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Conversational Marketing: How to Create Conversational Forms on WordPress

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Forms are all over the Internet since we’ve seen that almost every blog out there seems to have a contact form, online shops have as much payment forms while survey forms are also on the rise. But one common thing you’ll realize is that most of these forms are boring! I just had to say it unfortunately!

No wonder you find many visitors to your site abandoning forms. But worry not, cheers to this new type of form: the conversational form that allows any website owner or developer to leverage conversational marketing!

We’ve seen chat bots in almost every website; live chat support is just as trendy; and Facebook also has the Facebook Messenger Live Chat that allows your visitors to your page or blog visitors to build a conversation with you. Clearly, this tells us that conversational marketing is indeed on the rise!

So let’s get down to the basics…

What is Conversational Marketing?

Conversational marketing is a marketing technology that leverages the power of one on one conversation. On online platforms, we have seen conversation marketing being brought into play by the use of chat bots and live chat support. And yeah, we proudly welcome a new platform of conversational marketing: the conversational form!

One thing to note is that conversational marketing employed well helps to bridge the gap between you and your audience in real time, when you can’t personally do so.

Then, you could be asking yourself how you can employ such an interactive interface on your website or blog, right? Perhaps you would want something that is significantly easier.

Well, here is a solution: WPForms- the best Form Builder on WordPress!

WPForms rolled out the Conversational Forms Add-on that allows you to simply turn all the forms on your site into interactive forms with the click of a button. Know what this means? Yes to more engaging forms! And no more boring contact forms, survey forms and payment forms!

Conversational Marketing: How to Create Conversational Forms on WordPress

Conversational Form by WPForms

Interactive interfaces like the conversational forms help to turn web forms into conversations, making it easier for your online visitors to engage with you in a more appealing manner.

Getting Started with Conversational Forms by WPForms

Getting started with conversational forms is quite easy:

1. Start by getting and installing the WPForms plugin on your WordPress site.

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2. Activate the WPForms plugin on your WordPress site.

How To Create Conversational Forms With WPForms- No Coding Required

1. On your Wp-Admin area, access WPForms and under the WPForms Settings, add a New Form. In this case, you

can decide to create a contact form, a survey form or a payments form. Basically, any form that you require at the moment.

2. Once your form is ready, enable the Conversational Form Mode from the Addons menu.

3. Configure your form to your liking. For instance: if you were creating a contact conversational form, you can play around with the fonts and colors as well as fields that you would appreciate your form having.

4. Have a look at your conversational form by pressing the ‘Preview Conversational Form’ button. Save your form if it’s ready for publishing.

5. Publish your form and embed it on your site as a widget, in a post or on a page.

That was so easy, right?

Click HERE to see the Conversational Forms DEMO

Conversational Marketing: How to Create Conversational Forms on WordPress

Conversational Forms by WPForms

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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a. How can I turn my existing forms into engaging forms?

Once you have installed the Conversational Forms Addon, you can easily enable the feature on all your existing forms and turn them into the conversational mode!

b. Can’t I just use chat bots and live support on my site?

Yes, you can. But remember, the chat bots and live chat support won’t be applicable to your forms. With WPForms, as you make all your new and existing forms conversational, you can be certain that you’ll be building an even more interactive platform since visitors to your site will be required to use the forms in one way of another.

c. How do I embed a conversational form on my pages or posts?

To embed a form on your post or page, simply edit the post or page and be sure to insert the conversational form.

Web forms are annoying and becoming inefficient as time goes by since people dread filling them thus the large number of abandoned forms. But since our blogs, websites and online shops do need these forms, then we must find a way of making our forms more interactive. Hence, the love for the WPForms Conversational Forms Addon.

So what are you waiting for?

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Conversational Marketing: How to Create Conversational Forms on WordPress  How to Create Conversational Forms on WordPress


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Well, have you tried using conversational forms? Let us know in the comments below…

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by WPForms although the words are the author’s own(Dalene Ekirapa’s)


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    • Dalene Ekirapa says

      I understand Cristina. Well, with conversational forms, all forms on your blog become interactive. You can start with contact forms for your blog.

  1. Ola @ WanderWithOla says

    What a detailed step-by-step tutorial. I should look more into conversational forms. Making my website more interactive for the audience sounds like a great idea. Thank you for sharing this! ~ Ola @ WanderWithOla

  2. Cristina Coroiu says

    This is so nice. I’m glad you did the research for a plugin and not me. I think conversation marketing is the future and creates better engagement.

  3. Cassie Celestain says

    What an interesting concept! I have seen this used in messenger and such, but had no idea there was a wordpress plugin for forms. It seems like a great way to get things social!

  4. Amber Myers says

    I admit, I don’t know much about this, so this was an interesting read. I don’t have wordpress yet. I need to get it at some point!

  5. Akamatra says

    Very interesting read! I don’t use wordpress but I am going to think about using your tips on conversaional forms on my blog.

  6. LuciWest says

    This is super interesting. I have a woocommerce blog and for a while they’ve been pushing something that must be a conversational form. I’ve been thinking of maybe trying it out – but had some concerns. Your post is enlightening. Thanks!

  7. Chad says

    This is very important! Engagement is the one metric that matters the most in my opinion. Thanks for the great post.

  8. HolyVeggies says

    I had never heard of conversational marketing before but I love the idea of interacting with your readers. Thanks for sharing this was very informative!

  9. Shubh says

    Hey Dalene, I recently started my site. I am yet to explore. Thank you for this tutorial. I did not think that this thing is useful for bloggers too. I will check that option and see if it works on my site.

  10. Kitty says

    What an interesting post! I had no idea about all this until I read this post 😃… Thank you sooo much for posting it 😊👍🏼

  11. Razena says

    Have to try this on my website. It’s the first time I come across conversational forms and must say I’m intrigued. On the few occasions that I have engaged with chat bots I found the experience less than helpful and more frustrating than anything else.

  12. Deola says

    This is quite an interesting concept. I was just looking at an ad recently for a course on storytelling marketing, and I found that intriguing because as rightly said people would buy into a story before buying a product. This conversational form definitely is along those same lines.

  13. Kristine Nicole Alessandra says

    I am thinking of hosting a blog through wordpress. This might be something I would seriously consider having on a new blog site. Thank you for letting me know about this.

  14. Heidi says

    I’ve never heard of conversational forms before, but they seem like a great way to keep people engaged with your website. Thanks for the help.

  15. Lyosha says

    I think conversational forms are super important for blog especially for wordpress where commenting is always an issue. overall very useful post!

    • Dalene Ekirapa says

      Yes Lyosha. Actually, not everyone will easily comment as they would contact you in case of any queries; so better have beautiful conversational forms.

  16. Hannah Marie says

    This is actually something new to me. I think it will help so many people. Thank you for posting such wonderful information.

  17. Alexandra Cook says

    Honestly, even if I’m not super interested, I’ll fill out a form if it catches my eye and is interesting enough. The product can be very uninteresting to me but, the form makes a difference!

  18. Sandra says

    Wow I am new to this idea regarding the conversational marketing and I really am looking forward to adapt this to my wordpress!! Thanks for this!

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