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Style Feature: How To Clash Stripes And Prints Like A Pro

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Hello beaus…

Style Feature: How To Clash Stripes And Prints Like A Pro
Clashing . What was once a fashion mistake is now a head-turning fashion statement and street fashion bloggers have mastered the art of actually clashing prints and stripes. Indeed, style has no rules!

While it might actually seem like the hardest form of pairing, it can be a fun way to dress up. But this has to be done well.

Prints take a very playful approach to anyone’s dressing and will sweep the attention of everyone when you consider dressing in them. Thus, be sure of getting noticed, be it in a trashy way or a classic way when you go for this stripes-on-prints trend.

Wanna know how to clash stripes and prints like a style pro? Then ride along…



1.Ensure one print stands out while the other acts as an accent.

Be it the stripes or the prints, opt for one of the patterns to be dominant and stand out while the other only accentuates your style . This means that the accent shouldn’t come out so visibly. This will create a clean impression since attention will be driven to the bolder print.

Here, Rachael opts for her animal print tights which have boulder leopard prints that stand out while her stripped top only flatters her outfit.

2. Mix prints and stripes of different dots and sizes.


Considering a mix of different sizes of your pattern creates such a quizzical effect that is appealing to the eye especially if the colors compliment each other. When clashing these stripes and prints, you can wear both large and small prints and stripes as long as you mix them subtly ensuring that the dominant pattern is bolder than accent.

As clearly seen, the thin stripes of the top are subtle thus do not to stand out too much while the leopard prints come out as quite large and close dots.

3. Opt for prints and stripes in the same color family.

Prints are sophisticated already ,so too much color is not advisable! You could let the patterns fall in the same color family for some clean appearance than mixing too much color which doesn’t come out so well.


I’d also advocate for dark colors and neutrals when you want to clash stripes and prints. Colors like black , dark blue ,white ,grey and brown are so conservative unlike red ,orange ,yellow and green which can be too vibrant to even clash!

Anyway, if you’d want to clash vibrant colors, bear a monotone or monochrome. For example: pairing a red-and-black stripped skirt and pairing with a red-and-black polka dotted or floral blouse.

Rachael opted for color brown and for sure, dark brown is dominating her pants while light brown accentuates her top. As much as her top is also stripped white while her pants printed black too, it is a conservative look to not give credit too, right?


4. Minimize on the accessories.

You’re are already sophisticated so accessorize subtly. Keep them in the same color family too and I’d advocate for smaller to chunky accessories for a balanced look!

She wore studs ,a bandana and black ankle boots only and yes, she has a perfectly balanced look, right?


When clashing stripes and prints, always look at yourself in the mirror after dressing up and trust your instincts. Pay attention to the theme of your clashing and ensure that the structure of the pieces are in sync. If you’re not too bold to clash prints and prints, you can simply tone down the whole buzz by keeping one piece neutral. Sometimes, you can even rock a neutral outerwear or bag!

And there you have it! Go ahead and clash those stripes and prints like a style pro. You’ve loved Rachael’s Style?

How To Clash Stripes And Prints Like A Pro

Please let me know in the comment section below…



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  1. Those Stripes looks Awesome. First I thought it was Zebra Stripes, but the minute I zoom the image figured out patterns are different. Good Job with this trend.

  2. I think that it is fun to mix prints, after all style is about what is personal to you and reflects your identity the most. So from your mixing of prints I would say you would be a fun person to hang out with !

  3. I’m loving Rachel’s fun loving take on clashing prints. The clashing prints work well on her as all the colours are belonging to the same tonal family. Even the scarf in her hair includes all those brown tawny colours. This is why the outfit blends so well together . Lovely look.

  4. This is a nice outfit and looking so good on you. Nice tips for someone looking to carry it well. The striped top might not suit everyone if compared with a plain one.

  5. I love to see when people match something that is considered to be ‘unmatchable’ and then when I decide to do that too, it always looks funny on me.:-)

  6. This reminds me so much of my daughter’s style! She’s always putting together pieces that I’d never be bold enough to wear and always look terrific! Such a great idea to keep accessories to a minimum, as there’s already a lot going on with look.

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