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20 Awesome Gift Ideas For Fashion Lovers

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20 Gift Ideas For Fashion Lovers

Gifting a fashionista is not easy because we all have our personal style and preferences. This then makes gifting a fashionista quite hard. However, we share some of the most basic yet unique gift ideas for fashion lovers; any fashionista will love these!

20 Gift Ideas For Fashion Lovers

1. A Large Faux Fur Scarf

Staying warm in winter starts here: having a gorgeous faux fur scarf. A stylish color faux fur scarf can really make your coat pop.


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2. A Belt Bag

Not convinced about gifting a belt bag? You’re missing out.

While it can be used to hold your pants up, you can still keep your necessities inside there.

It is also small and helps you stay hands-free thus so convenient. Perfect gift!

3. A Tote Bag

Just for being roomy, fashion enthusiasts appreciate the tote bag. It can easily hold loads of useful stuff and still have room for extra.

A tote is particularly important for girls visiting their parents or friends on sleepover nights or new moms who need an easier carry-on.

4. Cashmere-Lined Leather Gloves

Looking for the best and warmest gloves for winter that still look elegant?

Then cashmere-lined leather gloves are perfect! Just be sure to care for them right. Here are tips on how to wash cashmere leather gloves.


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5. A Cashmere Sweater

The knit sweater is really having a moment in the fashion scene although we also have the cozy cashmere sweater.

This sweater is not only warm also good in quality.

Again, cashmere sweaters can be so versatile when it comes to dressing: you can pair with jeans, wear a chunky cashmere sweater dress with knee-high boots, wear to the office with your suit, go casual with a skirt or even layer atop a long coat.


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6. A Phone Case

Fashionistas love looking good and they use accessories to pull outfits together. One more accessory to add to the list has to be the phone case.

Depending on the type of phone your fashionista friend has, the right phone case can really come in handy: it helps protect the phone while also, making a beautiful statement.

7. A Golden Necklace

A golden necklace as a gift for Christmas? Yes, please! And again, golden necklaces are one of fall’s best jewelry trends!

Accessories are still every girl’s best friend, just because we know how powerful they can get-most especially, jewelry which can take your outfit to the next level!

You can find a beautiful golden necklace for your fashionista friend or even have it customized.

8. A Wrist Watch

A wrist watch is till incomparable! While it still makes a fashion statement, it allows you to monitor your time even if your phone battery dies off.

You still need this little piece of technology on your wrist!

9. A Straw Bag

If you need a bag for summer, don’t look any further-get a straw bag!

From dressier options meant for luncheons and weddings to casual straw bags for the beach walks, a straw bag is a must have accessory for every lady.

10. A Gucci Belt

Gucci belts give you tons of style points because no matter what you are wearing, the Gucci belt can elevate your look and add polish to your look ASAP!

While fashionistas on Instagram are not getting rid of this elegant piece of accessory, neither should you. It is not going anywhere girls!

11. Pom pom fur key chains

Girl, you have to act fast because the pomp om key chain is gradually becoming one of the most sought-after fashion accessories.

The pom pom key chain is an attractive fashion accessory for your handbag or can be an ornament for your smartphone.

This fluffy piece definitely makes a perfect gift!


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12. Velvet backpack

A beautifully-done velvet backpack makes a perfect carry-on for your summer trips and adventures.

If you love frequent trips and travels, an elegant backpack will satisfy your needs.

13. A Beret Hat

Berets have been a component of our fashion outfits for some time now because for sure, we want to don those Parisian vibes.

A beret tilted on one side looks just so good!

14. A Cape


Capes make such a perfect statement and there are so many style options no matter your preference.

Whether you are laid back like the Little Red Riding Hood or sophisticated, there’s something for you.

Some of the best capes we love include the cape blazers, trench capes and poncho capes.

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15. Slip-Ons

Don’t let slip-ons slip away; they are so easy to pull off especially for a casual look.

However, go for the closed shoes if you need to hit the streets and keep the open-toe slip-ons for the house.

16. A Clutch Bag

Apart from the tote bag and the belt bag, the clutch bag is one more type of bag that you can gift your fashionista friend.

Clutches add to the overall look of your outfit, rather than distract your look.

That’s why many women consider bringing clutches along when rocking gorgeous gowns and cocktail dresses.

17. Espadrilles

Espadrilles are a really elegant pair of shoes for women. Instead of those open-toe sandals, wear a beautiful pair of espadrilles for the streets.

They make a perfect summer shoe!

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18. A Fashion Magazine

We love magazines and even if the whole world is going digital, a physical Vogue magazine will be appreciated by any fashionista!

But if you cannot access this, perhaps you can gift your fashionista friend a subscription plan at the Business of Fashion site. Amazing!

19. A Pair of Earrings


Just like a golden necklaces, a pair of earrings are a great fashion accessory.

20. A Kimono

Kimonos are the must-have!

The Japanese-inspired fashion item of the season comes in so many designs and are literally the fastest, easiest way to update a laid-back casual look.

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20 Gift Ideas For Fashion Lovers

Make your fashionista friend the happiest by picking at least one of these amazing gift ideas for fashion lovers. But before that, be sure to let us know which gift you prefer your the fashion lover in your life!



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  1. Clarice says

    These are great ideas. I still have no idea on what to give my sister but I think a new watch or a new pair earrings would be nice. Heading now to Amazon to check. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. Kristine Nicole Alessandra says

    These are all awesome gift ideas! I would want most of them for me. I think the kimono is a must buy for me. It looks so pretty! I can’t wait to purchase one myself.

  3. Melanie williams says

    There are some really great ideas here for sure. A tote bag is always a great pick xx

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