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How To Create A Digital Signature & Sign Blog Contracts

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How To Create A Digital Signature & Sign Blog Contracts

Do you really need a signed blog contract or agreement form for your blog? Well, if you’re tired of signing contracts the old-fashioned way, then it’s time for you to also create a digital signature for your blog!

When it comes to signing documents electronically, it can be as simple as uploading and inserting an image file of your hand-drawn signature on the necessary document or using platforms that easen the signing documents electronically. For example: Sign Now, DocuSign or HelloSign.

But thanks to tech advancements, digital signatures are now the way to go! They are more advanced and preserve the identity of the client’s signature making them more trustworthy.

So if you got your blog up and legally running, the traffic is consistently flowing and brand collaborations are also pouring in, it’s time you moved to the next level and created a digital signature for your contract forms too!

How To Create A Digital Signature & Sign Blog Contracts

Yes, that is actually fantastic and it means more discipline in your work to remain productive. And that starts from having a contract form which allows you to work legally. To make it more efficient, if you create a digital signature for your blog, then it’ll be even better!

In this article, we’ll show you how to create a digital signature and be able to sign blog contracts and other agreement forms right on your blog!

So, would you really need a contract form on your blog? Or you can just email it to your clients easily?

Let’s see!

Reasons Why You Need A Digital Signature For The Contract Form On Your Blog

How To Create A Digital Signature & Sign Blog Contracts

Instead of having a contract form that you have to email all your clients, you can easily create a signed contract form on your blog.

And to enhance its privacy and security, you can have the form in a password-protected page.  This ensures that only a client can access the page and sign the agreement.

So why would you need a digital signature for the contract form on your blog?

Ride along…

1.It makes it easy for clients to sign blog contracts or agreements at the touch of a mouse.

This is actually time saving since clients won’t have to download the PDF, sign it, scan it then email it back to you.

Also, clients won’t need to download apps that can allow them to sign the documents on their phones like Adobe Signature before sending it back.

2. It ensures deals are closed faster.

Who can deny the fact that they want to earn faster? No one.

That means forgetting about the hustle of having to print out the document, signing it, then mailing, hand-delivering or scanning it! That is why with a digital signature on the blog contract form on your blog, all deals can be closed faster.

Now that you are convinced about having a digital signature on the contract form on your blog, let’s go ahead and create one on your blog!

How To Create A Digital Signature On Your Contract Form

How To Create A Digital Signature & Sign Blog Contracts

With WPForms, you can  create a digital signature on the blog contract form on your WordPress blog.

Here’s how:

1. Create a contract page on your blog

Creating a signed blog contract form on your blog is indeed a win-win situation for both you and the client. While blogging legally, most bloggers will have their templates drafted by a lawyer. Yes, that is so advisable down the line.

However, as you start blogging, you might not afford the fees so it’s better to have a simple blog contract form on your blog. So what should you include in your blog contract form?

What Your Blog Contract Or Agreement Form Should Include?

Here is a list of the essentials you should include in your form:

  • The Title of the Contract or Agreement. For example: Advertising Contract Form For (Your Blog Name)
  • Your Blog Name , Email address, Physical Address and Contact Info
  • The Advertiser’s / Client’s Business Information – This includes the name, email address, physical address and contact info.
  • Collaboration Options, Rates and Times of Execution
  • Terms of Service and Restrictions
  • Payment Info
  • Cancellation Policies
  • Signature and Date

Once you’ve gathered all the necessary information, publish the necessary essentials on a new page.

I advise ensuring your page is password-protected so that only your clients can have access to the page. I mean, once you have agreed to work with the client, you can go ahead and share with them the password so that they can access the page and sign the contract.

2. Create Your Signature Form

The signature form will allow clients to sign your blog contract form with their mouse or touch screen.

Here is a YouTube tutorial on how to create an E-signature using WPForms:

Apart form the tutorial, here is a step-by-step guide on how to create a digital signature using WPForms:

In order to accept digital signatures on your site, you need to first install and activate the WPForms plugin on your site.

You’ll also need to install the Signature Addon to allow users to submit digital signatures on your blog with ease.

Once you have the WPForms plugin and the Signature Addon activated:

How To Create A Digital Signature & Sign Blog Contracts

  • You need to create a form. Since we want to add the digital signature to the contract form we already have, we’ll use a blank form.
  • Add fields to your form including: the names, physical address, date and time, website URL and email address of the clients.
  • Also, once in the Form Editor, you’ll spot under the Fancy fields, the Signature Form field. Add the signature field and make it a requirement to ensure clients don’t submit the form without signing the form.
  • When done, click the Save button.


In the Settings tab, you can always configure your form’s name and description. You can also enable the spam prevention features like reCAPTCHA to keep your form secure from bot and false submissions.

You can also send form confirmations in a message, show page or an automatic notification email to let your users know that they have submitted the form successfully.

3. Add the signature form to your blog contract page.

  • Go to Pages and open your blog contract page.
  • Click on the Add Block icon and search for the WPForms block using the search box and click on it.
  • Select the signature form from the drop down menu to add it to the page.
  • Click the publish button so that your blog contract form can appear on your site.

How To Create A Digital Signature & Sign Blog Contracts

And there you have it! A simple digital signature on your blog contract form!

Now let those collaborations pour in!

Important Note:

  • You can always add this signature form to any other pages on your blog that will require signatures.
  • All the digital signatures created using the WPForms Signature Addon are legally-binding, court-recognized digital signatures! 

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So, what are you waiting for? Get started with WPForms today.

Get WPForms>>

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How To Create A Digital Signature & Sign Blog ContractsHow To Create A Digital Signature & Sign Blog Contracts

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