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How I wore :’High-School Boyish’!

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High-school boyish

Hello World…

We all remember high school memories , right? How we dwelt in uniforms ?…Being the school rules around! So lucky are those who had to home school or even wear their clothes too school now! But those of us who weren’t this lucky, we just had to stick in our uniforms.

I especially recall the high school social functions more, commonly known as ‘funkies’.  Funkies were the most loved of all school events now that they were mainly interactive sessions that all students longed for. I mean, who wouldn’t want a break from coursework and get to have fun socializing?

Anyway, do you happen to remember how guys could show up all swagged up? Wondering how? Lemme tell you:

  • In a pair of trousers shaped like some pencil pants ,or chino pants. 👖
  • In a well trimmed and ironed shirt !
  • In cool loafers while others did the famous ‘sharp-shooters’.👞
  • A pair of gigs was mandatory!
  • A nice boyfriend watch.
  • Some did suspenders, not all though…
  • A well ironed tie as well .
  • The perfect bag pack!

And funny enough, these were always preserved for funkies only and you’d never spot them in these during normal school days unless you wanted to get it burnt.

So on Saturday ,26th February , I decided to do such a high-school-boy look . And yeah , I was headed to a “funkie “– the cultural session at Kenya Institute of Mass Communications. The runway was graced by beautiful ladies and gentlemen! Music wasn’t an issue ; for all your tastes were there! It was just fantastic!

I set my rules : an all-uniform day #THROWBACK! And I stood out for sure. Most ladies were up in their feminine maxis and minis and midis but I opted for the “boyish” look😎.

high school boyish

I just wanted to unique, yeah! But just for a more chic look, I had my floppy hat on ,the earrings and some manicure.

As much as this high-school boyish look is a totally old vibe, it is an easy look to wear for an edgy casual vibe. Not only for the tomboys it is since any lady can wear the look and come out too gorgeous. I mean, don’t we just love the men’s button-downs? Or the males-inspired chino pants?

Anyway, here are some of the ladies who were up in maxis and minis…

Ladies in dresses

My look was inspired by Rachael Wood who pulled off in a Alituzarra suit for the red carpet during Golden Globes that happened in early January . So instead of rocking the normal dresses, why not rock a completely different vibe with suits or tomboyish looks?

high school boyish

high school boyish

high school boyish

Dress this way to: any function or event over the weekend.

High-school boyish

What do you think about this look lovelies? Lemme know your thoughts in the comment section below…



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    • I’m totally feeling appreciated and so happy you like the creativity going on in this outfit. Well, I think that fashion continues to evolve as time goes by.

    • Thanks lovely; mind you, I rock this outfit too much and it might even be my signature style you bet! Anyway, I’m glad you’re considering wearing such a look. Hugs!

  1. You hat is a beautiful blue. The color alone really wins the outfit. I’d also like to point out how comfortable your shoes look, they look very soft. Charming look as always!

    • Now I’m totally flattered Elle! You’re so right: these velvet boots are too comfy and too versatile thus easily worn with just any other outfit. I think I also love this hat too much…I’m certain you’ve seen it a lot,right?
      Thanks for stopping by!

    • Haha! I wouldn’t go back to my high school uniform too although i loved the boys’ uniform no wonder I recreated mine over here. Anyway, thank you for dropping by!

  2. What an adorable look. The bow at the neck is so cute, and I LOVE those pants. All too fun!!

    • Thanks Jennifer…I’m flattered you bet! The bow added a cute touch to the look especially that it matched with the boots. And I think I’ll need to get another pair of chino pants now that we’re loving this one,right? Anyway, I’m glad you stopped by!

  3. Wow I love how you styled those pieces! It is not an easy task but you are smashing that tomboy look. I absolutely love these boots by the way!

  4. Great look and the hat is amazing! I love big, brightly-colored hats and this one is right up my alley. It not only completes your look, but also gives it a nice, sophisticated “punch” 🙂

  5. Awww .. hun, another beautiful look! It just goes to show how much style you have if you can rock everything from high-school boyish look all the way to beautiful dresses. Plus, the hat is super cool. This week here in the U.S. Melania Trump has been in the news for her pretty white hat. Have you seen it? Just like yours, it adds a great touch to a really classy look! xx

    • Aaaw Alison; you always flatter me you know…I agree that I really love experimenting with just anything when it comes to my personal style and I’m in fact happy to learn that I’m rocking a hat like Melania’s…now that’s awesome!And mind you, this hat is now two years old and still beautiful. Well, I have to take good care of it now that I really love it. I’m glad you stopped by Ali.

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