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How To Create A Contact Form On Your Blog

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How To Create A Contact Form On Your Blog

Do you think you need to create a contact form on your blog?


One big reason why you are not getting collaborations is simply because you lack a contact form on your blog! While every blogger in your niche seems to be landing collaborations, you’ve never had to participate in even one brand or blogger campaign!

Well, It is normally every blogger’s dream to receive so many outreach emails and pitches from brands and other bloggers in their line of choice hence the importance of that simple contact form on your blog.

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It might seem very easy to just put an email address on your blog for brands to just reach out to you but honestly, a contact form is just so essential.

Here are 5 main reasons why you need to set up that contact form on your blog:

5 Reasons Why You Need A Contact Form On Your Blog

1. For convenience.

An easy-to-find contact form will guarantee you more conversions because visitors on your website can easily send you messages without too much fuss. That is, instant communication!

Through your contact form, visitors to your site can easily send in their queries and brands will even reach out to you through that.

In fact, having a contact form is just so professional than simply sharing your phone number, social profiles or email address.

2. Control of information.

With a contact form, you can simply control the type of information you would want to receive from the visitors reaching out to you by simply adding to the form the fields that you would want them to fill. This ensures your form is as straight forward as you’d want it to be.

3. Adds security.

Have you ever checked your spam box and came across hundreds if not thousands of very irrelevant emails with very crazy offers and lottery tickets? Trust me, you don’t want this!

So please avoid the issue of adding your email address on your blog and instead, have a contact form. Bots crawl the Internet and if they come across your email, you’ll be shocked by the number of unwanted emails you’ll receive from spammers. In fact, you can make your form more secure by adding a reCAPTHA check box for extra security.

How To Create A Contact Form On Your Blog


As a blogger or an online enthusiast, it is common to have a couple of email addresses.

This might make it so hard for you to actually receive and respond to all the emails you receive immediately because they could be mixed up with other emails. Unfortunately, I have missed a couple of brand collaboration opportunities just because I saw their emails months later…my bad!

This just means that you need to use a contact form which will help you to keep all your inquiries in one place; instead of them getting all mixed up with all of your other emails. Hence, you can easily and quickly spot frequently asked questions, collaboration emails and other issues.

5. Engagement

As online marketers, engagement is very important! And this is where your contact form will come in handy.

With the right contact form plugin, your lead generation endeavors will even become easier. For example: if you can be able to integrate extra features like an email newsletter subscription check box, then you can be able to follow up on prospects and build your relationships with your customers.

Well, now you know why that simple contact form is so important on your site, right?

But in case you are struggling, trying to find the best contact form plugin for your site, then WP Forms is here for you!

What is WPForms?

WPForms is a WordPress plugin that deals with all manner of forms for your site. For example, you can create:

  • Contact forms.
  • Survey forms.
  • Payment forms(Like Paypal etc).
  • Online order forms.
  • Subscription forms.
  • Donation forms.
  • Guest post submission forms.
  • User registration forms and many more.

In this article, we’ll show you how to create a contact form on your WordPress blog with WPForms which will result to increase in conversions and also ensure you bag those collaborations in time!

So how do you create a contact form with WP Forms? Ride along…

How To Create A Contact Form With WPForms

How To Create A Contact Form On Your Blog

1. Install and activate the WP Forms plugin on your WordPress site.

2. Create your form in WordPress.

After the WP Forms plugin is activated on your site, visit WP Forms on your admin area and click on Add New to create a new form.

Name your form afterwards and select the Simple Contact Form template. You can manipulate the template by adding desired fields, editing them and arranging them as you please. Then, save your form.

3. Configure your form.

How To Create A Contact Form On Your Blog

After creating your simple contact form and customizing it to your liking, you have to configure its functionality.

With WP Forms, you can configure the contact form for spam protection, GDPR, contact notifications and also contact confirmations.

So let’s configure the form:

For Spam Protection

Simply enable the anti-spam feature by clicking on it to prevent spam bots from submitting forms. This feature is automatically enabled on all WordPress forms unless you use other spam prevention plugins.

For GDPR Requirements

The GDPR agenda had been such an issue sometimes back and normally, it tends to affect the privacy of the visitors coming to your site. This helps to disable the storing of entry information and user details, such as IP addresses. Click on this item too then Save.

For Contact Notification

This feature allows you to get a notification each time someone submits a contact form on your site to ensure you’re prompt in replying to queries.

For Contact Confirmations

These are reply messages that let visitors know that their contact form has been submitted successfully and you’ll get back to them shortly.

With WP Forms, you can send these confirmations in 3 ways : the default messaging where a simple message appears to let them know that their form was processed, a Show Page where visitors are taken to a thank-you page in appreciation for their submission or a Redirect where you can send them to a different website.

To configure this contact confirmation:

Click on the Confirmation tab in the Form Editor under Settings.

Next, select the type of confirmation type you’d like to create. For this example, we’ll select Message and customize the confirmation message to your liking, and click Save.

4. Add Your Contact Form to Your Website

How To Create A Contact Form On Your Blog

After you’ve created your simple contact form, you need to add it to your WordPress website.

WP Forms allows you to add your forms to many locations on your website, including your blog posts, pages, and even sidebar widgets by simply adding the Form to either a post, page or widget.

And there you have it!

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You now know how to create a contact form in WordPress! So it’s time to get those contacts and bag those collaborations like you mean it!

How To Create A Contact Form On Your Blog


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How To Create A Contact Form On Your BlogHow To Create A Contact Form On Your Blog

Anyway, how did you create the contact forms on your blog? And also, how do you think a beautiful contact form on your page will boost your blog?

Please share your thoughts with us below…

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  1. kumamonjeng says

    This is such a helpful article for me as I have just started blogging not too long ago; way many things to pick up. I seriously need to re-look at some of the things that could be lacking in my website.

  2. Rowena says

    I’m using WPforms in my blog. It’s user-friendly plus it’s free and has many functionalities. I recommend using this plugin.

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    I am so thankful that I had come across your post about this. It will help me on my blog. I will also share this to my fellow bloggers.

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    WordPress can be a little overwhelming at first. This is some great insight for those just starting out.

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    Thank You for this information and for the good reminder on getting a contact page. I need to change some of these on my site,and work harder at growing this area of my business.

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    This is certainly going to help a lot of bloggers. Sometimes it’s funny not knowing stuff unless I read blogs about it. I find this post brilliant.

  7. Kiwi says

    It seems like this is common sense but I always tell people a contact page is important. You could be missing out on serious opportunities if you dont have a way to contact you from your blog.

  8. Heather says

    I actually don’t have a contact page on my website. Many of the agencies I work with told me that they prefer to have an email address vs. a contact form. It’s easier for them to contact you.

    • Dalene Ekirapa says

      Wow! That sounds so easy for you! Cheers!
      But again, when you receive a bulk of emails, a contact page can help to perfectly filter out the nuisance.

  9. Devyani Ray says

    You are absolutely right with the reasons for adding contact. That’s why I have it on my blog too!

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