball, then an evening maxi dress will do, if it’s to the streets, then a casual bohemian maxi will do.

With this in mind, it will be easier to shop.

3.Mind the design of your maxi.

While pencil dresses will fit properly around the hips, voluminous maxi dresses will tend to be loose thus provide a more bohemian feel.

Definitely, depending on your body shape, the right dress will work for you.

How To Shop For Maxi Dresses Right

For instance:

Slim fashionistas should embrace voluminous maxi dresses which tend to add volume towards their lower hips thus grant them more esteem. Voluminous maxi dresses will include trumpet dresses, mermaid dresses, ball gowns or bohemian dresses.

These will look better when paired well. I mean, voluminous bottoms will mostly look great when paired with fitting tops so if your dress is all boho and you’d want to dress it up, consider throwing a fitting blazer to cinch the dress in. But you can always make things easy for yourself and rock it like that!

This gorgeous bohemian maxi dress that’s allover floral and bears a leaf print design gives it a relaxed yet flattering A-line flowing look. And the high split at the front adds a touch of enchantment. Perfectly gorgeous,right?

4.Consider the fabric.

One thing you should always be keen with is the fabric of your maxi dress. While it is always better to embrace thick fabrics when shopping for pencil skirts, the same might not apply when going for maxi dresses.

If you need a thicker fabric for a pencil maxi dress, then ensure it actually stretches while if your maxi dress hugs your hips before becoming huge towards the hem, you can ensure its fabric is as thick.

How To Shop For Maxi Dresses Right

Also, if you are going for an airy bohemian maxi dress, then it can be of thin fabrics such as chiffon.

5.Pay attention to detail.

Just as accessories help to finish up a look, details help to furnish up an outfit. Talk about high-slit dresses, beaded dresses, sequined dresses, V-neck dresses and much more details.

If you are having the hardest time finding the right maxi dress for you, then shop for one with details. And to find the perfect maxi for you, consider your strongholds. I mean, ask yourself what part of your body you love most.

For instance, if I love my long pretty legs, then I’ll flaunt them by getting a high-slit maxi dress while if I love my cleavage, then I’ll shop for a V-neck maxi dress. And if I love my pretty back, then a backless maxi dress will be my pick. Doing this helps to draw attention away from your narrow hips leaving all eyes on that part you love most!

How To Shop For Maxi Dresses Right

This cross strap ruffle cami dress is super classy and sleek. Its stunning features include a breathtakingly sexy low cut front, a sultry low back with slender cross straps for more allure, and gorgeous, graceful ruffled details to flatter the curvaceous figure and a pretty cleavage. Now what more would one need than this?

Doesn’t this help to actually boost your confidence?

6.Opt for plain maxi dresses

Prints can be very quizzical while too much color can be very eye-catching!

This graceful breezy dress can perfectly show off your great beauty and elegance. And the soft, lightweight fabric makes it very comfortable to wear. It just looks pretty in its plain design. While it still is body flattering, it helps show a little back in the most elegant way  and even better, it easily allows for movement in the loose design.

How To Shop For Maxi Dresses Right

This mean that if you confidence level is not above 150%, please avoid these dramatic pieces that will definitely leave all eyes on you.

Instead, embrace plain outfits. These could be one-color dresses, no-print dresses or dresses with neutral colors that won’t grab too much attention as you walk by.


With those 6 tips, you can be sure to shop for the right maxi dress for you and be sure to get compliments too about how good you look like. Thanks to their breezy silhouette, an extensive range of prints, and a wide spectrum of colors, maxi dresses pretty much double as cover-ups once summer rolls around. And when styled correctly, a maxi dress doesn’t have to be worn exclusively at the beach—it can be given a street-chic appeal for a city stroll or elevated for a black-tie affair. Combined with its ground-grazing length, the effect is dramatic!


Have you had trouble shopping for maxi dresses just because of your figure? And what do you think about the tips?

Please share your thoughts with me below…

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  1. Never shopped for a maxi dress and I have no idea why. Like I have totally shocked myself since I just noticed I don’t own one, this is seriously a crime I am so affected right now.

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  3. I love Maxi dresses. Here in Florida I get a lof of use out of them as well! I can wear some to work depending on the style and cut, and look like I really tried when in actuality I just threw it on and ran out the door !

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