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Home Decor Gifts For The Decor Lovers

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Looking for the perfect home decor gifts for the home decor enthusiast? The little pieces of decor items we share in this list will make your work easier when it’s time to go gift shopping!

15 Best Home Decor Gifts For The Decor Enthusiast

1. Air Fresheners

Air fresheners nail the top spot on our list of the best home decor gifts!

Home décor enthusiasts know the power of fresh smell and scent in completing a beautifully-done house.

An air freshener ensures your house always smells clean and fresh by releasing pleasant smells in the air.

However, to asthmatic people, processes air fresheners won’t be such a good idea for a gift.

Here is where the idea of natural or homemade air fresheners comes into play. Here are a couple of recipes to make amazing homemade air fresheners that will suit everyone in the house.

Apart from using organic air fresheners, you can also go for air purifying bags which help to absorb odor and keep your house smelling fresh.

You can get either air freshening spraysair purifying bags, essential oils diffusers or air cleaners and filters.

2. Faux Fur Throw Pillows

Faux fur pillows are more than what they just seem.

These beautiful fur babies are cozy, sophisticated and help to add the right amount of texture to your room.

They are definitely a luxurious and an instant favorite decoration for contemporary and luxe-modern spaces.

3. Rugs

Rugs can be put almost everywhere in the house (from the living room to the bedroom and bathroom).

They provide comfort, warmth and a decorative interest to your space especially if your choice of color, patterns and texture is varied.

With a rug, you can have a change in your flooring even if you don’t have a large budget in place for your flooring.

4. Fur Carpet

A carpet  is one of the most popular and most widely-used home décor items of today.

A good carpet adds a sense of fashion to your home and also reduces clutter and noise when walking around the house.

But even better is a fur carpet that apart from all this functionality, gives warmth to your feet. Definitely a must-have!

5. Wall Mirror

Interior designers love mirrors, and we love them too!

Talk about beauty and functionality, and talk about mirrors. Particularly, round mirrors are gaining popularity in the décor space.


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6. Bathtub Caddy

For some of us, we’d literally live in the bathroom if it was spa-like. And one way to transform your bathroom into a home spa is by getting a bathtub caddy for your bathtub.

Over it, you can have a glass of wine, your Alexa, your scented candles and a book to read. Soak in peace as you read, sip or listen to soothing music.


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7. A Flower Vase

Flowers bring so much life in the house. They make perfect gifts, not for just for ladies but for home décor lovers too.

But hey, these marvels of nature require a home- the flower vase. Bring these to your DIY Décor friend and she’ll love you for it!

8. Velvet Pillow Cover

Your pillows also need some dressing. And if you actually don’t need to buy tons of pillows, you can have a couple of pillow covers.

Lush velvet covers are the best because they are of their rich, saturated hues and lustrous sheen-so soft they are too!


9. Amazon Alexa

What is Alexa? Well, it is Amazon’s voice-controlled virtual assistant!

The Amazon Echo is so far, the most popular Alexa device. With this terrific piece of technology, you can do voice shopping, play your favorite songs, track your packages, display photos, get answers to your searches, find great food recipes , order meals, watch TV shows and movies and so much more at the command of your voice!

10. iHome Vanity Mirror Speaker

Imagine getting ready in the morning while looking yourself in a mirror that can play music and imagine the iHome mirror.

This makeup mirror with a built-in speaker will quickly replace your normal mirror!

11. Scented Candles

No one can ever have too many scented candles. There are so many scents to choose from depending on your preference and even the season. I personally love fresh scents for the home!

12. Candle Holders

While Christmas is just around the corner, our minds are ticking for this candle season. Simple candle holders spruce up your home and also, allows you from burning stuff from fallen wax.

13. Plant baskets

We are all going eco-friendly and the easiest way to do this is by bringing nature inside. Plant baskets are the best thing happening right now in the interior space.

Depending on the type of houseplants you have and the place you’re seeking to put them, you could have different house baskets for that.

14. A piece of wall art

If your best friend loves home décor and improvement ideas, you should consider getting them a beautiful piece of artwork.

Art really stands out in the living room or in the bedroom especially if your walls are muted.


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15. A Photo Frame

Photo frames hold the best memories. While we’re all going digital and we have photos right on our phones, a beautiful photo in a frame makes a great home accessory and definitely, stands the test of time.

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Beautiful home decor pieces lets you fill your space with special memories and add a personal touch to any room. Any home decor lover will appreciate more decor items.

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Well, which of the best home decor gifts for your DIY friend? Please let us know in the comments below…



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  1. Elena Toma says

    I am a candle hoarder, I can’t have enough scented candles ! Usually for gifts I also pick photo frames and scented candles but also a cute nice pot with a green beautiful indoor plant. These are all great decor gifts that I am also loving to receive not just to give away 🙂

    • Dalene Ekirapa says

      Thanks, Elena; anyone would really want to receive these gifts. Be sure to get more scented candles; they can be so calming-I love them for my small aromatherapy sessions.

  2. Marjie Mare says

    All of these gifts are calling my name and I have the exact place for them at home. The flower vase is my favorite.

  3. Melanie williams says

    Oh wow so many lovely ideas. I love good cushions and also a fur rug can be a nice addition too xx

  4. Razena says

    This is a well timed article especially since it will be Black Friday sales in a few days and we can look to get some items for a bargain price. I love the pink velvet pillow covers and think it will make a lovely color contrast for my sitting room and fits in with my mood board. The wall art would also fill up a few of my big white walls.

  5. Clarice says

    Wow! Super love this list. These are fabulous gift ideas that honestly, I also want for myself. My sister has been eyeing the Vanity Mirror Speaker and this is actually what I have in mind to give her for Christmas. The bathroom caddy looks really nice too. Thank you for sharing this.

  6. Sauumye Chauhan says

    These such amazing gift ideas!! My go to for any gifting season is flower vase and photo frames. For me they are the easiest to choose and everyone needs one !!

  7. Ewuzie Kingsley says

    Is it bad that i want every thing on that list except the candle holders and Scented Candles? I think my room need some of those to at least have a different look. especially the floor Capet or tug, Pillows, Plant baskets, wall art and my absolute favorite the iHome Vanity Mirror Speaker.. I will really live to have that.

  8. pooja Malkani says

    These are great ideas for home decor, I love adding photo frames to bring out the best in the house. I have a small section that has tons of photo frames and people love it.

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