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How to Save Money on Hotels with a VPN

*This post contains affiliate links. Thus, if you purchase any products or services using the links, I get compensation at no extra cost to you.

How to Save Money on Hotels with a VPN

Everyone loves to save more money on hotels, right?

Imagine staying at Hilton hotel having a good time at a very affordable cost…

Imagine visiting the Norfolk at a very considerate price…

I just love it!

Well, we’d all want to travel the world staying at good places and eating good food but unfortunately, we’ve all been told that travelling can be very expensive, and worse off if you have to stay at a hotel during your stay, right?

Jukwaa Lounge

So if  that’s you too,  you must always be on the lookout for great deals and discounts for you to save more during your staycations! But unfortunately, there won’t always be deals available, especially if it’s not during Christmas or Black Friday!

So how do you ensure you still save money on hotels while on your staycation?

Going to AirBnBs can be so awesome!

Comparison websites and coupon sites are also as great! We love deals,right?

But what if you’d want a complete experience at a great hotel instead of an Airbnb? Or you have no time to look around for great hotel deals from a comparison or coupon site? Then you’ll need something better, right?

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Then that better option is using a VPN!

With a VPN, you can actually save much more as you book for a hotel you’d want to stay at. Well, a couple of days ago, two of my cousins were coming back to Kenya from Canada and I was to get then a weekend reservation over at a beach hotel. Initially, they had tried to book their reservation right from Canada and a weekend stay at the beach hotel cost them Kes 29,900! That’s around $300! And way too expensive!

After consulting me on the same, I offered to make their reservation using Ivacy VPN network, the VPN network that I love. Mind you, I booked their reservation at Kes 10,900! Now that’s around $110 and $190 less!

Hellooooo! That was $190 saved! Wo-hoo! You might be wondering how I did it,right?

Then here goes…


How to Save Money on Hotels with a VPN

Usually, I book for hotel reservations from travel agencies or directly from the hotel websites, especially if I’m miles away from the hotels. And I’m certain that most of us do the same because it’s actually very convenient.

Booking reservations online can be very time-savvy instead of visiting the hotel to make the reservation. A couple of times, my friends and I have visited hotels only to find them full so we had to go back home disappointed. So surely, way to go with online booking!

I use Ivacy VPN to improve my online experience while booking hotels, at least, I’ve enjoyed the experience with Ivacy for a month now.

Click HERE to join Ivacy VPN now!

If you’re wondering about this great VPN network, read my full review about Ivacy HERE.

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Something to note is that depending on your strategic location, hotels adjust the prices! Have you ever thought why foreigners tend to pay more money than locals to stay over at a hotel, especially if they booked their reservations online from their places?

Well, that just shows that hotels do adjust prices! Now you believe me, right?

Wondering how they do that?

Well, they simply track your online activities by tracking your cookies which clearly show your browsing data. Trust me, even when you book for reservations from a comparison site, you’re not doing yourself much of a favor since they’ll still tack your cookies. Thus, the importance of going incognito with a VPN!

As well, hotel websites track your IP address and your GPS location to determine your location. So definitely, you cannot hide from them even if you decide to book for your reservation from your mobile phone. The only way is to get a VPN!

To make the most of a VPN, employ these 3 easy steps:

3 Steps To Make The Most Of A VPN

1.Adjust your location with a VPN.

How to Save Money on Hotels with a VPN

Since hotels adjust prices according to the location, you first have to embrace patience and test out locations.

Since you can adjust locations with just one tap using a VPN, be patient and test out the prices from various locations in order to find the best deal. If you can, look out for these rates on different days in different locations before you do the actual booking.

For example: Booking a weekend stay at the beach resort from Canada costs around $300 while booking from Kenya costs $109. I got the reservation from Kenya! Now that’s super saving, right?

2.Consider switching your IP to a lower- income country.

How to Save Money on Hotels with a VPN

Not everyone will have the time to test as many locations so to make the work easier, switch to a lower-income country.

Simply switch your IP to connect to a server at a country of your choice and book from there.

For my case: I booked from Kenya while my cousins booked from Canada and I got a deal of $190 less! Definitely, the GDP of Canada is greater than that in Kenya hence the deal!

3. Go for countries or cities offering discounts!

Did you know that most of the hotels give discounts depending on the country, state or city you’re booking from?

Well, that’s true!  Right when I was booking the reservation for my cousins, the beach hotel was offering a Christmas discount for Kenyans and I immediately went for that!

So as you test out various locations, be sure to mind the discounts being given and take advantage of them as much as you can!

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How to Save Money on Hotels with a VPN

With those three basic tips, you can keep on travelling and staying over at 5-star hotels affordably! And easy way to save money on hotels, right?

If you don’t want the hustle of having to clear your browser history each and every time for them not to be tracked by these sites, then jump into this VPN bandwagon!


1.Inconsistency in speed.

As much as Ivacy VPN has been good for me, I had an issue with the Internet browsing speed during my experience.

I mean, in some instances, the browsing speed was normally fast while in some other instances, it could go down. Sometimes, I’d even complain that my data provider had an issue with their servers only to find that it was actually Ivacy VPN that was causing this problem.

But to ensure this speed issue does not catch up with you, do this:

  • Don’t open a lot of tabs. If you are browsing, simply utilize one tab at a time on one device.
  • Clear your browser. When you clear cookies from your browser, it tends to load fast since a heavy browser can be awfully slow with a VPN.
  • Switch to IP addresses that are closer to your location. The further your physical location is from the IP address you’d want to use, the slower the speed of the VPN. For example: suppose I live in Kenya and I want to use an IP address of a city in Canada. The VPN has to bounce off your data all through to the server located in Canada. That will be too much routing of traffic hence very slow speed of the VPN.
  • Use a VPN on a powerful device. If you’d want to experience faster speed, then utilize a phone, laptop or desktop that has high RAM, high processor speed and high storage space.
  • Use Ivacy VPN only when you need it. For example: I only turn it on my phone when I need to get better deals online when booking flights, hotels or online shopping. If you are using a Chrome extension, you could always install it when you need to use it and uninstall it when you don’t.

Remember to be patient since it can take time to find the best deal so that you can save money on hotels!

How to Save Money on Hotels with a VPNHow to Save Money on Hotels with a VPN

And if you’re wondering if using a VPN to book your stay cations and hotel visits sounds like an illegal cheat, then you are wrong because just as hotels change their pricing, you should also use a VPN to get better deals according. Hence,using a VPN is just as legal.

Personally, I love using Ivacy VPN and today, I’m giving you a chance to explore a wide range of possibilities online using Ivacy VPN.

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Click HERE to sign up for Ivacy VPN at $2.25 monthly.

Join the Ivacy VPN affiliate program HERE.

So have you tried using a VPN for your online bookings? And have you save a lot like me too?

Please let me know below…

Disclaimer: The reviewer ( Dalene Ekirapa) was compensated with membership for Ivacy VPN. Thus, the review is unbiased and all words are the author’s own from my experience after interacting with the VPN service. As well, I’ll always update more information as I continue to use Ivacy VPN.



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  1. I just downloaded IVACY VPN reading you previous Blog. I am glad you have really posted on how to benefit the most from this VPN.

  2. Utilizing VPNs to save money whether by shopping or on travel seems to be all the rage these days. I am very familiar with utilizing the VPNs as I’ve done so as a former IT consultant and I used it to connect to remote site so I can attest to the fact of it security and use. great article.

  3. I hands up would never have thought of using a VPN when trying to book a holiday, but it makes sense that it would help you save money. I am totally going to have to remember this thank you.

  4. This is such a great tip! I’d never thought about how my location was affecting prices quoted. I’ll be trying this next time I have to book travel!

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  9. Living abroad this is an awesome tool to use with all of the traveling we do. Thanks for the insight and the step by step on how to put this to use. As I plan our 2019 travel I’m excited to see what we can save.

  10. I have never heard or thought about doing anything like this before. However, I am always looking for ways to save a bit here and there. This seems interesting enough to look into it a bit more. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Wow this is such a great trip! It makes sense now that usually when I’m looking to book a trip I notice the cost tends to increase as I continue to look for hotels and flights!

  12. While I have used VPN in context of my work to connect to remote machines, I only recently learned of other things we can do with it through my teenage son! though never got around to using it actually..
    but this is a great tip and we have noticed changes in prices for travel when we are trying to book from different places or at different times..

  13. I never knew that this was such a thing! This is such a great tip for those that tend to travel a lot so that they can save some money.

  14. Thank you so much for these tips! I had no idea about VPN until I read this. They will certainly come in handy as one of my main goals this year is to travel more often!!! Great post.

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