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How To Create Survey Forms On Your WordPress Blog

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How To Create Survey Forms On Your WordPress Blog

Have you thought about how you can create survey forms on your WordPress blog?

Well, if you are struggling to connect with your audience on your blog and you are wondering how you can develop that relationship with them to the point that they actually comment, like and share your content as well as purchase from your shop or affiliate links, it is time to get those surveys rolling!

If you want to know what exactly your audience appreciates from your blog, then you must find the best way to get that data from them. Until you do this, it will seem almost impossible to build an email list that is full of raving fans and worthy buyers!

So what is the best way to collect data from your audience in a very natural manner so that you can be able to connect with them exclusively?

By using surveys!

How To Create Survey Forms On Your WordPress Blog

If you want to uncover the secret to your audience’s satisfaction, then you must learn to incorporate surveys in your blog so that you can provide the information that immediately resonates to your audience. Unless you want them to hit that Unsubscribe Button!

Quora can be so good at giving you the type of questions you should answer as you prepare your content.

Google Trends can be the best in giving you the trending topics for you to write about!

Pinterest can be such a content goldmine!

But what if what’s being shared more does not apply to the kind of audience you have? Or the type of audience you are working to build? Or even, you want to make it much better? Then you’ll need what works for your audience. Here is where you’ll need to bring in surveys to the picture.

Create survey forms on your blog!

To create an engaging experience with your audience, you’ll need more than your own ideas and what you get online. You need better strategies that are backed up by first hand data. Numbers don’t lie hence their ability to influence.

Thus, the better the data you get that works for your audience, the easier it becomes for you to actually build your own online empire.

So why should you use online surveys?

1. Online surveys have a broader and faster reach.

Cheers to the fact that online surveys have the ability to reach a wider scope of people with minimal effort. As well, since online surveys reach your audience faster hence faster response rates, it is easy to sieve through your target audience. This makes it easy to understand your target audience and what they love in your content.

2. Online surveys encourage faster analysis.

With faster responses from people, you can easily make analysis and understand what exactly your audience prefers as soon as possible. If you wanted to launch a shop on your blog, your audience can let you know what exactly they would want you to sell. And if you wanted to write on skincare, they will easily tell you to write on body care instead.

3. Online surveys are cheaper to conduct.

If you’ve been part of a manual surveying team, then you probably know how hectic the process is. At least, it was for me in the past. Instead, do an online survey that will cost less money and effort.

Well, how do you go about conducting online surveys on your WordPress blog?

How To Create Survey Forms On Your WordPress Blog

Do you have a blog on WordPress like I do?

Then to get started, you’ll need the WP Forms Plugin Surveys and Polls Add-on.

Using WP Forms, you can easily create survey forms on your blog. Hence, realize the answers your audiences have regarding your content or any other query. This eventually makes it easier for you to make any huge decisions on your blog.

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How To Create Survey Forms On Your WordPress Blog

WP Forms is a WordPress plugin that offers a lot of features to get you started on all manner of forms online. With the basic plugin package, you can get to design your contact forms, suggestion forms and newsletter sign up forms.

The Pro plugin plan comes with a lot of add-ons that provide better services to users. Hence, in order to use the Surveys Forms on your blog, you will need to upgrade to the WP Forms Pro Plugin package.

The WP Forms Surveys and Polls Add-on allows you to easily build interactive polls and surveys within minutes so that as you get first-hand reporting from your audience, you can be able to easily make decisions for your blog.

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To get started with WP Forms:

1. Visit your admin panel and click on plugins.

2. Search for ‘WP Forms.


3. Install the WP Forms plugin and activate it.

4. Upgrade WP Forms to a Pro plan to get the Surveys and Polls Add-on then activate it.

5. Create your Survey Form.

To create a survey from, you can easily use any of the WP Forms templates provided and add survey questions that resonate with your goal. Good enough, the forms are absolutely customizable hence you can make any survey form of your liking.

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How To Create Survey Forms On Your WordPress Blog

6. Enable survey reporting.

For every survey, you will always need to analyze the data so that you can be familiar with what your audience wants. So, you must enable survey reporting so that WP Forms collects survey results from your forms.

7. Display your survey form on your website.

WP Forms allows you to comfortably share your form on as many locations as you would want on your blog; from your blog posts, to your pages and to sidebar widgets too.

To add your WP Forms survey form to your page; create a New Page and click on the Add Form button to add the survey form to that page then publish that page. You can make the Survey Page live on your website by adding it to your menu.

To display your survey form as a widget; visit the admin panel of your website and click on the ‘Appearance’ tab. Drag and drop the WP Forms widget into the location of your choice then save the option!

8. Review your survey results.

Cheers to the hustle of getting your survey forms up and running on your site! As visitors come into your site and get to fill in your form, WP Forms collects that data and you can easily generate it and analyze it before you make important decisions.

To view your results, go to WP Forms on your admin panel, click on All Forms and hover on the survey form then click on the Survey Results to view the reports from the surveys you just conducted.

That was so easy, right? Now you know the best way to collect data and connect with your audience online!

With the WP Forms Surveys and Polls Add-on, you can get to design the survey form of your choice that will be helpful as you collect data that is necessary to influence the relationship between you and your readers. Eventually, as you provide content for them, you only provide the type of content that they will appreciate.

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Goodbye to the hustle of writing content that doesn’t get shares, likes and comments!

Goodbye to the hustle of selling products on your site that no one wants to buy!

Good bye to the hustle of having a less engaging audience!

And cheers to more surveys and real-time analytics with the WP Forms Surveys and Polls Add-on!


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How To Create Survey Forms On Your WordPress BlogHow To Create Survey Forms On Your WordPress Blog

Well, have you used WPForms to create survey forms on your blog? Or have you done any surveys on your blog before?

Please let us know your thoughts in the comments section below…

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  1. Alexandra says

    This is something I hadn’t thought about doing before, but thanks to your post, I will definitely keep it in mind. You can learn so much about your client base!

  2. Mo says

    I wanted to start creating some forms a long time ago.. but never really pursued such idea. I think I will do it pretty soon. Thank you!

  3. Jill Nunn says

    I can say I have never added a survey before but it really is a great idea to find out more about my readers. Thanks so much for the info!

  4. Terri Beavers says

    This is such a great idea! I never thought about doing surveys before but it a great way to get to know your readers and what they are thinking. I will be adding surveys to my blog this year. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Amber Myers says

    I have never thought of surveys before. Maybe I should do some. I just personally never complete them when a blogger has them up, so I didn’t think it was needed. But perhaps I’ll try it!

    • Dalene Ekirapa says

      Yes, you could make yours shorter and exciting or perhaps a series would do. You can even offer them a reward for filling in. That makes it even better.

  6. Natalia says

    I’ve never been thinking of using surveys to collect data! I think it’s a wonderful idea and it’s worth having a closer look at this issue. Hope your article will help me with that! 🙂

  7. Nabanita Dhar says

    This post is such a great resource. I always keep wondering what to do with the blog next. It will be good to get the feedback from my readers.

  8. Ola @ WanderWithOla says

    I have WP forms installed for quite a while now but never thought of using it for making surveys before. It surely is a great idea to collect data and engage with my audience. Thank you!

  9. Gladys Nava says

    Wow! That was an amazing idea! I never thought surveying is the best strategy that can do, that is the best idea! I am really glad to know this. Thanks!

  10. Jess says

    Such excellent information that I know I have not implemented yet! Throughout my time on FB groups and research I had not thought to have a survey to narrow what my audience wants. Great info!

  11. Joanna says

    Surveys are an amazing way to build up audiences or to find out more about the interests of your audience. It’s a brilliant lead machine but so few companies are using it.

  12. Monidipa Dutta says

    This was one of the most requested features from we users, and I’m really excited that they are able to deliver what I believe to be the best WordPress survey and polls plugin in the market.

  13. Dani Flanders says

    These are such great tips and my next task when it comes to learning about blogging. Right now, I’m just trying to get used to writing and posting regularly on my site and social media, but once I get the hang of that I want to learn how to go to the next level!

  14. Becca Wilson says

    This is such a great way to learn about your readers. I know that I would fill them out.

  15. Konstantina says

    Such a helpful post!! Surveys are by far my favorite way. I used to struggle a lot in the past though…

  16. Karla says

    This is very informative! I never thought about adding survey forms on my blog. I think it’s great to know what my reader feels about the things that I write. Thanks for this!

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