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Female Style Icons You Must Follow in 2019

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Female Style Icons You Must Follow in 2019

Celebrities have massive fan followings making it easy for them to be a style icon for young girls willing to push the boundaries of fashion. Modern girls start exploring fashion at a very young age and apart from some family weddings, the prom night gives them the biggest opportunity to show off their taste of fashion. This is when the young girl’s ability to stay up-to-date with the latest fashion is put to a test.

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In order to know about the latest fashionable Prom Dresses 2019 available, she can do some search on the web, read some online fashion blogs or follow some celebrities. There are so many Hollywood stars who are known for setting new trends and bring dramatic changes in the fashion world.

Here are the most fashionable celebrities young girls can follow this year:


Female Style Icons You Must Follow in 2019: Zendaya

This 20 years old American actress and singer is always known for her daring and dauntless looks. Whether it is polished red-carpet looks or urban cool looks, she knows how to choose a style for some occasion. Her outfits reflect her sleek and modern style. She is a true inspiration for young girls.

      2. Camila Cabello

Female Style Icons You Must Follow in 2019: Camila

She is favorite of many young music fans and this singer and model brings her new side of her on-the-edge and young style. After she left Fifth Harmony and launched her solo album, she has managed to stay in headlines because of her self-discovery in the music and the fashion as well.

She shows no hesitation when it comes to experimenting with colors, shapes, patterns and knows that which outfit to pull off to look more confident and awesome.

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3. Lily Collins

Female Style Icons You Must Follow in 2019: Lilli collins

This British actress and model knows how to exude chic elegance with an evening gown, prom dress, mermaid gown or any other outfit. She has a class. She always makes conscious choices by picking floral, light and more feminine outfits that compliment her fair skin, dark hair and innocent looks.     

4. Gigi Hadid

Female Style Icons You Must Follow in 2019: Gigi

This 23 years old international supermodel very boldly displays her outfits. Gigi Hadid is a trendsetter in the fashion world. Hadid needs no specific style or category. Any dress she wears is destined to be a style hit. She loves wearing the newest arrivals. So, we can say that she is one of those women who introduce the latest trend to young girls.

5. Meghan Markle

Female Style Icons You Must Follow in 2019: Meghon

She dresses with class and elegance and it looks natural. If we look at her modern side, she loves wearing pointed toe heels and off-the-shoulder cuts. And, she has some royal duties. On such occasions, she chooses conservative hemline length dresses with delicate patterns and muted colors.

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6. Madison Pettis

Female Style Icons You Must Follow in 2019: Madison

 This child artist from The Game Plan has become a style icon now. She is always perfectly-styled. Pettis never disappoints with her flirtatious looks. She is young, fearless, sweet and very confident and she reflects this in her sophisticated red carpet looks. It is pretty easy for her to get glamorous girly looks even with an ordinary dress.            

7. Selena Gomez

Female Style Icons You Must Follow in 2019: Selena

Casual, alluring, sporting or formal, she makes very thoughtful choices. She is known for trying the best combinations of different styles. Soft and sleek dresses with avant-garde design or color combinations makes her more trendy.

8. Blake Lively

Female Style Icons You Must Follow in 2019: Blake Lively

She is a timeless beauty appearing on the silver screen. The combination of boldness and classic femininity in whatever she wears reflects her style. Elegance, confidence and influence on young girls, these are essential parts of cool blue, steamy red or any other outfit she choose to wear. Many young designers in the fashion world are her admirers.

Other style and fashion-savvy celebrities you should follow are:

9. Rihanna

Female Style Icons You Must Follow in 2019: Rihanna

 Image Source:

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10. Kylie Jenner


From jovani evening gowns to designer alyce paris prom dresses, there are plenty of options available online to these style icons and you too.


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Female Style Icons You Must Follow in 2019

Well, who is your style icon? 


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When not writing, Anne likes to cook and binge-watch her favorite TV series.



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  1. Anna de Nord says

    I like a lot Zendaya’s look: simple and elegant at the same time! But I wouldn’t mind to wear something like Camila’s dress)) I think every girl dreams to look like a princess at least once in her life…

  2. Joan says

    I love Blake lively and Zendaya. Something about them just ooze sex appeal and they look super fabulous all the time.

  3. Blanca says

    I love the look you picked from Zendaya. She rocks that contrast between her modern hair style and the classic dress. We need more women to begin to work style like her. And of course Meghan always looks good.

  4. Jess says

    I love Zendaya and Rihannas style simply because of their “I dont care” attitude. It is stands out and sends messages that inspires so many women

  5. Kelsey says

    I love the big flowy dresses! Sometimes I wish it was normal to wear those to work haha but that’s what makes them so fun on special occassions!

  6. Joanna says

    I do like Meghan Markle. Now that she is married to price Harry and that she is following a certain dress code, she looks beautiful in everything she wears.

  7. Dominique Brooks says

    I love the color of Blake Lively’s dress — it was approximately the color of my bridesmaid dresses. I like Zendaya’s style but each of the dresses is something I could wear once to the right occasion!

  8. Mjmamaa says

    Great post ! I enjoy the latest fashion with celebs. They give good ideas and inspiration on how to dress! Thanks for sharing

  9. Kristine Nicole Alessandra says

    I like Meghan Markle’s style. Always elegant, always classy. She does not over do it with make up or “loud” accessories because she doesn’t need it. She is naturally beautiful.

  10. Swathi says

    Great dresses, I like Camelia ‘s dress than rest of them. Love it. They are celebrities so they c an afford it, but for us it is not only watching them wearing.

  11. Gladys Nava says

    Wow! They are absolutely gorgeous and the dresses are so so beautiful! I like Selena Gomez!!!

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