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How to Have the Perfect Vintage Inspired Wedding

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How to Have the Perfect Vintage Inspired Wedding

Have you always dreamed about a wedding featuring antique details, lace and weathered accents? If you’ve imagined exchanging your vows in a rustic, 50’s retro ambiance or having your first dance with the love of your life in a straight-from-the-1920’s setting, a vintage-inspired wedding will make your dreams come true.

With just a little bit of inspiration and the right tips, you’ll be able to plan the most beautiful wedding, you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

How To Have The Perfect Vintage Wedding

1. Look for the right venue

How to Have the Perfect Vintage Inspired Wedding

A barn, farm or maybe a southern style mansion can be an amazing vintage wedding setting. You’ll have all the vintage-inspired décor you’ll need.

From wood, through an antique lace, pastel fabrics, doilies, and white candles, you’ll be able to add so many diverse, yet theme-appropriate accents to your wedding.

Even if you decide to have your big day in a ballroom, with the right number of vintage accents, you’ll be able to create even a Great Gatsby ambiance in a blink of an eye.

2. Vintage-themed stationery

How to Have the Perfect Vintage Inspired Wedding

If you want your guests to get a sneak peek of what your big day would be like, think about designing vintage wedding invitations.

Whether you choose to make DIY cards or have a professional design it for you, make sure that the guests can tell what the wedding is going to be all about, only by looking at the card.

Florals, embossed lace patterns, and soft blush and ivory colors is all a vintage theme is about. Alternatively, elegant silver or gold lettering on a bold black or navy background will add a dose of Gatsby-like feel to your vintage wedding.

To create a sense of consistency, think about highlighting a motif on the stationary, which you also plan to use in other design elements.

3. Ride in style

How to Have the Perfect Vintage Inspired Wedding

Even though the wedding is going to be all about you, it doesn’t hurt to make a huge statement with your entrance, does it? Arrive at your ceremony in a vintage set of wheels and leave everyone in awe.

With one of Peter’s Classic Wedding Cars, you’ll look like you’ve just stepped out of the 60s and right into the 21st century, looking as fabulous as ever.

Whether you choose a Chevrolet Impala, or Holden EJ Premier, or even a Mercedes Benz, you’ll create a lovely send-off, making a quick getaway with your new spouse in a vintage automobile.

4. Something antique to dress

How to Have the Perfect Vintage Inspired Wedding

A clean pocket square for a formal event or a casual broach for outdoor merriments is all a groom needs to add a bit of vintage feel into his wedding attire.

As for the bride, the something old feature should definitely look as vintage as ever. Family heirloom would be an amazing detail, so think about wearing your grandmother’s pearls, wrap a piece of lace from your mother’s wedding gown around your bouquet.

Not only will the details look amazing on you, but a sentimental value that you’ll bring to your big day will create an entirely different and special vintage vibe.

5. Let there be light

How to Have the Perfect Vintage Inspired Wedding

Good lighting can make or break an entire soirée, so don’t forget to think about all the potential lighting options through.

Strung lights, several dropped light fixtures, or one grand chandelier are all wonderful choices for the ceiling arrangements.

It all depends on what you find more appealing and illuminating. Paper lanterns or whimsical pom poms are great choices if you’re looking for a softer look.

For those of you who pick a barn for your wedding venue, think about adding market lights woven through bare wood rafters for a vintage setting.

6. Accents matter

How to Have the Perfect Vintage Inspired Wedding

Vintage furniture can add a dose of sophistication without breaking the entire theme. Tufted settees, velvet, and other luxe but traditional textiles will look amazing as a part of your antique-themed wedding.

Place vintage photos of loved ones all around the venue to add a dose of personalization and sentimental feel to an entire event.

Thrifted and DIY items are one of the best benefits of designing a vintage-themed wedding because they’ll create the perfect out-of-date feel and save your money along the way.

To denote a mod 60’s theme, think about incorporating framed signage featuring unique lettering and graphics into your wedding décor.

Final thoughts

Planning a wedding can be quite an undertaking, but if you know what theme you’d like to incorporate into the big day, you’re halfway through.

If you run out of inspiration at some moment, feel free to use the aforementioned suggestions and create the most beautiful vintage-themed wedding.

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How to Have the Perfect Vintage Inspired Wedding

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Well, have you attended a vintage wedding before? What most did you love about it?

Let us know in the comments section below…


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  1. Amber Myers says

    Beautiful photos. I wouldn’t mind a vintage wedding. I’ve always liked the vintage look. As it is, my husband and I got married in a courthouse and renewed our vows on a replica of the Titanic!

  2. Tala Valino says

    Thanks for the tips. To be honest I love browsing wedding websites and just checking out what brides choose for their theme, their dress, and everything else. Love classic weddings!

  3. Shweta koul says

    Awesome pictures, wedding planning is seriously the toughest job; but I must say that you have shared some amazing options for a perfect vintage wedding.

  4. Christine says

    This is a great planning outline! I love the mention of vintage stationary, it’s not something everyone would think of to make such a big difference. But it really really does! Great list

  5. Joanna says

    A vintage wedding, planned by the book, can be such a romantic perfect way to get married. Every little details matters, from the car to the stationary. And the dress, of course.

  6. Natalia says

    I love vintage style, as I think it’s really cute and classy. I hope that one day I’ll also prepare this special day for myself. That’s such a great inspiration! 🙂

  7. Paulette says

    I remember wanting a vintage wedding and ended up with a blush romantic wedding because I fell in love with my blush dress and decided the theme around it.

  8. Annemarie LeBlanc says

    What a beautiful wedding theme! If I had my way, I would have chosen this for our wedding. However, the “traditional” style won, so…. maybe on our 30th wedding anniversary, we’ll consider this. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos!

  9. Nana says

    Planning the wedding must be so stressful and emotional at the same time. The pressure to get everything perfect must be so hard. But when you get everything sorted you must be so proud to have everything so beautiful on the day.

  10. Elizabeth O says

    it is just amazing, your blog is such a great inspiration! Thanks for sharing the lovely photos!

  11. absolutely prabulous says

    Oh posts like this make rather nostalgic about my own wedding (years ago now!). Looking back, I can’t believe I got SO into every little detail but depending on one’s personality, it can be hard not to, especially if you have the attitude that you’re only going do it once so do it properly! Stunning photos by the way.

  12. Ourliveswithbella says

    Love these tips, planning a wedding can be very time consuming but also very fun! I love the idea of incorporating some vintage details like furniture or just even some vintage accessories for the bride. It just makes everything look so elegant!

  13. All She Things says

    Loved how you’ve broken down everything into details. It is very important to have everything tying back to the theme if you are planning a theme wedding. After all the beauty is in the details.

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