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The Future of The Beauty Industry: Clean Beauty{ A Complete Guide}

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The Future of The Beauty Industry: Clean Beauty

Is clean beauty the future of the beauty industry? Yes, please!

Today, more and more people are becoming increasingly aware of checking what’s in their skin and beauty products.


Because law doesn’t enforce FDA approval of cosmetic product ingredients. This scary fact has many women reconsidering their beauty regimens and joining the clean beauty movement.

This movement advocates for cosmetics free of harmful ingredients like artificial colors, parabens, pesticides and sulphates. Unfortunately, the list of harmful ingredients does not stop there.

The Future of The Beauty Industry: Clean Beauty

Two Common Ingredients To Avoid For Clean Beauty

Two common ingredients that many dermatologists recommend avoiding are parabens and phthalates.


Parabens are often found in a variety of beauty and hygiene products including shampoos, conditioners, deodorants and lotions. Dermatologists recommend removing paraben products because this synthetic compound has proven links to breast cancer and hormone imbalances.

2. Phthalates

Additionally, phthalates are combination of chemicals that create plastics. Dibutylphthalate (DBP), a type of phthalate, is commonly found in scented lotions and nail polish. Phthalates are avoided by some because they were found to damage animal livers, lungs and reproductive systems.

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You may also use Smartphone Apps like Think Dirty to do a thorough research on other product ingredients before buying any skin care product. I wrote about Think Dirty in this post on the 5 big signs you need to update your skincare routine and also, how to update it.

This has also inspired some to opt for vegan beauty.

The Future of The Beauty Industry: Clean Beauty

Clean Beauty Trends To Embrace

1.Vegan Beauty

Most people associate vegan as a diet, but veganism simply means abstaining from animal and animal product consumption or use.

This rule certainly applies to cosmetics! Vegan beauty products don’t use animal product ingredients and/or test cosmetics on animals. Furthermore, many people find vegan beauty appealing due to its cruelty free aspect.

If you don’t practice a vegan lifestyle, but want to support cruelty-free initiatives, organic cosmetics are another great option that is better-for-you than the standard beauty products.

Organic beauty products are actually regulated by the FDA, meaning companies have much stricter guidelines to adhere to. In order for a beauty product to obtain a USDA Organic status, it must contain 95% organic ingredients.

Although these products aren’t entirely organic, they can be less harmful to your skin and the planet.

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The Future of The Beauty Industry: Clean Beauty

2. Fair Trade In The Beauty Industry

Another increasingly popular beauty product type is fair trade.

Fair trade is a regulation that ensures beauty product ingredients are ethically sources, and that the farmers and producers are receiving fair wages for those products. Some may be surprised to know fair trade beauty is most important to the millennial generation.

Therefore, becoming fair trade certified might need to be a priority for your business if you want to reach this demographic.

The Future of The Beauty Industry: Clean Beauty

In addition to everyday consumers, celebrities such as Miranda Kerr, Jesica Alba, and Kourtney Kardashian have joined the clean beauty movement to create change in the industry.

More specifically, Jessica Alba, co-founder of The Honest Company, has won multiple Best of Beauty Awards for her product lines, and Kourtney Kardashian has even gone to Washington D.C. in support of the Personal Care Products Safety Act (PCPSA).

The Future of The Beauty Industry: Clean Beauty

If you haven’t made the switch to clean beauty products, hopefully this inspires you to consider making a change.

Many cosmetics contain toxic ingredients and people are demanding ethically sourced, cruelty-free, and safe beauty products. You can also make a change by creating your own beauty products at home!

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Hola mentions a variety of DIY beauty recipes that are simple and easy to make from the comfort of your own kitchen. From coffee mud and banana face masks to a sweet almond body scrub, this guide has fantastic recipes that promote healthy skin, and outlines all the wonderful types of better-for-you beauty products.

Do something kind for your skin and make a change today!

A Guide To Clean Beauty

A Guide to Clean Beauty

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Well, what’s your take on clean beauty? How are you supporting the clean beauty movement too?

Lemme hear your thoughts in the comments below…



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  1. Samantha Donnelly says

    I love this post, I am trying to update all my beauty products as much as I can; luckily there seems to be so much more focus on clean beauty these days. Not tried these products yet so off to find out more x

    • Dalene Ekirapa says

      It’s nice that you update your skincare products often since they expire or fail to work on our skin sometimes. Anyway, be on the lookout for clean beauty products too.

  2. Adriana says

    Ive been into clean beauty lately. You can certainly tell the difference in them. Plus my skin reacts better to products without the harsh ingredients in it.

  3. Genny Gall says

    Healthy skin is crucial for providing the right canvas for applying to make up, to enhance natural beauty and create natural healthy-looking skin

  4. Michael says

    Thank you for the information. Especially the bath and body recipe.. I’ll start to take care of my body more.. age is catching up hehe

  5. berlin says

    A healthy skin is indeed important. More than creating an impression, it gives confidence to realize your full potential/ often when we have blemishes, we tend to be aloof, hence affecting our confidence, too.

  6. Alexandra Cook says

    I love this. I am so much concerned with the product I am using especially for my skin. It is important for me that it i organic and natural without paraben.

  7. Kuntala says

    Thanks for tye recommendations for going organic even if its beauty products

  8. Shar says

    Thanks for your very informative post! I totally agree with the need for clean products. The harmful effects of these dangerous chemicals should be taken very, very seriously.

  9. Suzanne says

    I love this! I’m cycling out my beauty products for more sustainable products right now. It’s a process, but this is so helpful!

  10. Amy-Lynn Denham says

    It’s true. People are SO DONE with all that crap in our makeup, our clothes, our food, our dishes, everything! I am so excited to see all of the natural products we can purchase now.

  11. Kalyan Panja says

    Thanks for sharing more about the importance of clean beauty products and the natural options that we have at hand easily to avoid the harmful effects of commercial chemical laden products.

    • Dalene Ekirapa says

      You’re welcome Kaylan; do try those clean beauty procedures and ingredients too for your skincare routine. Also, embrace clean beauty brands.

  12. Nandita says

    It’s encouraging to see such positive shifts coming to an industry that’s been around for ages. I try to choose organic products over others as much as I can, but it would be interesting to add the fair trade angle to my choices.
    – Nandita

    • Dalene Ekirapa says

      Organic products all the way! It’s indeed nice that most beauty brands are going organic too. Anyway, if they maintain a fair trade, it’s even better!

  13. Kristian says

    It can be so hard to know what to look for when looking for clean products because everyone just labels everything as “clean”. This is a great guide! thanks!

  14. Shannah says

    Yes! I’ve been really getting more and more cautious of what I put in and on my body. I can’t believe the industry has gotten away with putting so many harmful ingredients in our skincare products for so long. Thanks for all the specifics all in one place to reference.

  15. Elena Toma says

    As a skin care lover and addict have to say this is such a fantastic post ! I already switched to clean beauty and also cruelty free and I my skin loves it !

  16. sudipa says

    We need to be more conscious and aware about what is clean beauty to bring this change in beauty industry.Loved your informative post

  17. Viano Dee says

    It’s crazy just how much toxins we consume on a daily basis — food, lotions, hair products— the list goes on. I’m glad there’s a lot of awareness now and people have started going for natural options. Thanks for sharing this.

  18. Kathleen Cregg says

    Great products here! I’m always looking for more natural less chemical products which often leads to $$$! I’m willing to try them but always looking for a good testimonial before I buy! Thanks for the recommendation!

    • Dalene Ekirapa says

      You’re welcome Kathleen; testimonials are good and also, a thorough research on the ingredients list before buying. You’ll love Think Dirty!

  19. Sincerely Jackline says

    I am fully aware of what vegan people do, but this blog is so nice, I enjoyed reading it so much..!

  20. Brandy says

    Thank you for sharing. I only buy organic products for me and my family for this exact reason.

  21. David Elliott says

    I had no idea the FDA wasn’t enforcing its own regulations when it came to beauty products. That just sounds a bit scary to me. I agree if they don’t, you have to and supporting clean beauty products would be an essential part of that. Will have to inform my daughter more about this as she has started to purchase her own makeup.

    • Dalene Ekirapa says

      Way to go David! Do let her know about this so that she’ll shop clean when it comes to beauty products. Anyway, it’s nice that people are coming in to support the clean beauty movement and we’re not just waiting up on the FDA.

  22. blair villanueva says

    Thanks for sharing this information. We should be mindful on our beauty purchases and usage. I am into clean beauty as well.

  23. Bree says

    I stopped using makeup a while back because I didn’t like how they were made. I’m getting back into thanks to the clean beauty movement!

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