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How To Shop For A Standing Collar That Won’t Get You Chocked

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How to shop for a standing collar outfit

Have you ever been in a style rut before going to that date night especially when it’s cold? Wondering about wearing that black dress with a V-neck or that Chinese-collared knee-length dress? Many would obviously go for the V-neck, right? Now that every lady’s dream is to turn heads right from the minute the step into that fancy hotel. But what if you are not that type who doesn’t like to show some inch of skin? Or it’s even cold out there and you wouldn’t want to pick up that long coat? Would you wear a standing collar?

Well, a standing collar might be a perfect option but too bad, some of us have to survive the ‘CHOKE’ and definitely, you wouldn’t want to look like some strangled thief on your date! Ha-ha! So how do you ensure that as much as you up your choker game, you are still comfortable enough to avoid getting choked?

Ride along…


Very many designers show us very many types of collars that would perfectly suit women’s garments. Now that we are talking about standing collars, then let’s get to know about the types of standing collars that are an available option for any fashionista going shopping this season.

1. Turtlenecks

Turtlenecks are one of the biggest necking trends when it comes to outfit designs. Very many designers will make turtlenecks from knitted fabrics which not only prove to be stretchy but also are warm thus offering a comfortable sensation around the neck. I mean, most turtlenecks will come as sweaters and I’m certain you’ve seen that, right?

Turtlenecks are known for wrapping the neck up to the edge of the neck; or should I say, the level just below your chin.

2. Rolled collars

Just as the name tells, rolled necklines are known for their standing appeal up to the edge of the neck while the rest of the neck fabric folds downwards.

Dalene in a rolled collar

Rolled collars are also known as polo necks and we can tell that they have existed since long ago where polo necks were worn by sailors, French philosophers and intellectuals right from the19th century before European film stars like Marcello Mastroianni rocked the trend in the fashion world.

3. Mandarin collars

Call it the Chinese collar! Call it the Nehru collars! The Mandarin collar can be traced back to early 200BC where it was a traditional feature on the gowns worn by Mandarins in Imperial China.

So royal is the name just as its design; the Mandarin collar is thus a short unfolded stand-up collar that envelops the neck and yes, the design has been incorporated into so many designs of outfits that we are totally long, right?

4. Straight collars

high school boyish

Dalene Ekirapa

Straight collars are the basic shirt collars that were mostly adopted for the design of men’s shirts just before they found their way into the women’s space. This collar can be held together with a tie or left unbutton depending on the occasion.

Straight collars are mostly worn for official looks now that they pair perfectly with blazers while they are mostly out of cotton to provide a comfortable yet firm fit along the neck.

5. Chimney collars

The chimney collar goes straight from the base of the neck while creating an empty space around the neck and can go up to the jawline depending on the length of one’s neck.

Most chimney collars will be designed on outerwear especially outerwear for the cold.

6. Victorian collars. (dress like a Parisian)

If there is a type of collar that will ensure you look like a Parisian, then it’s the Victorian collar. The ‘romantic’ collar either wraps the neck or is close to wrapping it and is usually embellished with English embroideries and made of lace.


How to shop for a standing collar outfit

Those 6 types of stand-up collars are very common in women’s garments but just how do you get the right one? Here are tips on how to shop for the right stand-up collar for you! These tips will be helpful when shopping online or even on physical stores near you. And I’m glad to have gotten my stand-up collared sweater from Yoins.

a. Pick an outfit of the right size.

It will all boil down to perfect fit. I mean, if your shirt or dress is too tight or too small and bears a stand-up collar, you will definitely get choked. But when it perfectly fits, you’ll be just fine.

b. Choose a collar that fits.

It’s always good to try on collared outfits while shopping to ensure you only buy the one that fits you well.

c. Mind how long or short your neck is.

If your neck is long and pretty, then a neck hugging collar will suit you best by defining your jawline and long neck perfectly. If your neck is shorter, then a stand-up collar that leaves some space around your neck will be great for you.

d. Get the right material.

For a normal standing collar, opt for cotton which is soft; you could get stretchy collars or a stiff one according to your preference while for turtle necks and rolled necks, go for knitted or stretchy fabrics.

e. Learn the length of your neckline at a considerable length that won’t choke you.

This is more helpful when shopping for the normal standing collars online. For example: If your neck it large and you know its length, it’ll be easier to get a collar of the right fit. As well, if your neck is too skinny, then you could also prefer going for a larger stand-up collar that won’t draw too much attention to this point.

f. Get an oversized outfit that will have a larger stand up collar.

This is majorly when it comes to knitted outfits that have polo necks and turtlenecks; or even over-sized button-downs lol. I mean, aren’t oversized sweaters too cozy?

With all these tips in my mind that will help you to choose the right stand-up collared outfit, wear more stand-up collared outfits so that you can get used to it and eventually you will have no problem with them.


How to shop for a standing collar outfit

As much as I love my long neck, I never hesitate to wrap it up when it’s cold out there. Thus, I’m so grateful to Yoins for this gifting me this grey chimney collared flared sleeve sweater. It’s always so cold in the evening over here but with this sweater, my evenings are not only cozy but also very warm.

The sweater is so detailed! Just what I love most about it: right from a chimney collar to the flared sleeves to the irregular hem and the gorgeous grey color! This makes it very easy to pair since I have to just get a plain bottom then look great!

Since the sweater is made of polyester and cotton, it’s wiser to hand-wash it after wear while it’s turned inside out in order to keep it durable.

Since my chimney-collared top has a lot of volume, I prefer layering it over skinny bottoms for a finished look. Thus, I wore a pair of white shorts that I paired with a spaghetti top before finishing off with this gorgeous sweater. And since I love this pair of pointed-toe heels, I had them on then rocked the brown PU shoulder bag from Yoins. This shoulder bag has been such a covetable piece by my friends because of its fine leather fabric, the twin grab handles and its smaller clutch bag. Such a two-in-one accessory! Wo-hoo!

How To Shop For A Standing Collar

This look is such a smart-casual look that one could take to the streets effortlessly. Good enough, the brown leather bag provides such cute contrast to the whole neutral look thus a polished vibe. You love the look, right?

Then worry not! Simply shop for the chimney collared sweater and the bag now!

Use my coupon code ‘ BLOG15’ to get 15% off your order! You wouldn’t want to miss out on this!

Anyway lovelies, do you have a problem with rocking stand-up collars? Or do you even love them more than I do?  And would you rock my look too?

Please speak to me in the comments section below…

Disclaimer: This post is a collaboration between Yoins and Dalene Ekirapa where the reviewer was gifted the standing collared sweater and the bag by Yoins.




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  1. Thanks for your great fashion advice. My standing collars are mostly turtlenecks. I think I should start to add more variety, especially during these cold winter months.

  2. This is such great advice! I haven’t ever really thought about tips for buying things with collars. The looks are so pretty!

  3. I love turtlenecks. It is always one of the good clothing choices.But not only that I like sandals and I also like low cut tops.But classics always rock with classic collars.

  4. thank you for this guide. I am quite big – I am hesitant in buying collared clothes. Don’t know if it will fit me.

  5. This is the perfect weather to wear standing collars. It will not only help keep us warm, but I like the fact that I don’t need to find a necklace or scarf to “dress up” my look. Tops with standing collars fashionable as it is. I love mandarin collar tops for formal wear too.

  6. I fortunately, do not have a problem rocking the standing collar but I have gotten inspired from your post other ways I can rock it. Normally I wear it with Jean’s and boots but love how you paired it with heels as well!

  7. I love your sweater! I miss wearing those. I rarely wear shirts with collar because I’m now in the Philippines and it’s super hot!

  8. Finding a colar that fits is definitely the most difficult part. Your outfits are beautiful and I love the bow scarf.

  9. I think trying on is super important! There are so many collars I don’t like, and all straight collars are not the same. I have bought too many things that sit in my closet that I never wear simply because I don’t really like the collar.

  10. I love a turtleneck but they do sometimes make me feel like I’m choking. I love the grey sweater with the chimney collar you’re wearing in this post. Toasty looking but not so chokey!

  11. I never realized that there were so many different collars! I always feel strangled. I think my neck is too wide and short, LOL!

  12. I like wearing turtle neck top, and accessorizing it with glamorous necklace. This idea make the top not boring, and a good icebreaker.

  13. It’s crazy how many different styled collars that women have in their clothing. Interesting information here about what to look for. I think I would lose my mind if men had that many different stylings.

  14. You look perfect in this outfits. This is such a great information every women needs. I love your sandal.

  15. I am one who can’t stand something about my neck, even during winter. I remember wearing a turtle neck shirt during December and I eventually threw up. But this one is really nice. It protects the neck without the gagging feeling. I envy those who can wear turtle necks. I like the look but can’t stand the feeling hahaha

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