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5 Simple Steps To Get Started With Guest Blogging

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How To Open Up Your Blog For Guest Blogging

Do you ever wonder how some blogs have huge guest post submissions while yours has never been approached for guest blogging? You might have heard that guest blogging can significantly increase your traffic and also guarantees you that target audience, right?

Well, unless you actually open up your blog for guest blogging, it might be quite impossible to actually get such collaborations.

Take an example of huge publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur and even Bitch Media that usually have tons of guest post submissions and every awesome writer wants to at least submit an article there; including me!

Opening up your blog for guest blogging allows your site to become a contributor blog and significantly exposes your blog to a whole new audience. Hence, a blog strategy you might want to consider!

So let’s start from the basics:

What Is Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging entails submitting an article to another site that is not yours for publishing. Guest blogging done well provides link backs to your site that help to improve your authority on search engines.

Many bloggers are hit by writer’s block while others get super busy and during this period, many of them take a break from blogging and if that happens, no new blog posts get published.

This could cause a drop in traffic and discourages the readers and followers to keep on following your blog.

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So if you still want to keep on growing your traffic, you might have to schedule a lot of posts before you actually go on that break. But honestly, without inspiration, you might not write a lot of content that you will appreciate at a go! In fact, you might even quit. That’s why opening your blog for guest blogging is so important.

So, Should You Open Your Blog to Guest Blogging as a Blogger?

Absolutely yes!

Get guest bloggers to submit posts on your blog to ensure your blog doesn’t suffer. But remember, don’t just appreciate every content but ensure the content is of the right standard.

While most bloggers will only submit guest posts to other publications in order to build authority online, only a few will actually open their own blogs to guest posting.

Personally, on this blog, we have a collaborations category that also features a lot of the guest submissions we’ve received.

This ensures the blog is always fresh with content and that has significantly improved our traffic since the guest authors also get to share the post with their readers; exposing us to a new audience. And that’s so awesome!

5 Things You Must Do Before Opening Up Your Blog To Guest Blogging

How To Open Up Your Blog For Guest Blogging

1. Create very awesome content.

Writers, freelancers and other bloggers will link up to submit to your blog only if your content is valuable.


Valuable content drives targeted traffic and is the key to building a raving audience. If you provide content that is great on your blog, your chances of landing guest submissions are very high.

With beautiful content, nice imagery and a great layout, your blog will be good enough to accept guest posts, no matter how old it is.

When writing a post, I will always ensure that every article I write either educates someone or inspires them. That’s a content strategy that has never failed me since it proves to add value to my readers!

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How To Get Brand Collaborations

2. Create a Write For Us Page.

Your content could be the greatest but unless you make it very clear to people that you actually accept guest posts, no one might approach you for a guest submission.

Many blogs will have a ‘Write For Us’ page or a ‘Work With Me’ page where all the guidelines of guest author submissions are listed.

When creating this page, it is important to be very specific with your guidelines. Unless you are specific, you might get submissions that won’t appeal to your liking.

Some of the things to explain on this page include:

  • Details on how to pitch their idea before submitting the article.
  • Your blog’s audience– you can include their gender and age brackets. For example: do you write about fashion for slim women or men, luxury travel for couples or solo travel for women?
  • Your niche– expands on the type of posts you have on your blog and also, which type of topics you would want to be submitted by the guest authors.
  • Guidelines on how to write guest posts for your blog. For example: the word limit, inclusion of images and their profile bio, use of H1, H2 and H3 subheadings, types of posts accepted- lists, biographies, personal stories, case studies.
  • How to submit guest posts. For example: as a Word document via email, as a Google document or using the guest posts submissions page.
  • How long it will take to publish their guest blog, if accepted and if not, how they will know that. Some huge blogs say that if you don’t hear from them within a month, just know that your article was rejected while some blog owners will email you to let you know on the same.
  • You can also share a link to your contact page or email address so that guest authors can instead pitch their ideas before submitting the post.
  • What the guest author will receive in exchange for the article. Some blogs will pay the guest author, others give back links or even do features on a Contributor page.

Sometimes, blogs will charge to receive guest submissions while others will pay for their guest blogs. Thus, this must also be clearly stated on the page.

3. Have a privacy policy and disclosure page.

The privacy policy and the disclosure pages are very legal pages on your blog that among other specifications, highly explain more about the structure of your blog from how you handle collected data, what type of content is shared on your blog and all credits given to third parties on your blog.

4. Have a contact page.

WPForms Review + Giveaway: The Most Beginner-Friendly WordPress Contact Form Plugin

It is easy to just have your email address displayed on your sidebar and still get the email requests but actually, having a contact form or contact page on your blog is even more professional and spares you the hustle of having to deal with spam comments.

I recommend using the WPForms, the best WordPress Contact Form plugin that allows you to make a lot of different types of forms for your blogs.

Good enough, you can create conversational contact forms for your site. With such an interactive contact form, even your visitors who would want to pitch ideas to you will have fun filling in the form.

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Click Here to get WPForms>>>

5. Create a guest post submission page.

Click Here to get WPForms>>>

Sometimes, the hustle of reading through each and every email while trying to sieve out submitted guest posts can be so overwhelming.

On this blog, we receive quite a number of submissions via email and it becomes highly susceptible to deletion or being forgotten due to the high amount of emails we receive daily.

Hence, the importance of a guest post submission plugin: WPForms! Precisely, the WPForms Post Submission Addon that allows users to make front-end submissions of blog posts and every other type of content on your WordPress site without logging into the admin area.

This becomes very easy and also ensures that your site remains secure.

How To Open Up Your Blog For Guest Blogging

Blog Post Submission Addon by WPForms

How to Create a Guest Post Submission Page with WPForms

1. Get the WPForms plugin, install and activate it on your site.

2. Upgrade to the WPForms Pro plan to have access to the Post Submissions Addon.


3. On your admin area, access the WP Settings and click on ‘Add New’ then select the ‘Post Submissions’ template.

4. Create a new post submission form and customize it to your liking. Make sure you include the fields you would want to collect from the guest author to fill in.

Some of the mandatory fields you need include: the post title, the category the post will fall into, the post excerpt, the content itself, the featured image and all necessary images for the article.

5. Save your form.

6. Create a new page and click on the ‘Add Form’ button. From the drop down menu, select your guest post submission form. Once it is added to the page, just publish the new page and you’ll have set up a guest post submission page!

How To Open Up Your Blog For Guest Blogging

Blog Post Submission Form by WPForms

As the admin, you are also able to control the default post status from a draft, pending post, private or published post once it is submitted. You can also edit the post accordingly on your WordPress Editor to ensure it matches your criteria.

Ensure you optimize the headline and the whole content, using keywords, adding graphics and schedule it depending on your editorial calendar.

Why the WPForms Post Submission Addon?

How To Open Up Your Blog For Guest Blogging

Blog Post Submission Form by WPForms

  • With WPForms, a user cannot submit duplicate forms which essentially makes your work easier during your reviews.
  • All files uploaded are stored on your WordPress media library instead of the custom uploads folder.
  • The addon allows you as the admin to set the default author of the post. This is in a case where there are registered authors.

How do you set up registered authors?

Using the WPForms User Registration Addon, you can create a form that allows the users to register. You can set the form in a way that allows you as the admin to manually approve each user before their accounts are created. This ensures that only the right authors are registered.


If you follow these 5 steps of opening up your blog for guest blogging, you’ll be amazed by the number of submissions you’ll get as you grow your blog.

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What to do in Order to Get Guest Posts?

Cheers to the long hustle of getting your blog ready for guest blogging.

Now, it’s time to get those guest bloggers. If you are an authoritative blog, it becomes easy but an issue comes if you are still a young blog since you might need to do blogger outreach.

You can post on social media. For example: posting on Facebook groups that your blog is open to guest authors, using Twitter hashtags like #bloggerswanted to welcome guest bloggers. You can also email your list or reach out directly to other bloggers.

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How To Open Up Your Blog For Guest Blogging

Whether you are getting ready for a new bogging strategy for exposing your blog to a new audience or getting too busy to actually balance your work with blogging, opening your blog up to guest blogging could be one of the greatest ways to appreciate your blog.

So have you tried guest blogging? And do you accept guest posts on your blog? We’d love to know if you appreciate the strategy or not and why so? Share it in the comments below…

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by WPForms


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  1. Huda says

    This was very helpful. Ive been wanting to accept guest writers for my blog for the longest time but i just didnt know how to go about it. Of these tips, i realize i need a write for me page!

  2. Fran Back With A Bump says

    This is such a useful post! I’ve accepted guest posts before to ensure I have content in quiet periods or when I’m away but this goes into so much more detail and I’ll definitely refer back!!

    • Dalene Ekirapa says

      It takes better outreach Cristina. Perhaps you can request fellow bloggers and even create a guest post category for the same. I have a collaborations page that speaks for me.

  3. Joanna says

    I think that guest posts are great when they are genuine. Unfortunately there are so many so called “seo experts” who pretend they are bloggers in order to get link backs from your website to their clients, for nothing. I am finding it very hard to believe now that a guest blogging request is actually real, when I get emails like this.

    • Dalene Ekirapa says

      I’ve seen the same thing Joanna. What I do is always check all links in the article and in my guidelines, I only give one back link that shouldn’t link to a commercial/company site but a personal blog. I also don’t give do-follow links unless sponsored and to an authority site.
      Hope that helps!

  4. Bee says

    I’ve been so closed when it comes to guest blogging. After reading this, I’ll start accepting guest blogging.

  5. Simply Stephanie says

    Very informative post! I’ve been debating if I want to open my blog up to guest submissions, and this post will help me make sure that I am taking efficient steps for an easier process!

  6. Gavin says

    I’ve done a couple posts w/ others but never had anyone write on my blog. Thanks for sharing this to inform me better of the process

  7. Andie Comala says

    Ohhh this information is sooo useful! Thank you so much. I have never thought about having a guest submission form and how that could help keep my traffic high and potential increase it. I will need to look into this and might implement.

    XO Andie

  8. Megha says

    I hardly allow guest blogging on my blog. Your article is making me think again.

  9. Karen Monica says

    Hi Darlene. Thank you so much for this post. I want to open my blog for guest post but was wondering what should I do besides reaching out directly to a certain blogger. I will save this post for my reference.

  10. Whitney Kutch says

    I love that it all starts with awesome content! That’s definitely the key to a successful blog. Thanks for sharing these great tips!

  11. Natalie says

    These are great tips for anyone thinking about allowing guest posts on their blog. It’s also a great way to cover a diversity of topics!

  12. Anjali W says

    Due to some health issues, I had opened my blog for guest posting last month and received a lot of requests. Did not have much guidelines in the beginning. But then when I received the posts written by the bloggers I thought of creating guidelines referring to link backs as many of them were having links for their clients. I am going to revise opening my blog for guest posting. Thanks for sharing your wonderful tips.

    • Dalene Ekirapa says

      You’re welcome Anjali. When it comes to back links, you just have to be careful else guest authors take advantage of that. How ungrateful! Anyway, please do!

  13. aisasami says

    Thanks for the guest blogger tips! I did it in December for a Xmas theme, but I did more of a call to action. Maybe I should create a page now!

  14. Melanie williams says

    Guest blogging is a great way to work and network with other bloggers., Also gives another angle too and shows support xx

  15. Elizabeth O says

    Such a useful post. You shared really great tips there which are helpful for every bloggers. I do agree with your idea and support guest blogging.

  16. Dominique Brooks says

    Thank you for this post! I want to have guest posts on my blog as well but I had no guidelines and didn’t know that WPForms could make it easier. I do want to be careful about what posters can link to and how many I have. I would also like to see that at least some of my guest posters actually have an audience that will come read their stuff/ I think that’s reasonable– it should be mutually beneficial and all!

    • Dalene Ekirapa says

      That’s true Dominique; guest posters with an audience become super helpful. Anyway, guest contribution requires a lot to be put in place for it to be effective. WPForms do come in handy.
      You’re welcome!

  17. Hannah Marie says

    This is so informative! I just started blogging, would love to venture this out someday.

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    I know that this is a great way to get traffic to my blog, but it just seems so overwhelming at times. I’m sure that if I changed my hosting platform, it would be easier, but there’s so much to consider. I appreciate that you have all of this information in one place.

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    This is wonderful information for a newer blogger. I honestly didn’t know some of this and I’m glad I came across this post.

  21. David Elliott says

    I am going to really have to take this into consideration. I am always afraid of losing control of the content which goes on my site. But I think it would be cool to have more men writing for the blog and creating content. It’s a great site and a great idea.

  22. blair villanueva says

    This is really nice! I sometimes accepts guest post the is related to my website content, but I never offer it for free. After all, they are using my platform as they post-advertise.

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