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How To Enjoy Christmas On A Budget

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How To Enjoy Christmas On A Budget

Would you want to enjoy Christmas on a budget this year? While it might not seem easy,  there are small things you can do to keep your budget in check.

While overspending during Christmas is quite a common phenomenon since we see many people buying literally everything and having vacations (not that it’s bad) that are way out of their budgets.

Well, take this Christmas to the next level by ensuring that your finances are in check. That way, your new year will be so much better.

10 Tips to Enjoy Christmas On A Budget

1. Set your Christmas budget in advance.

Black Friday is always in with a bang and the sales going on are always so many! Well, you might have already spent or overspent during Black Friday but all is not lost.

Before the frenzy of the festive season, be sure to set a Christmas budget and stick to it.

It is common to see people eating into the New Year budget or other emergency savings just because they never saved up enough for Christmas yet everything seems too good to not buy.

But if this is you, just decide to work with what you have and come next year, you’ll start saving early.

Quick Tips:

  • Start saving up for Christmas as early as the New Year begins. You can set aside a small chunk every month so that when the Christmas frenzy descends fully; your Christmas budget is enough to cater for the items and vacations you’d want to have.
  • When setting your budget, write down the things you’d want to buy alongside their prices. Give it two weeks and if you still need that item or experience, go ahead and get it. Honestly, this trick has helped me avoid impulse buying, cut down on costs and only acquire items or have experiences that I really wanted or loved. Isn’t that just so sustainable?

How To Enjoy Christmas On A Budget

2. Jump on deals and discounts

The Christmas season is filled with huge deals and discounts everywhere. First off, Black Friday and Cyber Monday welcome the season with style.

So before making any purchases, be sure to look out for promotions and such great deals that will allow you to save. Hence, you will be able to enjoy Christmas on a budget.

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Quick Tips to Get Deals Online:

  • Get onto the email lists of various online stores. You’ll receive emails with coupon codes and giveaways. Trust me, you’ll save a lot, and could get a couple more free items.
  • Shop during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday/Discount periods when the deals and discounts are countless and unimaginable.
  • Check for free shipping.
  • Check your deals sites. I personally love Slick Deals.

Physical retail and shopping stores also offer terrific deals that you can jump on. You could find deals like, Buy One Get One Free, Buy One Get 50% Off On Other Items, Free Gifts, Win Voucher Cards, and many more deals.

3. Use a VPN to save on costs

The holiday season has become synonymous with online shopping. Also, tons of cybercrimes happen at this time and that’s why safe online shopping is paramount. Hence, the need of a VPN.

  • A VPN creates a secure connection that provides extra protection during online shopping.
  • A VPN allows you to switch your IP address and shop from the I.P address of any point in the world thus you could spend less on shopping.

Quick Tip on using a VPN:

  • Various shopping websites adjust their prices based on the shopper’s location. Thus, with a VPN, be sure to adjust your location to a lower-income country and you’ll be amazed at how much you can pay less for the same item, essentially, more saving.

We use Express VPN here and you can read through this article on how to save on flight tickets and accommodation using Express VPN.

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4. Track your expenditure

Overspending unknowingly does happen during Christmas.

For example: if the instant pot you want is a couple of dollars more than what you had budgeted for, check out in other stores and most likely, you might find it cheaper elsewhere. That way, you will fall within your budget.

However, in some instances, it might be hard to get the same product going for cheaper. In this case, if you go ahead and acquire it, be sure to note down the difference in your budget so that you can adjust accordingly.

Tracking your expenditure refers to being able to account for every single coin you spend, even on the smallest of things like: an ice cream by the road or your phone credits.

So, if you have to enjoy Christmas on a budget, you should only buy what you need to, when you need to and if you had planned for it.

Quick Tip:

  • Have your shopping list as you shop and tick off every purchased item, alongside its selling price.

5. Follow your budget

At all costs, stick to your budget! This is the only way you can enjoy Christmas on a budget!

Even when everything seems too good to be acquired, do not get it if you hadn’t planned for it.

But just how can you prepare or create a workable budget?

How To Enjoy Christmas On A Budget

Simple Steps to Create a Successful Budget

{a} Note down your net income coming in exclusive of taxes, dedications, insurance costs among others.

{b} Categorize your spending.

Here, list your fixed and variable expenses.

Fixed expenses are regular monthly bills like your rent, school fees, car payments or other expenses that you just have to cater for.

Variable expenses vary from month to month like food and grocery costs, bus fare and other miscellaneous costs.

Variable expenses could be mandatory or miscellaneous like credit and entertainment costs.

{c} Record your daily and monthly spending. Here, find exactly how much you spend daily and monthly, and on what.  Be sure to add up the expenses thoroughly and carefully.

{d} Set your financial goals

Your financial goals could be saving, paying off debt, investing in an item or experience. Note this down too.

In as much as possible, keep your goals realistic and achievable. You need not wear out yourself or fail to treat yourself out just because you’re rushing to clean out your debts.

{e} Make a financial plan

Financial freedom comes from proper financial management which requires a proper financial plan.

Quick Tips on making a successful financial plan:

  • Work with percentages. This means that you should divide your net income into percentages, according to every single detail on you spend on.

For example: 25% saved, 20% on rent, 5% on groceries e.t.c

  • Use this percentage rule faithfully for every amount you earn. In the long run, you’ll realize how much good your financial discipline becomes and you can then adjust accordingly depending on the kind of projects you’d want to take up.

If you have to spend on anything, clearly state it in your budget so that you can plan for it.

Also, if your spending is more than your net income, it is time to make amends and start living within your means.

In as much as possible, start paying off your loans slowly by slowly and avoid getting into more debts.

{f} Track your progress and be able to account for every single coin you spend on.

{g} Stay true to your finances and train yourself to stick to your budget. If you must treat yourself out, plan for it financially.

I hope those simple steps will help you prepare a successful budget and stick to it!

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Back to more tips on how to enjoy Christmas on a budget! Ride along…

6. Be sure to save

You don’t need an accounting degree in order to keep good track of your expenditure and eventually, save in a season where billions of dollars are spent daily.

You can actually do it! First off, looking out for promotions will allow you to save a lot!

Also, you can keep the change in a purse or give the kids and teach them how to save coins in a piggy bank. You should also use whatever you buy wisely that it may remain in good condition for longer.

7. Make the most of your leftovers

Leftover Recipes: Amazing, Healthy Meals To Make With Christmas Leftovers

The festive season is filled with social gatherings and family celebrations where much food is cooked, and unfortunately, much food is thrown away and wasted.

That surely translates to more food costs. But if you should enjoy Christmas of a budget, make the mist of all your leftovers.

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8. Go local

One of the easiest ways to enjoy Christmas on a budget is to go local.

If you are planning to travel abroad, why not try exploring local yet stunning Christmas destinations? You will significantly save on costs of accommodation, travel and other miscellaneous expenses. This is particularly important if you hadn’t budgeted for international travel.

But if you did, you may also like these:

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Apart from that, you can also shop for your clothes and groceries locally to avoid extra shipping fees.

In fact, you can decide to eat in! Just get those yummy recipes and hold an amazing Christmas lunch or dinner with family or friends.

How To Enjoy Christmas On A Budget

9. Try hand made

While handmade goods allow you to save money on gifts for Christmas, they can also be so cute and perfectly customized for the recipient.

So if you must enjoy Christmas on a budget, why not try handmade gifts? You can personally make the gifts and give your loved ones. That means you don’t have to feel bad for not gifting your loved one an amazing Amazon Alexa.

There are so many DIY tips on Pinterest that you can work with. I personally love crocheting hats, socks, gloves, and scarves.

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10. Be comfortable with what you have

If everyone is flying to Europe to visit Christmas markets, you don’t have to borrow just to afford that Instead, work with what you have. Travel locally or visit your friends and family for a Christmas get-together.

Remember, wear your own shoes and work with what you have!

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How To Enjoy Christmas On A BudgetHow To Enjoy Christmas On A Budget

Well, are you done with Christmas shopping? Kindly share with us your tips on how to enjoy Christmas on a budget in the comments below…



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