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Bow Ties and Blazers #Monique Mwangi

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Hello world…

What do you think about bow ties and blazers? Or rather, bow ties and suits?

Bow ties and blazers

As far as fashion from the ’80s goes, one of the era’s lasting sartorial symbols in every man’s wardrobe is the power suit. Styled classically, the power suit screams of confidence and timeless value.

And with the storm of custom-made fashion, formal attire is embraced everywhere. Not only men are wearing the trend as always but women are also jumping into the bandwagon like crazy! Formal wear portrays elegance, sophistication and authority to even the simplest of persons. Definitely, the blazer is known to be a regal piece that upgrades any outfit to formal just ASAP,right?

Get to an evening party and you’ll see men wearing elegant suits and for sure, I’ve grown to admire their blazers for a long time now. I wish they could fit me. Anyway, women will obviously wear gorgeous evening dresses but I have been having a thought here; Can’t the ladies also not jump into this blazer-frenzy and wear suits to an evening party? It would be so nice to see a couple coming in both in suits, right? Mind you, I’d definitely consider such.

And what would be the perfect accessory to finish off a power suit? Well, the cutest bow tie! I mean, who doesn’t know how bow ties can be a nice addition to any formal look? So instead of doing the normal ties, why not get cute bow ties?

Bowties and Blazers

Anyway lovelies, today on the blog we have Monique Mwangi; a lover of God, re-known Master of Ceremonies and former radio host at Love FM Kenya. Those who have been around her call her ‘Ule MC wa Bowties’ that translates to,’ the MC who loves wearing bowties.’ What a tag, right?

Bow ties and blazers

Oh never mind the fashion. When one has a style of one’s own, it is always 20 times better.”- Margaret Oliphant.

Well, Monique has her signature style where she dons formal wear like she was born for it! If you won’t find her in blazers, then find her in full suits. And if you won’t find her in bowties, then she’s probably not the MC you hired for your event! She guides us on how to go formal in suits to any evening event without looking odd. We are going from dresses to suits ladies! Are you in?

1. Opt for perfect tailoring.

Get a trusted tailor to do a perfect suit for you; one that is sharp, one that is chic and one that portrays that elegant side of you. If not a full suit, then get a tailored blazer and you’ll cherish it always.

Bow ties and blazers

Opt for a good suited fabric that embraces its pleats well and doesn’t look cheap even when creased after washing.

Monique advises on going for pants than skirts or dresses when it comes to slim ladies’ choice for formal wear. Always ensure your pants are well-fitted; here, as much as palazzo pants and culottes are a big bang, rather go for pencil pants or cigarette pants. Cropped pencil pants look way too good for a fact than longer-hemmed pants. This will ensure the blazer skims out your natural shape quite well.

Her black suit is definitely impressive. She really found value for her money, right?


  • Give blazers maximum attention by taking them for wash at the dry-cleaners where they will be properly ironed as well.
  • For your pants, you can wash them at home if you won’t need to take it to the dry-cleaners as long as you iron them properly while paying attention to the heat levels, especially if they are made of a suited fabric or cotton.
  • Dry your pants while hanging them by the waist to keep them in shape and avoid too much creasing.
  • Always hang your suit in appropriate hangers to keep them in shape. I mean: hang the blazer by its shoulders while the pants by the waist or fold them twice along their length then place it over the hanger.

2.Keep it simple.

Formal looks are very conservative, especially in color and design.

Bow ties and blazers

Go for a plain-colored suit than a checked one. The checked one will look less ‘serious’ in this case. Everyone has always considered keeping it neutral when it comes to suits and definitely, for evening events, keep it neutral!

3.Accessorize proportionately.

Bowties and Blazers

Please do channel your feminine side here. Mind the type of accessories you get for your formal clothes. As much as possible, try to go for accessories that make a statement. If not bow ties, then get cute shoes. And if not a gorgeous bag or clutch, then get perfect jewelry or the most luxurious watches. With such accessories, you can be sure of turning heads at the party!

Monique loves cute bow ties; made of silk precisely. We know how silk screams of luxury, right?

4.Embrace cute makeup

The today’s superwoman would never leave here house without doing a little bit of makeup. So if you love the natural makeup look or the bold makeup look, then wear any that matches with your outfit well.

Bow ties and blazers

Monique goes bold in her makeup which livens up the black suit for a more feminine feel. She looks beautiful no doubt!

Makeup by @Emmanuel-the-makeup-artist

5.Perfect Grooming is a must!

Bow ties and blazers

Depending on the type of evening event, consider your hair-do.

For a more formal look, you have to update the formality of your hairstyle since well-styled hair will do it! Have a more polished formal hairstyle. Monique tries to avoid long weaves, kinky hair and curly manes while emphasizing on well-combed hair, short weaves, you know, like how you’ll do for an interview. As an MC, she’s definitely the center of attraction so she opts for a well-kept hair.

But if the occasion is way too informal, then go ahead and try any hair-do according to your taste.

Well divas, there you have it!

Bow ties and blazers

ON FEATURE TODAY: Monique Mwangi


Bowties and Blazers



How much do you love her look today? And how much are you promising to get more suits, blazers and bow ties?

Lemme know in the comment section below…


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  1. Aww she is so adorable! I love this cute look and I’ll definitely look into getting a suit like this for myself!

  2. Wow, I am quite speechless. this outfit is so adorable. it suits her really well. the cute makeup is splendid. I love your passionate writing style 🙂

  3. I really like her style, so sophisticated and smart looking. She looks great in it! I don’t think I can pull this off.

    • Suits are so sophisticated and elegant. Who wouldn’t love such? You could try and you’ll love it since suits ain’t as hard to pull off.

  4. For some reason i’ve always thought bowties were casual yet not really formal. I think it’s a cute touch though.

    • To ladies, bowties are more formal than to men who’ll mostly do it for black tie events which are usually laid back.
      Anyway, glad you dropped by!

  5. I wish I could pull off this look like she does! I LOVE the bow ties, such a fun look!

  6. I am so speechless! That is such a cute and adorable outfit. I love everything about it, the style, make up and accessories are all perfect!

  7. This is a lovely post, it really made me smile. The looks are beautiful and I really like the unique style.

  8. You look fabulous with your bowtie and tailored suit Monique! I wish I could also wear it 😀

  9. I love your style Monique. I’ve never thought to add a bow tie but it’s so classy on you and I think I’m going to try and recreate this look too.

  10. You’re way too cute Monique! I love how you pulled of the bowtie and suit. It looks great on you with a pop of red stilettos .

  11. When I worked in my corporate sales jobs I always wore suits! I even wore light makeup as suggested and always did an updo – usually just a low side ponytail.

  12. Bow ties are so cute and fun. I love them as well. It’s been a time since I last wore one. I have to see where I put mine and start wearing them again from time to time.

  13. I love it when men wear bow ties. I don’t see many women wearing them, but I don’t know why not. They look really cute on Monique. I love the red one with the red shoes.

  14. This style is very Janelle Monae-ish. I think its cute if you want a different flirty flair.

  15. Looks so chic and elegant with this suit. I’ve worn bowties and even neck ties in the past and I stood out. Mainly because most wouldn’t dare wear them and would rather stick with cocktail dresses. I love that she took a risk and its worth it! <3

  16. They all look like very fun outfits. I think the colored bow tie with the suspenders looks great. I have done a bow tie before. Took me a little while to get the hang of tying it. But I like the look.

  17. This is such a cute look, not sure I could pull it off but she looks amazing! Love the contrast of the masculine vibe of the clothing and the feminine in the accessories.

  18. This is interesting. I don’t own a suit and never thought of owning one. Not only because I don’t think I can pull it off, the thought of so many layers is putting me off. It’s so hot in the Philippines! haha

    • Haha; I completely get it Sigrid. When it’s so hot, layers are the last thing on anyone’s mind. But even so, perhaps you could get one for an evening wear.

  19. Monique worked that look without a doubt!! She is stunning and the blazer-bowtie style is a must-try 🙂 I really liked the way she popped her red bowtie with the red heels. Genius! I agree with you Dalene, it would be revolutionary to see a power couple walking the red carpet in suits. Maybe David and Victoria Beckham or Beyonce & Jay-Z!

    Natonya |

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